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  1. Yep..



    Efe ..is the REAL DEAL..



    Lovely initial Pass tae Forrest..



    Celtic 2 Raith 1




  2. Just in from work. Special treatment for Motherwell fans from my taxes they get live football t’row (it was QOS fans last week) whilst the rest of us have to listen to a bunch of sevco fans giving us their opinion of what’s happening with our game. BBC sort-it out !







  3. Good ball out from the back by Raith, Anderson cuts inside and crosses to the back post and nearly picks out Graham.

  4. Still Raith. Kelvin heads away. They have it again at the back. Efe cuts it out. Hooper breaks. Caught. Yellow card for Grant Anderson.

  5. sixtaeseven: Supporting the Finest Team in Scotland on

    Credit to Raith, they are making a game of it.


    But I would like to see Beram imposing himself in the midfield, maybe he isn’t fully fit yet ?

  6. Efe to Kelvin, to Tony W, to Forrest, back to Charlie, to Rogne inside our half now. Patient play from Celtic. Kelvin to Charlie. Ambrose collects, turns away, Charlie forward to Forrest, throw near the corner flag.

  7. Raith break away. Rogne has it now at the back. Charlie to James F on the left, cuts inside, to Kayal, to Dylan, lovely touch from Dylan, good ball from Matthews and Hooper nearly connects. Great play.

  8. Jamesy left him for dead. Loose challenge for a man on yellow.



    Dylan free kick. Shouts for hands. Not given. James F picks up in a deep position. Charlie has it now. Long ball to James F on the right, cuts in, shoots. Well wide, but good play.

  9. Charlie wins it. James F on the right again. Tony Watt to Efe, lovely touch, switches to Charlie. Shoots with his right. Well over.

  10. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on

    charles kickham



    20:26 on 25 September, 2012



    Help please for sausage!