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  1. TET,



    I am not going to pretend that I understand your answer, but I accept it in the manner that it was offered to me.


    Good luck to yourself & your family.



    Good Night, CQN.

  2. !!Bada Bing!!



    Point taken , but we now ban people for swearing and abusing the team/manager.?



    Are we now that PC at Parkhead. In the days when we were brought up alcohol fuelled abuse was the norm. Has it affected us that badly?



    IMO if you censor abuse and freedom of speech then football is finished.




  3. Silly time has arrived….



    Agent on Twitter saying sammi to ….. Wait for it





    Big money … To jump queue

  4. Kilbowie Kelt



    Please do not take this as personal!


    One Winstone Churchill laid this to rest very early in WW11, when he was finding it difficult


    to get simple things done.!


    He simply told every one that criticising was not an option, if you can’t be constructive,


    then he would send them to the Front!


    The least they could do is die for their Country!



  5. MadMitch@ 00.00



    At least I know that you read all my posts even though you are very selective regarding the points you respond to.



    Never knowingly shirked a point. If there’s something I overlooked or did not understand, ask it again.



    As I said easily pleased — 70 minutes out of 540 is a good campaign.


    I wish I could live with those numbers, unfortunately I can’t.



    What?? You did not enjoy the 90 minutes when we beat Ajax nor the 75 minutes where we were drawing away with Barca. That brings us to around 40% of our CL time being ok. The last 3 matches were a disaster. I can differentiate good from bad when weighing up. You seem to struggle to give credit. In your world, a bad result means a bad performance but a good result does not mean a good performance.



    Regarding the rest of your comments they are just a collection of generalist platitudes.


    No insight, no detail and no understanding of the season and the mistakes that are being made.



    I am guilty of all of the faults that you, me and others on here display. I’ll present my level of detail, specificity and insight against yours for peer judgement anytime you like.



    You suggest that I am permanently disgruntled — wrong and you know it.


    I am by trade a professional worrier and I do not like the path the club is currently following.



    I certainly neither know it nor acknowledge it. You have rarely made a positive comment in your time on here. As for your trade description- “Giez a job- I could do that”



    I have provided my initial thoughts on a way forward aka the “Growth Agenda”.


    How about you provide some thoughts on how the club can progress?



    I have read a few sketches of thoughts from you. Most of them involve spending money with the hope that you’ll make it back and more. You call this a growth agenda. I fear it is wishful thinking. You ignore the lessons of John Boyle, Brookes Mileson and the boys at Livingston, Dundee, Hearts and the deid club who tried to grow their product in a restricted market without noticing whether it was Bull or Bear and coping accordingly. Your growth agenda reminds me of Viv Nicholson’s investments.



    My own thoughts are that we pursue a growth agenda ifollowing the advice that Hawkeye gave the Munro Girls in “Last of the Mohicans”. That is, we stay alive until the recession and our imprisonment by Scottish football markets changes.



    Sweden has a population almost twice ours, Denmark’s is roughly comparable and Poland has more than 7 times the amount we have. Nobody would demand that their leading club spends like the big league clubs. Nobody expects them to buck the unbuckable trends.



    We should continue to spend well within budget, selling big where we can and buying smaller and smarter as we gradually trade up step by step and inch by inch. Hard graft not get rich quick. Outside of Hollywood and Lotto HQ nobody buys the quick fix anymore.



    If we get a change of scene, where spending more can bridge some of the gaps, then I’d like us to have some spare cash to face that scenario and not say we spent it all when we were dreaming we could win the big cup again as a peripheral team in a minnow league.



    So, I am not trying to sell glamour or an easy future. I see my view as hard bitten realism in the face of advice that seems to suggest that flashing the cash and pretending to be rich is very similar to being rich. A professional worrier should be able to see some flaws in that behaviour.



    Now, if that was a typo, and you are really a professional warrior, then I apologise for all I’ve said up to now and I’ll admit you are right. :-)





    Then we can discuss the economics of a new 10K seater stadium.



    My breath is bated.

  6. gerald766



    00:26 on 3 January, 2014


    There is no such thing as constructive criticism, there is only criticism.



    The way you’ve written that makes you come across as a pompous ass……






    I can see what you’re trying to say and you clearly believe the in you’re argument, but I disagree.



    Can you really not see the difference?



    I can’t think of one example in any walk of life where someone has responded on a positive sustainable way to negativity.

