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    ET Go Ahead Eagles 3 – 3 VVV Venlo



    Lost 3 goals there

  2. It was the Raith fans rather than the players who were shouting for a penalty. Commentary team says Lukasz clearly got a hand on the ball and the ball changed direction.

  3. Efe, to Kayal. Left to Charlie. James F, back to Charlie, back to Forrest. Slack ball inside and Raith have it in the centre.

  4. Sorry to hear there is a small crowd. There is a problem that a lot of us travel quite far and regardless of whether there is a budget question, it’s a school night and there are only so many times you can get home at pushing on 2 and get up for work (and actually function). This was an opportunity for £1 school kid tickets perhaps

  5. Dylan in possession a lot. Matthews has it, back into our half with Rogne, to Charlie. Hooper drops deep. Forward to Tony W. Intercepted. Our throw midway into the Raith half.

  6. No live commentary anywhere on this evenings match then?


    whilst others are live on tv in every cup game they play.

  7. Forrest broke forward, passed across to Dylan inside box who passed it across the 6 yard line for a Hooper tap in.

  8. McGeouch forward again, to Matthews, back to Dylan, cuts inside to Hooper to Dylan, great effort, great save.