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  1. latchford



    09:39 on 3 January, 2014




    With the greatest respect fella..


    When you diss Neil’s summer striking recruits…


    do you not think that, over the recent period that


    Neil has ‘blown’ a quite considerable amount of


    Celtic fans money and, that Neil should be called


    to manage ‘better’ the resources at his disposal ?


    Afterall…surely, if we’re talking about a manager


    who knows his way roon the block…he should be


    getting better oot of – Bangura, Balde, Pukki, Brozeck


    etc….if not – why not ?


    Only asking amigo.



  2. Latchford


    The chances of shifting any of the, erm… , less successful summer signings must be slim. Exiled to lengthy loans with someone contributing something to their wages while their contracts run down is the more likely outcome.

  3. PFayr –



    The problem is that when the likes of David Hay, Charlie Nicholas and others declare that Celtic need Rangers, they remember the way things were prior to oldco’s liquidation.



    They assume that if and when Sevco finally make it into the Premiership, they will be up there challenging Celtic and that every league point will be vital and precious for both clubs.



    How Sevco are going to be in such a position in the foreseeable future is hard to fathom, but as far as the MSM and their pundits are concerned, it is a question they will never ask, until such time as, half-way through the season, Celtic are on top, 5 points ahead of Aberdeen and 28 points in front of 9th placed Sevco.



    Then I imagine it will be a case of the MSM demanding a wage cap.

  4. If Neil is best friends with Sutton he should get him into his coaching team.


    Help is required for team selection and tactics .


    We already have the striker in Tony Watt . If he can score goals in a far tougher league he can do it in the SPFL. Who cares if he’s a difficult character?


    Also Baldie should be given his chance too.





    Rubbish New Year for me,bud. It being a Wednesday meant I had to work virtually as normal. Had I got blootered at the bells,I would have been in no fit state so to do.



    So I brought the bells forward twelve hours instead!



    There is nothing wrong with applauding the recent run of victories. Where we may differ is that I am concerned at a serious drop in quality on the pitch,both in personnel and in style.



    That concern from me could be brushed aside were I a lone voice. But I’m far from that. The number of posters on here voicing their despair at the product grows daily.



    You know how dissent works. First,fault is found at one level,then in another,and it snowballs. There are questions being raised by many about Celtic at every level of operation now. Which I think is somewhat over the top.



    As for the successor to Neil Lennon?



    Not a question I wish to consider. He is in the job which he deserves,and I hope he stays for some time yet.

  6. Ach, well…whits the point in hivin a point ?



    Off oot tae a backdrop of tumbleweeds and the


    annoying wee choiry sound from Eastenders…

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Watching the game on Wednesday it was plain to see the strikers making the runs but the midfielders couldn’t or wouldn’t try the forward pass


    Creative midfielder who can make the killer pass is priority no.1

  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Lots of folk from NornIron have taken up residence in Shangri La. Lots of English people to.



    It’s just like the old days, when the terms Scottish and Irish were pretty much interchangeable.



    THey’re more welcome than the wind farms, that’s for sure.

  9. Cheers Antipodean for the cricket and your company on Monday – getting the flight at ten so need to leave soon.



    Super sutton I’m afraid we have all simply lost the ability to tolerate one another. Sad.

  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS ………FC not PLC 10:05 on 3 January, 2014



    Nothing wrong with constructive criticism, but too often on here we see hysteria at work.



    On the Lenny front I agree. He is doing a great job and I’m delighted he is the Celtic manager.



    When you see the negative reaction towards our manager from people who despise our club, you know he is doing well in the job.

  11. Re Fletcher… Sunderland fans don’t seem particularly enamored with him, and there is little distress at the prospect of him leaving. A couple of quotes from their forums:



    ‘He’s wandering around the pitch hardly breaking a sweat looking like he can’t be arsed; Nowt to do with fitness. He’s part of the ‘old boys’ piss head brigade as well.’



    ‘He scored 5 in his first 5 games for us. Since then, his record is 9 in his last 41 – ordinary, borderline poor. Worse than 1 in 4.’



    ‘Fletcher is a decent forward when played in a side geared to maximise his strengths. His early form at Sunderland gave us a false impression of his true ability – it was great for all concerned that he had a purple patch so early – but as Cisse has found at Newcastle, that sort of form is very difficult to replicate unless you are a real top striker.



    For the fee and wages, I’m not sure he’s the best option.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Sittin’ on a veritable glut of wind the day.



    The ole wind farmers must be cock-a -hoop.





    Did you and your better half have a good New Year?



    I remember spending NY in London a few times,not a whole lorra laffs.



    Be different if I couldn’t remember them,though!

  14. PF Ayr


    It’s not too far away from season ticket renewal time. Celtic face an enormous challenge in attempting to bring in numbers in the same amount as this season. Personally, I think they have no chance, regardless of any discount offered. I don’t base that argument on the mood of this blog but on the current attendances at Celtic Park. Throughout tough economic times, the Celtic support have generally still managed to find the money to follow the team. The connection between club and supporter that ensured fans would turn up regardless, had always appeared unbreakable. It meant no matter how tough some found it financially, the bond that exists would outweigh the personal sacrifices that needed to be made in order to buy a ticket to support the team. Is that still the case? We shall find out soon enough.



