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    If I ever get a hangover,I’m chucking it!



    Not nice things from what I’m told. Fortunately my legs give way before my drinking head gets going. Neat trick that…

  2. Morning all.



    Was in the pub last night for a wee ‘sesh’ when the sevco game came on. The place was packed but only three people appeared to be watching it, as shouts of “get this pish aff” rang out!



    Still could’nt tell you the score – they were still playing when I left.






    Howdy! Been trying to mail you without success. Did you get my text the other day? Hope yer well.



    This weather is brutal – no wonder I spend most of the year in Italy!








    Aye,got that. I was driving at the time so didn’t text back.



    Check yer mail in five minutes,just rolling a fag.



    Hope yer enjoying it apart from the weather-which canny be much of a surprise,tbh.



    Those trees are a clue…

  4. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar on

    Highly unlikely but I’d love us to try go for jermaine defoe! Out of favour at spurs and well down the peckin order.. Don’t think spurs would be too hard to deal with..


    Whether he fancies Scotland or not is a different matter!

  5. SFTB @ Pub chucking out time / Chicken Licken CSC



    The Joys of Bolding — “Paddy8 / The memories come flooding back”.


    Unfortunately you have the style but not the substance.



    I fear you just don’t get it, the club can never be treated as a cash cow.


    For one PL hasn’t got the skill set and two the support won’t (aren’t) stand for it.



    Why the long hard slog if all it does is improve the balance sheet and weakens the squad? You win with the team on the park not money in the bank.



    We sold big and bought badly — PL’s ego tripping failed again.


    A hit rate of one in six from a season’s scouting is shameful.



    The whole episode stank of agent friendly punts for the half finished, the benchwarmers and the outcasts.


    Were you happy with that — serious money being wasted on in the main squad players?



    Consequently you are left with the strawmen of football profligacy and debt accumulation.


    We are better than that and you need to do better than that.



    Poor spending = Lower revenue = Poorer cashflows.


    Panic buys / Poor Planning / Forced acquisitions = Wasted money and wasted opportunities.



    PL is flip flopping and we will pay the price.


    He has the mindset of a British Army General — Working this transfer window as if it was the last — always one step behind the requirements of the job in hand.



    Consequently he is not up to the job, but surely we all knew that.

  6. Italiabhoy,



    I agree with you ; if it had been one or two foisted upon Lenny he could avoid responsibility. It’s his full time job and he shares a huge responsibility in the poor buys.



    However I put that bit more on Lawwell as he could have pushed the boat out for Fingobasson but decided not and went for 2 projects. That Lenny agreed is unbelievable.

  7. Some people are still falling into the trap of believing that if we sign a player from a bigger league, we have to give him the same weekly wage he currently commands.



    That is simply not the case.



    If the Fletcher story is true, I would imagine he’ll be on as much as 40k per week. If he has been sounded out by Neil Lennon, he will have been told he will have to take a wage cut to probably 25k a week. Sometimes players are prepared to take a wage cut to get a particular move with a decent long-terms contract.



    Obviously it’s not just a case of Celtic picking up the phone and asking an EPL player if he would like to come to Glasgow and then baulking at the wages he is currently on. They would need to know he is amenable to such a move and would be prepared to take a drop in salary to obtain the move before even opening talks. That’s where agents come in.



    Again, if the story is true, I would wager Fletcher’s agent contacted Celtic and asked if they would be interested.



    Sometimes players will move for lower wages if it is the right move for them, eg timing, Champions League football, return to home soil, working for a particular manager, or a combination of all of the above.



    Does anyone really believe Chris Sutton moved from Chelsea to Celtic for the same wages? Ditto Neil Lennon from Leicester.

  8. As a more realistic and affordable target I see Adam le Fondre has finally had enough of being an impact sub, and is manoeuvring for a move away from Reading.



    Currently Reading’s joint top scorer despite only starting 8 games, this guy has answered every challenge asked of him through his career, including not looking out of place when allowed to play in the EPL.



    He also had a similar early record to Hooper, a high scorer in a poorly achieving Championship team when at Rotherham.

  9. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    You state my position very eloquently



    Years ago matters of finance , distance , young family ….meant I couldn’t get to the football



    I have no such difficulties ..however ..I feel more remote from CFC than I have ever felt



    The poor football is almost incidental …..the successive failures of our club to tackle the SFA , ref cheating , the misrepresentation of our fans in the media etc has done for me



    This nonsense about CFC going about business quietly is a euphemism for their acquiescence


    PF AYR



    A’ thae big words killed the blog!

