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  1. Margaret McGill



    03:17 on 3 January, 2014





    I dont know!


    ok offsky


    Nighty Night




    Do you fear Brutal honesty?



    When drunk Truth apparently comes out.



    I hate not being a Literature conn…….



    Thats it. yeah. Am I being Genuine? I Think I am.

  2. margaret mcgill,



    It wasn’t meant that way. Keep posting it, until some realise what effort the GB has put in and add to the atmosphere.


    I usually went to the jungle or if I was too late, it would be in section four or five in the Celtic end, always belting out the songs.


    The atmosphere was one the reasons we all went, why kill it.


    I watched some of the hun game today and there will be no mention in the press of the songs being sung.


    I would just like our board to stand up for their own supporters.

  3. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    Greenpinata, no worries bruv. No offence taken whatsoever. If you’d ever met me you’d know how difficult it was to offend me.



    Hail Hail



    I’m off to check the bhoy oot and get myself a large dram.





  4. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    sipsini, aye ha ha. I’m still young. I don’t officially become an old bastard for five more days.



    The bhoy is kippin wi a basin at his bedside. FFS, see when I came hame like that my auld dear would change into her heavy shoes and gee me a right good kickin. I was always mair scared of her than the hun rabble.

  5. A Ceiler Gonof Rust,



    The day you explain my chin starting to bleed, ootside the brilliant places to go for drinks together, well I will be WORSHIPPING and kissing yer feet. ;))

  6. SFTB I’m sorry but super sutton was talking about recording the supporters and then reporting them.



    Celticrollercoaster I may not swear much but it’s football for goodness sake not a church.

  7. philvisreturns loves Celtic mair than Many.



    Of that there is nae doubt, I often said he is Celtic Capitano Material.



    Neil has done a fantastic job but I hope he isnae too close to HIS players.



    The thing is, Neil, was initially very close to HIS players.



    Fergie, WGS, Fabio and all the most successful Managers, post Jock have no problem dealing with an ego player.



    Wattsy is potentially an amazing Celtic player. Massive respect that Neil is not so short termed in his vision.

  8. a light insanity on

    A lot of good comments from the night shift tonight. I hope someone has advice on how to get back to a normal sleeping routine though. :-(

  9. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    Pete, there will be no kissing of my feet on my watch unless it’s by big chisted Celtic supporting wummin.



    Yer bleeding chin is easy to explain. Skin is a very thin covering and underneath there’s a ton of blood waiting to get oot. I’m not a real doctor btw.



    Happy New Year to you, and next time bring a plaster.

  10. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5 on

    a light insanity, whats a normal sleeping routine. FFS buck up yer ideas, yer on the moonhowling shift now!!!




  11. A Ceiler Gonof Rust Supporting Justice and Freedom for the Dam 5



    04:53 on 3 January, 2014



    Pete, there will be no kissing of my feet on my watch unless it’s by big chisted Celtic supporting wummin.



    Yer bleeding chin is easy to explain. Skin is a very thin covering and underneath there’s a ton of blood waiting to get oot. I’m not a real doctor btw.



    Happy New Year to you, and next time bring a plaster.







    God Bless.






    I’m just a conspiracist queriest.

  12. Daily Record . . .



    CELTIC are lining up an ambitious bid to snatch Steven Fletcher from Sunderland in this month’s transfer window.



    Record Sport understands contact has been made between the clubs and that a fee of around £6million will be enough to persuade the Premiership strugglers to part with the Scotland striker, who has not been a regular starter under new boss Gus Poyet.



    Fletcher, 26, cost the Black Cats £12m two years ago and is under contract until May 2016 but serious ankle and shoulder injuries troubled him for most of 2013 and it is believed he would relish the chance of a move to Celtic.



    Sunderland are prepared to sell him at a knockdown price to the Scottish champions but would be looking for more if a Premier League relegation rival – West Ham are said to be another interested club – made an offer.



    Celtic would almost certainly have to smash their wage structure to land the former Hibs, Burnley and Wolves attacker.



    But the expected sale of Georgios Samaras would free up around £20,000 a week, which would be around half of Fletcher’s wage.