  7. Celticrollercoaster supports the Dambhoys on

    Morning Bhoys



    Not been on for a wee while. Happy New Year to you all and the Bhoys continue to win (1-0) :-)







  8. a light insanity on

    I posted after the game and was reactionary in my manner. For that I apologise. I just hated seeing the disappointed look on my kids faces as we passed side to side. However it is the bleak midwinter. Hopefully things will get better. H. H.

  9. The No.13 Shorts on

    Huns 9 in a row. Unanimously agreed within Timdom to be quantity over quality. Never mind the quality, feel the width.

  10. THE EXILED TIM-Free the Dam 5



    23:45 on 2 January, 2014



    Ozil won’t be coming to Celtic, Zlatan will tho >}








    I’m glad as Mesut seems to disappear in the biggest of Games, Zlatan, he is absolutely MAD but also one of the most Gifted fitba players EVER and turns up for the Big Games. I got the Arsenal on for winning the League and I need mair frae MO. ;))

  11. I am still astounded of forehead at super sutton wanting to outlaw swearing and noise from CP. My god things are bad.



    The boycott of celtic is going to grow and grow. There are multitudinous reasons for it but the contempt the club hold the fans in is the main one.



    We are very broken.

  12. NegAnon2,



    My reasoning for supersuton to think carefully prior to any photography and subsequent bans is so far from your approach that we could be on different planets.



    It is exactly the opposite of the view you hold. No real Celtic supporter would even consider a boycott of the club.



    We are not broken, the tree might lose some infected twigs but the trunk will survive and flourish.




  13. One thing that irks me regarding Celtic suits is their extremely poor communication with the support.



    It would be possible for them to sketch some of their future intentions without breaching any commercial confidentiality.



    The occasional review of their performance and an honest admission of what they have learned would be welcomed too.



    I feel they are not in touch with their core customers. That’s dangerousness in any business.

  14. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    I would honestly struggle to try to name a hun infiltrator on this site. Lots of talk of concerted agendas etc, nope I’m not buying it. I see posters with very different opinions.



    Now, total wankers, they’re easy to spot:-)

  15. NegAnon2



    01:41 on 3 January, 2014



    I am still astounded of forehead at super sutton wanting to outlaw swearing and noise from CP. My god things are bad.



    The boycott of celtic is going to grow and grow. There are multitudinous reasons for it but the contempt the club hold the fans in is the main one.



    We are very broken.





    Hi NA2,



    I went into a Counterstrike Global Offensive game with my son, TONIGHT. The scenario is you play 5 gamers against 5 other gamers. I was so glad to have 3 other UK based players playing in our team, we could really get a rapport and get tactics to do this or that.



    All these guys were obviously older counterstrike players and they swore like troopers, well a couple of them. I’ve never heard my Son swear yet. I never expect him to swear in front of me, if he ever does, I will say it is wrong.



    It is not Celtics fault other things are wrong.



    We need to keep focus.



    I hope you and your family have a very contented New Year, there is nae way getting away frae things, things are getting worse, I just hope you and All that you hold dear have an excellent year.

  16. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    Who would have thought 40 years ago (When I first started going) that you couldn’t:



    Swear at games


    Take a carry oot into games




    Go into any turnstile


    Do lateral movement




    Go to an “Old Firm” game



    wait a minute, scratch that last one……..

  17. Green pinta I think some of us no longer know what’s the twig and what the trunk is. My god people now want to record and report their fellow supporters to get them into trouble. That isn’t the celtic I know. We have lost our way in the corporate greed.

  18. Petec happy new year to you and your family. I have spent an excellent couple of weeks in oz with my family. Return today.



    I’m not sure what point you are trying to make. But reporting your fellow celtic supporters for swearing……….



    It’s getting very surreal.

  19. Celticrollercoaster supports the Dambhoys on

    Hello Petec



    It is what WE do that is special.



    Need to get that game of snooker with the lads sorted soon. Well overdue, so drop me an email when good.







  20. Celticrollercoaster supports the Dambhoys on




    What is good about swearing? You don’t do it.







  21. Margaret McGill on

    There are some CQN’rs who if they saw Celtic players being pumped literally by the Sevco sodomites in a cow field overseen by some MIB, would come on here gloating that they’ve seen worse.


    And they probably have.


    Its all about the positivity.

  22. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I’ve never known such a feeling of apathy and sorrow amongst the guys that I go with.



    The entire experience yesterday was a new low. In 93/94 largely the support were in agreement and vocally supported the team. What’s happened to us?