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  1. Goal Disallowed..



    Mugrew.. scores.. chalked off..



    Rightly..In Ma Opinion.




  2. Notthebus


    I don’t think he is up to the job.


    We are rarely the sum of our parts.


    We do not play like a complete team and I feel that’s mostly to do with our coaches being unable to properly implement playing systems.

  3. Nothebud..



    Ah widnae sack Neil..



    He is Still. Learning his Craft..



    But, Ah wid soitenly, bring in Help..in the form of a Mair experienced Advisor.







    Aha.. Ah canny tellya that.



    But, Neil, is Making too Many Mistakes..in his Team Selections..



    n .. He Keeps Repeating them..which is a worry..



    Tae Me.




  4. Bigchipsuk…..



    Would take Jelavic in a heartbeat mate.



    Better than anything we have at the minute.



    No chance of paying EPL wages though.

  5. weet weet weet(GBWO) on




    I tend to agree mate



    Laughing at your typing of my name




  6. glendalystonsils on



    16:20 on


    1 January, 2014


    Silly Scot Brown booking



    Now there’s a phrase you don’t hear very often.

  7. Before the game, Broonie said his new year’s resolution was to score in double figures. But he rarely puts himself in a position to score. Taking up position at the edge of the box at corners would help for a start.


    Stokes and Sammi getting changed, may come on. Pukki is trying hard but unfortunately is nowhere near fast enough to be a striker.

  8. fan-a-tic



    So you would sack him?



    What would your criteria be for the replacement.How would you measure success?

  9. Luis Suarez has now scored 15 goals in his 7 home games in the Premier League this season.

  10. Luis Suarez has now scored 15 goals in his 7 home games in the Premier League this season.




  11. Can you imagine a swan song from a player like Berbatov at Celtic?



    Would be like Lubo all over again.