    The Hoops could have signed Fletcher for a fraction of today’s cost in 2009 when then boss Gordon Strachan was desperate to snatch him from Hibs in the January transfer window.



    They failed to get the deal over the line and went on to lose the title to Rangers.



    But, five years later, boss Neil Lennon is determined to have more luck with Fletcher, who is back in the Scotland fold after a self-imposed exile when Craig Levein was boss.



    Fletcher, who has 13 caps, is regarded by current Scots coach Strachan as first-pick striker and Lennon has been looking for a top attacker since losing Gary Hooper to Norwich in summer.



    The Irishman has identified Fletcher as the man he wants to lead his forward line and serious attempts will now be made to land the player.

  13. Chris Sutton writing in the Daily Record . . .



    IT’S literally the million dollar question. Can Celtic prise Steven Fletcher away from Sunderland and give their fans, players and staff a timely New Year boost?



    It would also be a terrific statement of intent from the board at a time when the club has arrived at a crossroads.



    The decision to be taken by the men in charge is whether to go with what they’ve got and gamble on getting a succession of favourable draws which see Celtic safely into the Champions League group stages next season.



    Or whether to sign a player like Fletcher who has superb quality in the final third and will dramatically increase their chances of getting to the stage where the big money is made.



    Not to qualify for the group stages would be a disaster for Celtic. Settling for a place in the Europa League is not what the fans want to see.



    Fletcher is clearly far better than anything Neil Lennon has at his disposal in the striking department, and his arrival would lift the team and the supporters.



    It has been said many times before that Gary Hooper has never been adequately replaced since he moved to Norwich City.



    Fletcher instinctively knows where the goal is and he could only improve the side.



    When I played in the same Celtic team as Henrik Larsson, you didn’t think he’d score when an opportunity was created – you knew he was going to score.



    Fletcher would bring that same degree of certainty to a side whose last three games have all been won by a single-goal margin – and none was scored by what you would call an out-and-out striker.



    I liked Steven when he was a young player at Hibs but he’s now a far more rounded performer.



    He isn’t blessed with pace but Fletcher is cute, clever and brave. He sniffs out goalscoring chances and he likes to play on the shoulder of the last defender. He’s also good in the air.



    Martin O’Neill paid a lot of money to bring him in from Wolves when he was Sunderland manager and he scores a lot of goals for a side that doesn’t create an abundance of chances.



    Celtic fans want to see free-flowing football and games that are won with style as well as a lot of goals.



    I have to say I feel a bit for Neil and the players at present. It’s fair to say the last three victories could be described as winning ugly.



    Fletcher would give Lennon the kind of threat that Hooper provided



    If Rangers were hot on their heels we would all be saying Celtic are showing great character and the winning mentality that you need to lift titles. You can’t win 7-5 all the time but the pressure comes because the fans’ expectation level is rightly high.



    But what more can they do than remain undefeated in the league throughout the first half of the season?



    What more can you ask than to have played seven matches in a row without conceding a goal?



    The current one-horse race puts pressure on the players. It’s natural for them to think it’s all about winning – and it is.



    But the fans expect scintillating attacking football every game on top of that and believe me it isn’t possible all season. In fairness, you can’t knock the principal and demand from the paying public. It comes with the territory.



    I have said before it is human nature at times to take your foot off the gas when it becomes too easy and I feel some of Celtic’s players have lost a bit of edge because the challenge isn’t there.



    They should take plaudits, though, because they keep grinding out wins and that has to be admired.



    But a signing like Fletcher would really capture the fans’ imagination.



    The question is, how does Celtic’s chief executive Peter Lawwell persuade Sunderland to sell their star striker when the team is fighting for survival in England’s Premier League?



    But the loss to Aston Villa on New Year’s day was a bad one for Sunderland and perhaps they now realise they won’t manage to stay in the league.



    Celtic are also a bigger club than Sunderland and can entice Fletcher to go back to Scotland with the promise of Champions League football.



    Gus Poyet’s side play in a better league than Celtic but the European dimension Neil can offer the player is a big consideration.