  11. TnT @ 10.22



    Regarding the demise of the TFOD — Could this be very much a case of be careful what you wish for.



    I personally don’t want them back.


    Scottish football is better off without them.


    I don’t like Sky selling a bigotfest to the rest of the world.



    However there demise means that the club has lost a sense of urgency and focus.


    I would prefer if the CL was the focus but that still needs effort and a proper use of resources that was beyond us last summer.



    It also asks big questions of the support.


    How many hated the TFOD more than they loved the club?


    My issue is that I fear more than we are prepared to admit to.



    We need strong visionary leadership at this time and unfortunately we don’t have it.

  12. twists n turns 09.10 hrs,



    “However, every true Celtic fan will have spared a thought for 66 human beings – some as young as nine years old – who left their families 43 years ago, never to return home.”





    Your final paragraph reiterated above is so very true & poignant and I would imagine its sentiments will be echoed by all.



    The Bill Shankly philosophy is so wrong.



    HH, Always in Celtic.

  13. …Pfayr



    Agree with everything you say.



    Hope you had a pleasant festive season.



    Best wishes for 2014.



    Blowing a gale here in Troon! Expect it’s the same where you are.




  14. Back in again afore ah go to my padded-cell….







    10:56 on 3 January, 2014




    What part of – Lennons a puppet don’t you get ?



    Rewind back to 2009 – and the choice of manager was…



    Mark McGhee(M/Well)


    Owen Coyle ?


    Roberto Martinez ?



    PL wanted to boost his CV by bringing in BTM


    an EPL manager.



    Yeah, an EPL manager who, finished – 20th oot of – 20 ?



    Yeah, well BTM…bombed unspectacularly(is that a word ?)


    Before the point had been reached for a trawl of the Celtic pubs to find a manager !!!


    What a set-up ?



    To cut a long story short…the more that ‘you’ pay into


    Celtic PLC – the longer the torture will endure. imo



    Sack The F#ckin ‘Bored’ NOW


    …or, you’ll be sevco whipping bhoys for…..

  15. ItaliaBhoy – can you remind me how it was that Salmond ensured only the fleg wavers got hold of the bottled water that was sent.

  16. ….PFayr supports WeeOscar,



    “This nonsense about CFC going about business quietly is a euphemism for their acquiescence.”





    Wow, will need to look that up.



    HH, reachingforthedictionarycsc.





    He put a picture of King Billy on the labels.








    Which part are you after?

  19. Has the Liquidation Derby programme notes from Jim Ballantyne been printed on here this morning?




  20. time for change on

    Compare Cassidy Brown and Mcdonald to Lawwell….no competition




    Only one question on Fletcher how many consecutive games has he played last and this season? Personally not convinced.



    Sportscene was shocking last night….when will they exit the denial phase? I don’t miss a team that cheated and a fan base that meant it wasn’t safe to go and enjoy a game. It will take years to clear their poisonous philosophy from our game….



    as ususl I’ll wait for the transfers to actually be signed and delivered not what the press woukd have us do….Only one club in Scotland will do or at least is capable of any serious transfer business and they know it….hence throw a lot of names and make it look as if the club doesn’t get its targets….




  21. KevJungle said:




    What part of – Lennons a puppet don’t you get ?



    I’m sorry, but that has to be the funniest statement I have ever read on CQN.



    I know you did not intend it to be funny, but it is absolutely hilarious.




  22. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Good new year to you



    Blowing a hoolie here …not very nice

  23. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Joe Filippis Haircut 10:29 on 3 January, 2014



    “Good Morning to all Celtic fans.The Fletcher story smells a bit of panic at Celtic Park”



    Morning Joe. I think you’ll find it smells more like Shite from the Daily Retard.



    The DR have obviously decided to take a day off from abusing our club.





    Yer hired!



    Off to the pub for my favourite form of liquidation. And with a pet hun too.

  25. PF


    You brought a tear to my eyes with all that young family stuff. And as for your current disaffection – I feel your pain.


    But, can you – with your fine forensic skills – cite examples of the club giving the establishment a doing during the period when you were engaged in Celtic?

  26. Just back from aqua gliding to and from St Mirren park, where


    I tried to buy tickets for Sunday for myself and 14 year old daughter.


