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  1. What was official attendance ?



    I was hoping Raith might have got a big payout….They deserve it for their balanced perspective on the former Rangers issue

  2. However much we paid for Efe, it was worth every single penny.



    I saw one missplaced pass tonight, he is strong, great first touch, and has pace.



    He will have to be some defender if he is to take a place at CB, his holding role tonight was superb, ok, it was against lower league oposition, but he was class.



    As was Hoops, Dylan, wee James was good as well, Kelvin is growing by the game.



    A good night all round.



    And thanks to Raith for trying to play football.

  3. Can’t be many players who have as flawless a debut as Efe Ambrose had today. With him partnering Wanyama we could soon see an awesome midfield. McGeoch also had an excellent game and Forrest was back to form. Hooper’s 4 goals make it increasingly difficult for the England manager to overlook him. Some beautiful play from Celtic tonight.

  4. Great result and very enjoyable game. Great to see Hooper back in the goals and Ambrose looked a real player. Can’t wait to see more of this guy in action.

  5. I enjoyed that tonight, many thanks to Oldtim67 for the posh seat for the evening.



    Ambrose looks a real class act.

  6. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Iain Anderson just played Bright Eyes for wee Oscar. Also mentioned the fund and the bucket collection at Celtic Park.



    Fine man Iain.!!

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Great result tonight. Good to see Hooper getting a barrowload. Nice to see Paul Lambert getting the win tonight. Everton ….deary me




  8. I totally gree with other posters re Effe Ambrose.


    He strolled through the game. Strength, height, ability and a good passer.


    Well done Gary Hooper. Four well taken goals and all came from good build up play.




  9. viewfaethewindae on

    Ambrose, well what a debut, at last Lennon might be able to play two wingers in the SPL with him and Vic in the middle – simply outstanding.

  10. And we’re back! ..mmm missed going tonight hope hamiltontim kept a wee eye on old tim .great result and looking forward to seeing efe in the flesh ..sounds like we have found another good un..hh all

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    I enjoyed that game and the benefit of a small crowd is I’m back at home, at a decent hour, with a pint :)

  12. jude2005 @ 22:55



    Great to hear that! Will take a Scottish tsunami or Hurricaine Bawbag before the meeja cronies will move sevco from the top headlines >:((



    Great result tonight ! Who’s man-marking Aiden next week?? :)

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Just back in from a great game tonight….. Ambrose was a delight ……. Not one pass behind a player (my pet hate) ……. If he keeps that performance up, he’ll be a regular …… We eventually broke down a very good defence ….. Really enjoyed the whole atmosphere ….. Too tired to read back, but well done, Bhoys …… They have finally realised that you don’t win games without 100% from every player…….good night, Fholks ……has greengo absconded yet with a few bob in his back pocket ?

  14. Mr andersons fine tunes amongst the best radio around ..plays Dylan ,local bands ,Irish ,Cajun, country with a wonderful voice that sooths the late night shift..often listen on the way home from cp midweek..lovely guy too

  15. ET hey mon amigo ..yes will finalise details this week ..bit of a pilgrimage for me. Too..will definetly catch up with you..just the three beers? ..:)))

  16. buick makane



    I’d settle for ‘Well right now!



    Anybody but Sevco. Would hate to see them get the financial boost.



    It would be interesting to see the ticket prices if we drew them at home. Would it be £42 or £15? Are we still the OF or ARE they Sevco in the eyes of our board?



    TBH I would rather not find out!



    Billy Bhoy

  17. johann murdoch @ 23:07



    Agree with that. Is he the one what broadcasts from the Shetlands? (Or Orkney)? Radio Shortbread is hard work 90% of the time, but Bryan Burnett and IA are very listenable imo.

  18. johann murdoch



    I had someone lined up to house sit, she has moved to Ireland, so looking for a cave sitter for a few days.



    If I can’t find someone the wife will just have to stay at home,

  19. Just back from the game. To all the fans who could have went tonight but didn’t you missed an exquisite debut from Ambrose. We are assembling a squad of real potential out there and the team deserved better. Fair play to Raith for trying to play football and to their fans for making the trip. GB were excellent again, dread to think what the atmosphere would be like without them.

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Man City reserves.



    Tevez Balotelli etc.



    Close with Wolves ;-)




  21. BB


    Agree with you about not giving them a financial boost but if we did end up against them the ticket prices would defo be at the higher end of the scale. The first time we play sevco in any competition you would be able to sell the stadium out three times over