Celtic v Partick Thistle, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:15.

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  1. Not like me to be harsh about the team but since their goal we have watched Deila levels of incompetence on the park.



    Frankly we are as poor as we were last week.

  2. Slack passing and excessive backwards passing taking the pressure off them and putting it on us.




  3. Our habit of facing and turning backwards has us easy to defend when refs allow opponents to play through the back of us.

  4. Celtic players being assaulted all over the park with no punishment whatsoever for thistle players. Ridiculous refereeing.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Keiran taking some punishment here facilitated by the MIB. After a great start we have reverted to last weeks performance. TIme to go jozo, your inexcusable blunder has taken the wind out of our sails.


    Not helped by Ntcham and Dembele and Sinclair’s loss of form.

  6. What a bunch of fannies Scottish referees are! – When are Celtic players going to get a bit of protection? It’ll take someone’s career being ended before anything happens! Shocking!

  7. A game of contrast.


    From positive to negative.


    We look a poor nervous bunch with no strategy or belief since conceding.


    Someone mentioned Moussa being invisible but what service has he had?We scored our first on a rebound off his goalbound shot and he headered one over but he has received no other service.

  8. Brendan needs to earn his crust here.



    That said our players get no protection at all. Booth and edwards fouling with impunity.



    Tactics wise I think there is a case for us giving them easy possession around their 18 yard box at times and to put them under real pressure, winning the ball back where we can do damage. At the moment we can’t work our way up the park. It’s so frustrating.



    I also think the players are playing further apart that’s they did last season. Players are left without passing options as a result.



    Finally we need to get back the composure we displayed last season when we came under pressure. The players look to be lacking confidence in each the defence.



    I hope backsides have been kicked and a few simple tactical changes made.



    We can only get better.



    C’mon the Hoops

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    No one prepared to try and break through the first rank of their defence.


    Ajer is capable of doing this.


    Too much recycling the ball through midfield and defence.


    Armstrong is missed.


    Musonda given responsibility that he is not ready for.



    Mc.Gregor would be craftier in that position



    Thistle are out to maim. Late and high with their tackles.

  10. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    I think I understand the footballing logic behind the back passing but like HEADTHEBALL think it has been excessive. I didn’t tune in until after the goals and all I’ve seen is back passing and no penetration up front. Draw them out of their defensive structure but then rip up what they have left with quick FORWARD passing and why not some dribbling while you’re up there. You might lose the ball but then again you might get the ball in the net. There’s no doubt in my mind that Brendan the Navigator will pass on this wisdom before the Bhoys are back out.

  11. The midfield balance is all wrong for me no tacklers other than Brown , SS Forrest Charly no presence not sure if Ntcham is a tackler or not, possession for the sake of it.Getting booted off the park no protection from the ref and no one to dish it out back.

  12. Nothing to do with Huns ,the team selection is awful, can’t defend ,can’t pass,Dembele no service,and give thistle there due ,they could have chucked it,but that big dumpling,simonivic,gives them a lifeline,need to get the finger out,in the second half,

  13. i Hate agreeing with Pat Bonnar but we don’t get other teams turned often enough. We need to vary it a bit. We are too predictable.



    I’m so frustrated. We are much much better than this.



    All that said I think we will win 5-1!! I am ever the optimist……





    It was a shocker,but the ball bounced up instead of forward. Took the pace off the pass.



    Still inexcusable,tbh.

  15. Rarely critical of team, but we have become unnerved since Jozo’s howler.


    Brendan needs to earn his corn at half time & get us playing again.

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