    I first asked for tickets for the Celtic end, was told that they were sold


    out, then asked for main stand.I was then informed that because I had


    asked for Celtic tickets first that I would not be allowed to buy tickets


    for the main stand.I then told the women that I was 53 and that my


    girl was 14, that we don’t wear colours and just wanted too watch


    the game and had bought tickets for the main stand on previous


    occasions. The woman was having none of it, said that it was police


    rules………Scottish fitba really is effed.

  27. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I think Fergus Mccann bringing down J Farry Esq would count as giving the establishment a bloody nose, if not a doing.

  28. The Bhoy Saffron67 on

    Neil Lennon must have the biggest say in which players come to the club so in my opinion must take the biggest share of the blame/praise when it comes to the new players. However I think that the new signings deserve a little longer than four or five months to settle before we look to move them on.

  29. Good to see most people taking about our true needs ie a striker



    I think we missed an amazing opportunity during our last transfer window to offer a goal scorer cash to come to Celtic park.


    It was not taken as showing the balance sheet at AGM was more important


    That has cost us dearly


    Fletcher 6m. Don’t make me laff


    Would have paid a 1m for him to give a bit of extra energy to the side 4 years ago


    But we need a striker to lead the line and he does not score enough goals


    The January transfer window is usually the dregs Eg the pukki’s out there who are failures.


    If we are not going to pay going rate then don’t pay for dross We have been doing that for 5 years now


    For this transfer window :-


    1. If we can’t sign a striker don’t waste cash


    2. Start to get rid of the dross and reduce wages and costs eg pukki stokes. Sammi bangura derk forest



    Then next time we get a windfall. Maybe Virgil or frazer , use the cash to buy a striker and pay him



    This window is a waste of time


    Unless we buy finbogason of course :) and sell the dross in point 2 to fund it

  30. tallybhoy- I wasted 90 mins of my life watching the Bankies v Sevco, absolutely dire doesn’t even begin to describe it, made our performance v Thistle look like Brazil ’70.



    Only thing of note was the ponytailed Mohsni having legs like a buckled BMCUW, collapsing in a heap to win Sevco a life saving foul which kicked off a stooshie that resulted in him getting a 2nd yellow in the tunnel. Ballantyne was said to be raging, demanding the ref to be demoted immediately.



    Hate this time of year, I will watch any old crap on TV.

  31. I hear that fans of the visiting dead club were serenading the home fans as Clydebank last night. Perhaps they do have some understanding of what liquidation means after all – although clearly they think different rules apply to their former, and equally dead, club.

  32. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Wee Fergus giving SFA a doing over the Cadete debacle …



    When MON was the manager the media and SFA seemed reticent to trouble us



    WGS had their number too



    Along come BTM … “Take it on the chin “”… Secret dossier …yada yada



    Our record of late is disgraceful ….doubler standards/ conflicted Ogilvie …Reemployment of McDonald , five way agreement etc



    A strong Hun and you’re up against it with the establishment …a non existent one and we should be clearing the cesspit out ….

  33. There is virtually no chance of Celtic signing Fletcher for several reasons.



    The main ones being financial .



    However lets consider for a moment that Sunderland are willing to sell him for between £8m to £10 million less than they paid for him last season.



    They need a player who can score goals more than ever.



    They are in a perilous position at the bottom of the EPL.


    You don’t sell players who can make a significant contribution to keeping you in the EPL.



    Fletcher has been plagued with injury this season.



    He has scored 3 goals in 17 EPL matches.




    So if Sunderland are giving him away , they know that he ain’t what he was.



    My view would be to keep well clear of Stephen Fletcher.



    We only need to look at the warnings I gave about Derk.



    Unfortunately an all firing Stephen Fletcher is out with our budget , and one on the downward slope is a waste of money .



    The Fletcher ship has sailed , and may have holes in it.




  34. Steinreignedsupreme on

    ScotPatsFan 11:17 on 3 January, 2014



    “Has the Liquidation Derby programme notes from Jim Ballantyne been printed on here this morning?”



    Aidrieonians, erm, Clydebank, I mean Airdrie United, no, no haud on a wee minute, Airdrieonians would like to extend a warm welcome to oor brothers Rangers, erm, Sevco 5088, I mean Sevco Scotland, that should be The Rangers … international for tonight’s sash bash.



    Did you bring the *Loving Cup along?



    Jim Ballantyne



    * Other Ann Summers products are available.