    And so would the resumption of the rivalry with Rangers next year.



    The Celtic players and fans need to get back to the days I knew when the first thing you did after our game was finished was find out the Rangers score.



    The Celtic fans aren’t daft. They know the importance of the Champions League to the club and they’re looking to the board to see what they’re preparing to do next.



    Signing a player like Fletcher would be a dramatic statement of intent.



    Two major signings are required if Celtic are to make themselves one of the favourites to qualify for the Champions League group stages.



    Fletcher is the finished article and it would take Celtic away from the loan deals they’ve done at this time of year in previous seasons. This wouldn’t be hiring a Robbie Keane or a Craig Bellamy, this would be pushing the boat out to indicate that the road you intend to go down is an ambitious one.



    It would be a bold move and as soundly based as the one that will see Celtic play in Turkey next week.



    The friendly games they’ll take on there will bring Celtic up against a better class of opposition than they’re used to at home and it’ll be a test of players who are in cruise mode so far as the Premiership is concerned.



    Seven clean sheets in a row is a sign of good defending but it’s also indicative of the fear factor teams have when they face Celtic.



    When I was at the club, the teams we faced would have a right go.



    Now I see sides who don’t press Celtic as hard as they might and seem to deal in damage limitation.



    You might say the signing of someone like Fletcher would only make that situation worse but he could make the difference when it comes to qualifying for the Champions League.



    And he’d also bring back the wow factor to Celtic Park.

  14. It’s absolutely scorching here today. 32 degrees beachside.



    I wonder how the weather is in East Kilbride.

  15. northbhoy ... \o/ on



    to all who appreciate and support Celtic Football Club.


    I see the night shift have just gone off to bed, some intersting stuff considering their energy levels. Thought the skill level against PT was high but agree with NL, a flat performance that allowed PT to look good and perform well. We were lucky to get all three points. Find myself missing Paul McConville RIP and his sharp analysis.



    New day, a new dawn, soon, and a game on Sunday, just needs some schadenfreude !

  16. Good Morning Timland.



    Steven Fletcher is injury prone, and I would be surprised


    if Celtic would pay £6m for him or anyone else.

  17. Good morning Friends and a Big Happy Friday from a very very rainy, windy, horrible looking East Kilbride.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    08:20 on 3 January, 2014



    Not for me……apart from anything else, he doesn’t fit our (youth) signing strategy……think the dr is up to it’s “it is understood” tricks again…….?

  19. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    From the rag that gave us the Motherwell Born Billionaire, we are supposed to believe that Celtic will pay £6 million pounds and break the wages structure for Steven Fletcher. That would go completely against Celtic’s signing and wage philosophy. The boat sailed for Steven Fletcher several years ago. His scoring rate is no better than Anthony Stokes. If Celtic have £6 million to throw about they’d be as well cutting the season ticket price next season by £150.


    If we’ve got £6 million then spend it on a proven goalscorer. It’s just the start of the silly season and we still have a month of this to go.


    Also I see Davie Hay trying to please his paymasters by saying we need a hun team in the SPFL. NO WE DON’T Davie, what Celtic need is for some competition from the other teams, and if that happened it would piss off some of the bloggers on here because Celtic were not winning every game. Also there is no guarantee that any team playing out of Govan would be anymore competitive than what’s in front of us at present. What we need is a new league to play in, preferably pan-European.

  20. neganon2



    01:41 on 3 January, 2014


    I am still astounded of forehead at super sutton wanting to outlaw swearing and noise from CP. My god things are bad.



    The boycott of celtic is going to grow and grow. There are multitudinous reasons for it but the contempt the club hold the fans in is the main one.



    We are very broken.






    Swearing is not the sole problem. It’s the fact it is 90 minutes worth of pure vile that gets me. Why should I have my match day experience polluted by these guys?



    Celtic Football Club does not tolerate unacceptable behaviour … And neither should I.



    I thought self policing is what we are credited for. Or is that a myth?



    Until you have sat through their vitriolic abuse you can’t make a reasoned judgement on whether action is required by me, the stewards, the police or anyone else.