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  1. Big bhoys come up.



    Charlie plays it in. Back out to Dylan, to Matthews on halfway now. Dylan again in space on the right. To Hoops, to Efe, to Kayal, works it to Charlie, caught in possession, Efe provides the cover.

  2. Keep them coming lads, dodgy streams are not working. Some blocking going on.



    Might need to buy Channel 67

  3. stevo:


    I think that is the issue. Celtic fhans will pay to see Celtic live but that is not persistently available in the UK…






    Very well big pal, been flat out during the season and feeling it!. Thanks for your kind words and remember ‘Any time’ mate.

  5. Efe turns away from Walker, picks out Dylan, inside to Hoops, edge of box to Watt, to Dylan, to Efe, out to Forrest, back to Dylan, to Matthews, rash challenge on Adam. Free kick Celtic. Two yards from the edge of the box.

  6. Ambrose: the new Victor? Looks confident on the ball, spraying the passes around. Dylan looking great too.

  7. Charlie to take. Lifts it in, keeper punches, to Charlie, right foot, to Kelvin but it’s out for a goal kick.

  8. Efe wins it in the air, foul on Kayal now. Charlie to take again. Straight out of play from Charlie. Raith break forward but LZ has it.

  9. Ah Know Ah am bein a wee bit.. early..in saying this.



    But, Whit the Hell..




    Ah believe that we hiv found oor..




    Wily, Guilely… Thinkin’…



    Puppet Maister…






    Efe… the Thinkin’ Man’s Mid-Field General..






    Ah believe Ah am right..



    we wull see… Won’t we?




  10. Kelvin Wilson puts it out for a throw in attack for Raith. Safety first from Kelvin.



    Inside to Graham, Walker shoots, deflection, goal.