    Personally I think the love a Celtic supporter has for the club never dies. Through trophy less times, bad weather, long distance travelling, tough financial periods, the aforementioned bond between bhoy and club remains. It’s a show of solidarity as well to the rest of anti Celtic, anti Catholic society that we are here, and will stand defiant against all that would do us harm, or treat us as non equals. It feels/ felt good to be part of the fight. My grandfather, father, brothers, countless uncles and friends are testament to this. I’m certain that’ll be the same for many others.



    Therein lies the crux of the problem for me now, and I feel , for Celtic. Somehow, despite my love for the club being undeniable, a disconnect is developing between club and supporter. I don’t believe the dwindling crowds at present are seasonal related, finance related, nor do I believe is it a temporary lull. There is apathy at a level that in my 55 years I have never experienced before. It’s very concerning. I don’t believe it is Sevco related in anyway whatsoever. Of course, it suits the mainstream agenda. Dwindling crowds? Ah they are missing their rivals. Utter nonsense. I’d be happy never to see them or their supporters inside CP ever again. I believe most of the Celtic support feel the same, but that’s personal opinion.



    Each of the issues of the living wage, GB alienation, sale of best players etc, may be seen as understandable in isolation, but, the accumulation added to turgid performances on the field as a result of sub standard replacements have accumulated to test the resolve of a huge number of supporters. The results are evidenced in the stands at the games. Low crowds, morgue like atmosphere.



    I’m not simply having a go at Peter Lawell, a man who clearly has the survival of the club at the forefront of his operational strategy, and who has been financially astute to this point, but I do feel he has to reform his strategy now since there are signs that it has started to go wrong. I think the next few months are of huge significance for the club. If it continues as it is at present, the consequences could be disastrous.



    What can be done? Somehow, that connection needs to be reformed. The mood on this blog is reflective of the overall situation. Good Celtic men tearing each other apart, all, with a love of the club. More and more walking away. More and more now content to lurk.



    I wish I had some answers.

  15. Johnnyclash, we were successful in loaning out Bangura and hopefully again until his contract runs down. We will be lucky to recover any of the transfer fee. I expect similar with the others. Just plain bad business.



    Kevjungle, I am far from convinced they are Lenny signings. If we don’t push the boat out to have the first choice signing because of fee / wages then the manager is forced to take 2nd, 3rd,4th choice or nothing.



    I do agree we have wasted £10m in the transfer fees on strikers who don’t know how to score goals. It’s a shared responsibility between Lawwell, Lennon and Park. I wouldn’t be surprised if Houston is soon in the mix as I hear he is taking credit for the Dundee Utd youngsters.



    The reason I apportion most of the blame to the CEO is that firstly he is Chief Negotiator and final decision maker. Secondly he can rule out a transfer target by saying he is outside the price range or does not fit in with the player acquisition strategy. I see Lenny as a bit player in the whole transfer game.



    Nothing happens at Lawwell without Mr Lawwells approval and never reaches Dublin for the final stamp unless it passes the CEO.





    Well done,bud!



    I’m afraid we had to hand your prize over to the taxman.

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good Morning to all Celtic fans.The Fletcher story smells a bit of panic at Celtic Park as has been pointed out the player has hardly been a prolific scorer since his 12 Million move to Sunderland and he also finds it hard to stay fit I am hoping that it is just a smoke screen that allows us to bring in a better striking prospect.H.H.

  18. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    From Sky Sports (source Daily Rag)


    Al Ahly midfielder Mahmoud Hassan has confirmed that he would be delighted to join Celtic and is confident that he will be a success in Scotland.



    The 19-year-old Egyptian has been linked with a move to the Scottish champions in January, although his club do not want to sell him until the summer of 2014.



    However, Hassan, who has been compared to French striker David Trezeguet, wants to join the Hoops as soon as possible and is keen to start “a new chapter” in his career.



    “Just to be linked with Celtic is an honour for me,” the Daily Record quotes him as saying.



    “Many players would welcome the chance to play for such a big club. I am confident I could be a success there.



    “To play in the Champions League is a dream – but a dream I’d like to make a reality. However, there is nothing I can do if Al Ahly choose not to sell me.



    “January can be a long month but it would be nice if it was the start of a new chapter in my career.”



    So we are now comparing strikers with midfielders? Who writes this guff, some 6 year old?

  19. Parkheadcumsalford…



    I think an independent Scotland would be quite an attractive place for the Fleggers.



    “Blood of our blood, bone of our bone” according to our dog-whistling First Minister, remember…

  20. I don’t know if this has been suggested on here before. I was thinking about this mid season tournament in Turkey. Perhaps UEFA could facilitate the bottom teams from ECL groups by starting a cup competition for them instead of no Euro football at all. Any thoughts?

  21. latchford,



    Whilst I agree that our transfer dealings are probably a mixed effort, I think Lenny needs to shoulder much of the blame regarding the number of non-scoring strikers we sign.



    He is the football man. He is the one who devises tactics, formations, who sets up the tam and selects the players to fit a strategy…



    He is only blameless if he is being over-ruled by Lawwell or Park, but I’d be really surprised if he is being forced to sign these guys.



    Fletcher I fear is in exactly the same vein… a not-particularly-prolific striker out of favour at a struggling club… Add to the wages he will command and customary ludicrous EPL transfer premium, and he is another who doesn’t really fill me with confidence…

  22. Steinreignedsupreme on




    Fairly quiet New Year. We watched All the President’s Men and sank a few glasses of red.



    No hangover bonus. Good way to start any year, and leaves plenty of time for that situation to be rectified.



    Although I’m getting to the stage where I can’t be doing with hangovers.