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  1. Watched the game on Telly. Didnt think we were great but won the game comfortably. Unfortunately, although this site is my favourite i think we dissect every pass to the point of it being boring. There are definitely really articulate gents on here who have never played football at any level. Yes im a hun and i support whatever party they seem to be gibbering on about at any given time😂 only care about the football and our Celtic family 🍀

  2. That was an interesting night at the home of football.


    Plenty to go on


    Giakoumakis calf injury.


    Good as always to meet fellow cqnrs.


    Well done Celtic.


    Celtic v St Johnstone in semi.


    Take care Celts




  3. An observation from a LurkinTim:



    Apart from during live updates…this place is predominantly a toxic wasteland of comments with very few oasis

  4. Strange game, pretty disjointed. The lack of a cutting edge is evident in everything we do at he moment.



    Jota looked the most likely but totally disappeared when told to lead the line.



    Ajeti…i really cant see it. I want to but I cant, still not sure what his attributes are,



    We are not having much luck with injures

  5. Ajeti had a boring role to play tonight. he had to play back to gaol, pinning the CBs, and laying the ball off to glory seeking wingers and midfielders.



    He did his job fine but he got no hint of anything more because we lacked penetration on the wings and, when we did get it, we were over-shooting crosses.



    Glad Ange rested him, as our only fit striker, and played a Levein type formation of 11 players looking forwards.

  6. A cup tie is all about getting through to the next round, that’s what we did tonight.



    Thought Mccarthy played well and Scales looked very comfortable and composed when he came on. Other than that we were very poor.


    What was worrying, was that we ended up with a winger at centre forward and 2 full backs as wingers.



    Squad is very weak .

  7. Iniquitus 😂



    i try really hard to see any strength in the guy but I can’t.






    disagree on the /martyr’ role for Ajeti. He mis-controlled as usual , didn’t show and never made attempts to get free in the box when we had the ball wide



    We had better strikers in the 92-94 period

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Just in. Ajeti put in a load of effort / running / trying – but very little impact on the game.



    He did, though, make a good tackle / interception coming back in to midfield to win the ball and pass to DT for his beauty of a goal – so, contributed an assist.






  9. I feel sorry for Ajeti. To get on the end of 90℅ of the crosses from ANYONE in our team he’d need to be at least 15 feet high!



    WTF do we do at Lennoxtown each day? No one can put a cross onto the penalty spot. Its mainly why we failed to win The Ten. The hun score about 70% of their goals from crosses by Tavpen or Barasic.

  10. Coneybhoy- I had a close up view of him getting “free” from markers in the box but “free” in a box with 7 defenders is not very free.



    I am not talking up his performance (I advocated for Toney) but he was nowhere near bad.



    I would rate the players- (Hart excepted as he had nothing to do) in this order






























  11. McCarthy needs games as we know, his pass for first goal was qquality, Ajeti tracked back well for the 3rd.

  12. SFTB



    fair enough on ajeti , i wasn’t there



    Your descending list of perf is interesting as i agree that monty and scales were high up and Juranovic low. Starfelt didn’t have much to do so i assume your low grade was for his passing which was a bit lax again



    hail hail

  13. Majestic…it gets worse…Scales came on at LB and Monty moved forward…I’ll be honest our subs were a confusing mix of wtf ;-))

  14. You can’t compare Ajeti and Kyoto.He is not in the same class.I.Who you can make comparisons with is Commons,Hooper,even Griff,Mc Donald.If any of those mentioned were leading the line,I would not be concerned.His movement to lose defenders is very poor.I worry about this.I want him to be better,but.

  15. Coneybhoy,



    Which Starfelt passes were a bit lax.If he did have the odd one,which I really did not notice,he was most certainly not the worst.Not by a long way.Thought his passing was fine.No errors,played well.

  16. Jock Stein would play forwards as defenders and defenders as forwards, midfielders all over the place. Interesting.

  17. Mikey Johnston.Why don’t we loan him out to the NHS as an Ambulance Driver.He should be on first name terms with most.

  18. Having read sentenial celts regularly, noticed Gary Delaney has been missing recently, reading today he is unwell, most on here know him as Delaneys Dunky no matter what our political views are ,and DDs are definitely different from mine . get well soon bud !

  19. Wishaw Tim…why do I think you’re being mischievous…met G & son last month at the hoot…he’s fine…jist living his best life…;-))