Celtic v ‘Rangers’, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:00.

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  1. , and Bitton to return from injury, all of whom should increase competition and raise performance levels of those who excelled yesterday.






    Seemingly Compper’s back training too..

  2. Guys – Goldson’s comments are harmless wind-up and just trying to say something positive in the wake of the defeat. Going by what he is saying, maybe he expected us to be better, who knows? If he watched any CL football over the last two years he knows for sure we are no Barcelona.


    Problem is he now knows you don’t have to be Barcelona to pump the living daylights of his new team.

  3. What is the Stars on



    Its September,the world didnt end last week


    Brendan didnt leave,The Stands werent emptied,Peter Lawwells evil plan to let Rangers become the predominant force in Scottish football failed once again.No doubt Peter is working away on Plan B of how to end Celtics run of success,Thats why Dermot Desmond pays him dont ya know ….To undermine Celtic and alienate the fans….well thats the impression I got on here last week or so with all the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.



    So me hearty lads …when the next “crisis” arrives can we have some perspective,



  4. DeniaBhoy on 3rd September 2018 10:35 am



    Just had a look at the sevco fixture list leading up to our next game with them:



    Nov 29 – Villareal home



    Dec 2 – Hearts Away



    Dec 5 – Aberdeen home



    Dec 8 – Dundee away



    Dec 13 – Rapid Vienna away



    Dec 16 – Hamilton home



    Dec 22 – St Johnstone away



    Dec 26 – Hibs home



    Dec 29 Celtic home



    Anyone think they can cope with 9 games in a month like we have had to do?





    I think they’ll struggle to book the travel never mind turn up for the games!




  5. Just watched Ref watch on SSN -Jack jumped into Tom so he fouled first –



    maybe that’s what beaton was shouting about