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  1. Margaret McGill



    And there are some who have never learned the trick of smiling.



    The hun don’t think it’s shafting anybody. they believe they are being shafted. Sometimes you need to wait till the smoke clears and the mirrors are removed before you know what is going on.


    Much like an 80s MTV video.







    It was a truly sad atmosphere. The game did not help but our support, for a variety of reasons, are at rock bottom just now. Anybody that thinks its just about the football entertainment is mistaken. Anybody that thinks it is just about the Board is being equally simplistic.



    But there is no doubt that, with the GB dispersed, going to the home games is just not a lot of fun.

  2. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    HT 02.09, I wish I could answer that but this is just the way I feel.



    Celtic have done nothing about the cheating of the hun.



    Celtic have done nothing about the cheating of the referee’s.



    Celtic have done nothing about the cheating of the SFA.



    What happened to the good Doctor’s dossier?



    I don’t subscribe to the “keep your powder dry” pish I’ve been hearing for years or the “Don’t interrupt your enemy” bla blah blah.



    We were cheated, plain and simple and our club didn’t have the balls to stand against it. I can take the lacklustre performances on the park a lot easier than our failure to stand against the cheating. I’ve spoken to more than a few who say they wont be back because of the performances, I’ll not be among those. My line in the sand is the moment I’m convinced my club welcome the hun hoard as if they’ve never been away.



    I hope it never comes to that.

  3. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I’m not lumping all the blame on the board though they must shoulder a large percentage of it.



    Their lack of support has left us fractured in a manner I’ve never seen.



    Their short sighted reaction to the events at Fir Park has resulted in a soulless, vacant atmosphere.



    The neds amongst our support have given fuel to an already growing MSM pyre.



    Those who follow blindly are missing or ignoring the genuine concerns of the rest of the support.

  4. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    SFTB, thankyou. I should also have mentioned the shabby way our club have treated the Green Brigade and the general population of section 111.



    Give us back our Glorious Green Brigade.

  5. NegAnon2



    01:59 on 3 January, 2014



    Petec happy new year to you and your family. I have spent an excellent couple of weeks in oz with my family. Return today.



    I’m not sure what point you are trying to make. But reporting your fellow celtic supporters for swearing……….



    It’s getting very surreal.





    It is online gaming and it is mainly adult language when things go wrong, I’d never report a Celtic supporter unless he produced a weapon against another Celt.



    I take my Son into the online gaming community knowing that he is going to hear bad words but I know he will take a lot more enjoyment out of the game than a frustrated olde Man getting peeved that he has died again.





    Celticrollercoaster supports the Dambhoys 01:59



    I’m up for that, although I must warn you, we haven’t played Snooker since last Summer.



    God Bless

  6. SFTB



    You hit the nail on the head with your last two paragraphs, throw in the bad weather and you have a near perfect storm.



    My first home game of the season, the atmosphere, the game plan / tactics, the crowd size were even worse than comes across on



    We truly are at a crossroads.

  7. HT



    Agree with all bar



    “Those who follow blindly are missing or ignoring the genuine concerns of the rest of the support.”




    There is no one following blindly anymore than there are people criticising blindly. There are just different people looking at the same thing and seeing it differently.



    The quality of the football is, to me, the least of our troubles, just now. We are managing the old Celtic and Keltic trait of combining good times with abject misery.

  8. Guys and Ghirls,



    Be vigilant, the hun via its differing tentacles is trying to demoralise us and any excuse will do. I’ve stated before, apathy is rife and we are losing the argument, the dictionary has been redefined without a serious contradiction.



    We must KTF and ensure we do not implode, its what they want.



    I’m a great defender of PL, but its becoming crucial that he outlines our strategy going forward.





    Are we still hanging on for a 1-0 victory in this game?



    It seems to have gone on forever!

  10. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Largely, I’ve supported the the ‘keep your powder dry’ philosophy, especially regarding the demise of the Huns.



    Probably it’s because I don’t care about them all that much and never have done. Having said that my patience is now wearing thin.



    It’s time to highlight the appointment of a cheating referee (Dougie) and his ‘advisor’ role. It’s a slap in our collective faces.



    If we’re ever to play this new club then it’s imperative that Celtic advertise/price it accordingly.



    My biggest contention is the manner in which the club have rolled over and accepted EUFA fines and reacted to the media’s increasing furore about the Celtic support.

  11. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    Greenpinata, the only definition PL has given us for the future was an off the cuff comment at the AGM. I was there and it was funny at the time. Now I don’t find it so funny. For the last three years we’ve all watched the hun clubs past and present wreck our game and cheat Scottish football with Celtic being the biggest loser on all counts.



    I think PL has done a great job at keeping up the share price but I’d like to have seen him show some balls against the cheating of the hun and the SFA.



    He missed his chance to stand on their throats and redefine the game for the common good of the game in our country. That chance will never come again.



    Timing is everything and he blew it.

  12. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I’d disagree. CQN is a minor reflection of the support as a whole but you only need to read the contributions of some posters to witness that some refuse to see there are any problems at all.



    I would agree that the poor football (at times) is the least of our worries; we’ve seen worse teams and performances.

  13. Hamiltontim



    That wee Guy Neil Lennon has earned the right to put us through some tortuous performances.



    What is the Story behind the story?




  14. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Apologies I’ll rephrase that.



