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  1. Fletcher, is he not injury prone,saying that it would fit in with our transfer policy.



    We are where we are, major rebuilding ahead,Lenny will not be leaving so hopefully he will get help in doing so.



    Would like to see a team that moves up and down the park as a unit with more fast, direct play,sick to death of sideway passing.



    Out of the present squad, the defence along with Brown,Mulgrew,Ledley and Commons


    are good enough. Forrest as super sub, the rest can go.



    There are a lot of fans wanting rid of the board but i hear very little about FANOWNERSHIP, sure the EU was looking into that maybe that is the way forward.





  2. Back in again….







    11:28 on 3 January, 2014




    I aplaud yer points about the Celtic strikers and, about the ‘boreds’ tightfistedness ?


    I agree with ye 100% that, a striker…who can carry the weight of – ‘Celtic Striker’ on


    his shoulders. Absolutely.



    But, where, I differ….I think that Cellic could bring in – Rooney, Suarez, De Foe, Finboggy


    etc….and the goals still widny be scored. imo



    Ye see….if Celtic were one of these teams making bundles of chances…then, they could bring anybody in. imo



    The above is not the case. imo



    Now, if the ghuys in the dug-oot were implementing a system were, loads of chances were being made the…sumdy like me would say “what’s the problem ?”



  3. Airdrieonians went bust, with a little help from Minty.



    Then along comes Ballantyne and his cohorts who ‘purchase’ Clydebank’s licence.



    Hey presto – Airdrie United are born.



    Fast forward to the start of this season and Airdrieonians suddenly reappear.



    Same name as the deid club – but a totally different entity.



    The huns do NOT do irony!




  4. Ballantyne’s New Year Wishes include:


    That ASalmond could have the Saltire surgically removed to avoid any further cringe worthy photo opps.


    That Great Britain remains great, and that we remain part of it.


    That we (Airdrie I assume) could play Rangers every week.





    Fletcher is not what we need. Seldom a prolific scorer, out of our price range and no re-sale value. Never happen, unless the club have lost the plot.



    Alfie would be am improvement, not Finboggason, the one at Reading.



    Celtic were reported to have an interest in this goalscorer before he went to the Madejski. This relatively wee guy has scored goals in every team he has been in: reasonable pace and is a penalty box sniffer (imagine having a Celtic forward who moves to the front or back post). At 5’9″ he isn’t the tallest but scores with his napper. Nor is he prone to drift deeper and deeper in the false hope that he’ll find space; defenders love when forwards play in front of them.



    He’d be cheap(ish) too Peter, but is 27 years of age.

  6. Just back in to say…afore I go Off oot…



    Archie MacPherson is a ‘secret’ tim. imo



    Long live – Archie n Gerry… as for the rest…..



    Off oot – Take Care Tims.

  7. high winds driving rain,certainly not a da y for football….well that’s the way its been the last 3 home games…..with the weather and time of year,that goes a long way to account for drop in attendances…….numbers will pick up once we get a few players which will disappoint media and bbc…..uefa will probably be giving celtic the 1m to be distributed.. to other teams in the spl ….the stats say celtic are the 3rd best supported team in the uk only arsenal and man. utd pip them for 1st place……….kinda throws the argument out the window all falling attendandes

  8. Surely those Ballantyne programme notes are a wind-up?



    No-one could be such an embarrassing dufus? Surely?

  9. m6bhoy



    So Airdrieonians (mark 1) ARE deid according to the SPFL?



    …but R*****s are NOT!



    No surprise there then!



    …but we know differently.




  10. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Attendances at CP as gauged by number of bhoys actually attending is going down.



    Newspapers gave attendance on Wed as 52k+, which is patently nonsense.



    The adverse weather doesn’t seem to prevent supporters of other teams turning up in good numbers.



    We must just be soft Fenian p##fters.

  11. tin hat on first post ;



    N.F.L is a great manager ;



    who else would do a better job




  12. ….PFayr supports WeeOscar




    11:33 on 3 January, 2014



    Re Fergus McCann and Cadete/Farry debacle – yes, he got a result but it took time ie the much despised ‘working behind the scenes’ scenario. The current incumbents, for all your contempt, did take a couple of scalps – Dougie-Dougie and more importantly, Dallas. (PL was very much involved in his removal.)



    But consider this: CQN was intended as a forum for Celtic supporters. We now have people on here posting their hatred, correct word, for Celtic and their disdain for supporters who don’t share their world view. We even have people declaiming that they don’t and won’t support Celtic and they represent themselves as bold, defiant and brave for being, let’s face it, as anti-Celtic as the MSM.



    Finally, the reputations of Fergus, Mr Quinn and even Robert Kelly have been totally rehabilitated on here. But elements of the support despised each and every one of them at the time and I suspect that many who jeered McCann as he raised the flag now refer to him as a Celtic ‘great’..

  13. Just on to send good wishes for the new year to everyone at CQN, especially those facing possible flooding this afternoon. Good luck, one and all.

  14. 20hats






    Are you a …?!



    You will need more than a tin hat on here at times.



    Such as a thick skin and a bullet-proof vest!




  15. Dontbrattbakkinanger


    12:19 on


    3 January, 2014



    Yes it is, but it also shows that more people bought a ticket than normal. Our attendances since the start of the season are rising.

  16. Looks like we are being linked with lots of decent strikers


    – Finnbogason (7m)


    – Johansson (3-4m)


    – Fletcher (6m)


    – Long (2-4m)


    – Rudnevs (3m)


    – Vaughan (4-5m)


    – Ings (6m)



    I really hope we can get one of these over the line. Carlsberg scenario would be to get two (with Sammi leaving to free up some wages). Two of Rudnevs, Long and Johannsson would make more sense to me than blowing it all on Fletcher or Finnbogason!!



    Will be very disappointed if we end up with Griffiths!!

  17. Did the daily record break a story this morning? Was this anywhere else first?



    Wonder how they got it. Who would gain from this?



    If its true, if course.

  18. 20 hats



    What’s wrong? Is the ludge shut?



    On here with your anti Celtic bile.




  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Our attendances since the start of the season are rising’






    So why shut most of the LL stand upper?



    Ole Cog Diss must be playin’ up again.

  20. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    we ve 3 season books… I still take my Bhoys..BUT I m not daft..



    I m put off by the blatant cheating in Scots Footi,the SMSM & the downright collusion to facilitate Sevco in anyway…



    They seek validation & poke away at us.. We are not helped by a quite stunning silence from CFC on the 3 matters I list above …



    This silence, DOES make supporters stop going…



    We re not enjoying being made look stupid.. In so many ways…




    I m CFC till the end but Lawell has to think ” out the box” as to the reasons people are not going..



    I list my issues above, but is still go, because it matters.





  21. fritzsong,



    Well thought out post and my thoughts exactly.



    The same people on here who slaughter PL and the Board at every opportunity are probably the same people who booed Fergus McCann and would criticise no matter who was in place.



    Yes we know there is much to do and the support are disillusioned but the abuse is way over the top, especially on a Celtic forum.



    Yes hatred of all things Celtic seems to be an agenda for some. It is way beyond constructive criticism.



    Welcome 20hats.



    Yes, who would do a better job that NFL, although I think that he may become a great manager he is not there yet.




  22. eddieinkirkmichael on

    £8m for a striker? We’ll never pay that, also think the Flectcher story is a red herring.