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  1. sixtaeseven: Supporting the Finest Team in Scotland on

    It’s shootie in at the moment.


    Big Efe looks like the real deal.


    HT 2-1

  2. Super Hooper with the goals. Big Efe making everyone think we have stole another £10 Million player off someone.

  3. Thanks all for commentary, wife working late tonight so couldn’t manage in. Can’t believe it isn’t in radio – shocking!!! Sounds good game, not a happy man I’m not the :-((

  4. Efe ,is gonna be a Brammerama!



    Yep…of Ma Name isnae Marmaduke..



    Ah like Masters Forrest and McGeough.. two real spritley wingers.



    Gary,is Playing well.. Tony.. is no much in the game. but,he has nathin’ tae be ashamed.



    Good Game..






    Still… Laughin’

  5. Ambrose looking very, very comfy.



    Young Dylan looking every bit the Celtic player.



    Poor-ish goal to lose but it was all about the deflection really. Raith very average but at least they’re trying to get forward which is a lot more than can be said for most of the SPL sides that come to Paradise.



    More of the same please in the 2nd half please Bhoys.




  6. In some ways I wouldn’t like to humiliate T Hutton’s team tonight, Beat them yes, in fact if there was a replay involved it wouldn’t bother me. More money to Hutton’s purse I say. Then we hump them 6 – 1. T Hutton to replace Cambell Ogilvie. IMHO

  7. Wow! That 125th year anniversary Nike strip ad is powerful stuff…almost had a wee tear in my eye watching that…goosebump stuff!




    HT 2-1. Decent game. Great second goal.




    Big Efe looks better than the V-Man…LOL.

  8. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on

    charles kickham



    20:35 on


    25 September, 2012



    Bigjie has sorted it, thanks bigjie.

  9. Efe , is a Thinker..



    And .. .Ah luv the Wey he Thinks!



    Victor, is . .Action Man..



    Two different Kettles o’ Sea Trout.






    They complement each ither..like Salt and Pepper..





    Still, Laughin’

  10. jimthetim53



    The match is played to a finish tonight – ET and pens if necessary.



    No replay.







    that one ( row ) doesn’t work for me – had to find an alternative that did

  12. Yep Exiled Tim but I suppose between trying to follow the updates on the game and decipher the contents of a sausage, it can be confusing.

  13. charles kickham



    I usually go for another one, the very important person one, much better picture, not working for me tonight.



    Tis a strange thing is tinternet