Celtic v ‘Rangers’, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:00.

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  1. Put them to the sword…hammer ’em bhoys!


    My son and his bhoys on their way 5.30 rise they love the Celtic.

  2. Check out the incompetence shown at Firhill yesterday:






    Surely must be something to do with that part of the Firhill pitch causing some affliction in the refereeing fraternity:






    Just as well we have the head of one of the referee’s associations officiating today.



    That goal up at Firhill should be a sort of Bermuda triangle for refereeing careers…………..but it won’t.



    Let’s hope wee Willie has both his hearing aids switched on for some balance today.

  3. Celtic: Gordon (7), Lustig (7), Boyata (7), Ajer (7), Tierney (8), Brown (7), Ntcham (8), Forrest (8), Rogic (7), McGregor (7), Edouard (8)





    The team from when we scudded them 5-0 in April



    It did indeed, went to a mate’s Nephew.


    VHMAN, BADA BING and CHAIRBHOY, thank you Bhoys.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  5. come on the Celtic …back to basics…





    They came over in their thousands


    starving and deprived


    Destitute and penniless,


    these Irish were denied


    They had no rights as humans


    and treated worse than dogs


    As Glasgow would not tolerate


    these Irish from the bogs.



    Disease was rife and food was scarce


    each night a bloody scene


    With running battles in the streets


    ’til one man intervened.


    The thought of all this carnage


    brought tears to this man’s eyes


    And from these bloodied east end streets


    Rose up Paradise.



    His vision, build a football club


    a new game to this land


    His plan, to stop the battles,


    unite these warring bands


    And to feed the sick and needy,


    the infirm, the disabled


    By putting one square meal a day


    upon a friendly table.



    St Mary’s church awaited


    Just off the Gallowgate


    And our club was formally founded


    in 1888.


    This united Scots and Irish


    and the crowds would come along


    And the profits made from every game


    fed the hungry and forlorn.



    He appeased the mobs, through Gaelic,


    by stating Celtic was its name


    And the Marist Brother Walfrid


    watched every single game.


    Food upon the table,


    one square meal a day


    And that charity still exists


    that’s The Glasgow Celtic way.



    smiley “no matter what happens we win this fecking game ” thing




  6. Lennybhoy, thinking of you pal. Now onto 2nd large Hoegarden in Dubliners in Dubai. For DD and Pog: don’t seem to have any weißbier on tap, so next best thing. Absolutely jammed with Hoops in here. HH

  7. Celtic By Numbers



    Shot Conversion – previous blog.



    That confirms my annoyance when watching at the missed chances that turn games into nail biters rather than comfortable wins.



    I do hope the uplift in conversion rates begins today because no matter how well a team performs only the result counts.

  8. JOBO BALDIE on2ND SEPTEMBER 2018 11:06 AM



    Kouassi on bench.





    I thought he had been let go.

  9. LaFarty will be out to impress the muppets, what are the odds of him and nomorenoless being sent off.






    Still 4 – 1 to the good ghuyz




  10. Brendan’s interview on shortbread



    Our manager is a brilliantly intelligent man.



    Play to our qualities. Do the basics well. Stay calm.



    Recovery and focus.



    Brilliant man.

  11. A bit gutted Leigh is in the bench but am sure our double treble manager knows a bit more than me… have reinvested a few shillings on the “invisible man” hat trick



    Best of luck Callum :-)

  12. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Keep the head Celtic. let them charge around. We’ll have less of the ball compared to the last few games against but we’re still much better than them

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