    There are those amongst the Celtic support who refuse to question anything that is wrong at the club.



    In my opinion that’s not doing us any long term good.

  15. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    HT, when the hun are running rampant with their new club in our league in two years, trashing our hallowed place again, being helped by bent referee’s and wallowing in their five stars and record title haul our powder will still be dry and unused.



    Celtic are capitulating and that is a bitter pill to swallow.

  16. Margaret McGill on



    02:16 on 3 January, 2014


    You see smoke and mirrors. Um me see smoke and mirror signals.


    Tonto no like. He say wrong brother speak with forked tongue.


    Key no savvy. Last week pyro smoke signal say “Show me the money”

  17. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Unfortunately we need more than that.






    I’m not Lenny’s biggest fan. There have been as many lows as highs.



    That doesn’t mean I want him sacked or replaced. I just think it’s not a crime to criticise his failings.



    Ps we should acclaim his successes also btw.

  18. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5,



    One thing about PL , is that he is not stupid.


    DD is not stupid and is not in this for the money.He has numerous easier and more profitable ventures.



    I think however they have miscalculated the mood of the support. It is obvious to all we are losing the argument. There is more chance of “Rangers” imploding and going out of business on their own accord than any of the footballing authorities bringing them to justice.



    The air of corruption has not merely vanished through time but has escalated.




  19. There are a few who fit close to your re-phrasing in that they dislike criticising Celtic in public.



    This is a different scenario than the Kelly/McCann crisis of 1994.



    It is hard to assemble an angry mob around the banner of “We’re a successful club. Let’s go to the barricades and change that!”



    The issues here are both more complicated and less clear. I have only accepted silence as being acceptable if they go bust again and they lose the wart without us having to even fight it. If that does not happen soon, and even the most gung ho advocates of that view know they have money to last this season, then the greater is the fear that what kitalba and Maggie and Awe Naw are saying is right.



    The pass has already been sold and we have been shafted. And for what?



    I am still in the wait and see camp but I am not at all certain that I am going to see my preferred outcome.



    Anyways, off to bed now.

  20. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    Greenpinata “The air of corruption has not merely vanished through time but has escalated”.






    You say escalated? I see it being airbrushed away with the assistance of all media outlets, a lack of governance and a total failure of our club to address it.



    Where are the millions that were stolen from us? Does this long term, “keeping the powder dry” plan include recouping those lost millions and lost chances?

  21. Margaret McGill on




    02:59 on 3 January, 2014



    I was thinking more of the Walfrid variety :)

  22. Margaret McGill on

    A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5



    02:53 on 3 January, 2014



    I had only one glass of wine tonight. honest!

  23. Margaret McGill on



    on the awe naw theme…


    Does anyone know if Celtic give player:



    CL bonuses


    win bonuses


    goal bonuses


    trophy bonuses


    ..anything along those lines??

  24. Margaret McGill



    03:08 on 3 January, 2014



    A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5



    02:53 on 3 January, 2014



    I had only one glass of wine tonight. honest!





    I’ve had 3/4 a bottle of Vodka and still debating?



    What is that saying?



    The judgewontbudge.CSC

  25. Ht,



    The performances on the park have been boring, the crablike football is driving fans away.



    The biggest disappointment for me is the way the board haven’t back the GB and others that have been slaughtered with the hun smsm.



    Yes we do have an element of troublemakers, sort them out, don’t jump on the hun agendas





    To the board…Support your real supporters.

  26. the glorious balance sheet on

    A run to the last 16 of the Champions League generates £10 million to Celtic in match ticket sales alone. This is almost as much revenue as is generated by 40,000 season ticket sales. These figures are outlined in Celtic`s 2013 Annual Report.



    Add in further revenue generated by CL qualification – such as TV money, prize money for points gained, additional merchandising sales, and sponsorship opportunities arising from the increased profile that CL qualification gives Celtic then CL qualification is worth around £20 million per year to Celtic.



    I`m therefore surprised that the Celtic board appear to have been so quiet on Rangers use of EBTs and side letter contracts to fund and build their league winning squads in 2008/09 through to 2011/12.



    I`d expect Celtic to be looking for compensation if HMRC win the appeal and the EBTs are found to be illegal tax evasion.

  27. ACGR,



    We both know “these days are past now and in the past they must remain” I’m not being flippant but there is zero chance of us recouping anything.



    We are alone, always have been, always will be. A few Aberdeen supporters held up a banner in defiance. Wow. They hate us almost as much as “Rangers”. OK, we know what the vote was and who abstained. Big Deal.



    IMO, nobody will do anything that will now upset the hun.



    The only solution in the medium to long term is to escape this league. Difficult I know, impossible no way. Once the referendum is over our future may become more apparent and transparent.






    PS : Please do not be offended by the tone, there is absolutely no offence intended, only frustration.

  28. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    the glorious balance sheet 03:17 on 3 January, 2014






    Perhaps Celtic have been keeping the powder dry for the moment described in your post. Come the day the EBT’s are found to be cheating Peter Lawwell will pull back those massive banners on the now defunct Lisbon Lions upper stand to reveal a massive stash of dry powder……………………….




    Anyway, I’ve got to go. Young acgr has just arrived back from a party pished, puky (not pukki), lost his phone etc etc. Got to go look after my boy i.e. get him a basin:_((



    Thank f**k I was never like that:_))




    Hail Hail and let the Green Brigade sing.