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  1. We’re not playing well but have missed a pen and had one cleared off the line. They will tire and afford us more time and space in the middle.



    While they’ve been competitive they’ve created little bar Kent’s goal.

  2. Hey DOC I loved that too that McGregor knew it was goal bound before anyone else, which prolonged his dismay over the rest of them that bit longer, ha ha

  3. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The front 4 are all missing in action. Forrest in particular has been completely abstentions. As in the cup final, we can only improve in the second half.

  4. We have improved since their goal


    We got a fortunate goal


    Julienne winning the duel with the toad.


    Brown is imposing


    We need to see more from James and Ryan

  5. Forest and Frimpong not working on the right at all.


    Edouard was anonymous for 44 mins.


    At least MJ starting to look like he is up for it.


    I’d take JF off if Ntcham is to come on.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    We’ve been unable to complete a telling pass inn the final third. Our biggest threat has been McGregor running at them from deep.

  7. Why can we not set up a team that can dominate rangers at home anymore – we have players on the bench who can run this midfield. we look decent on the break but boli and MJ can find a team mate. Forrest and christie are selfish and we just don’t look like a connected team . Too much tinkering from Lennon. We can win this but its 50/50 and it shouldn’t be at home.

  8. Rangers were dominant the first 25 without any totally clear cut chances but we go back into it in second half of first half. NO way have we been anything like as bad as the cup final, but our front 4 need to press them more agressively, we are a bit casual. Maybe losing the first goal wakes us up a bit

  9. French Eddy is unplayable when he gets the ball. Took four players out for our goal. Starting to get into it. Need some Jaimsey magic. Mon the hoops.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    They have run us ragged for most of the first half so Lenny has to change that pattern or we could easily lose this game. We are not making enough of our biggest threat (Eddy) because the midfield are being overpowered.

  11. Have to admit that Gerrard has his tactics right in the first 20. We got better after that but we need to win the midfield and get in their faces from the off.



    Kent – will he get pulled up for pretending to shoot at Celtic supporters? A horrible runt. They seem to attract those types.



    Come on Celtic!

  12. Despite saying sky tv and sportscene replays are inconclusive, shortbread have decided sevco have been robbed by a handball.

  13. Frimpong also looking nervous, whenever he finds himself in space, he stops and cuts back inside. Either been told to do so or afraid to go past their LB and cross it. He has the quality to take his man on, need more of that in 2nd half

  14. RobertTressell, like attracts like.



    They are that type, ergo attract that type.



    But no action will be taken, they are governed by the same type.

  15. A very nervous CP – again outplayed & outfought for 90% of the time.



    There is very very little to choose between these squads – they are 100% on song.



    Not taking a run-up at a penalty shows Christie’s inexperience..



    On this showing, if we get a draw we will be doing well. They have the measure of us.



    That’s our best team out there and we are short on ideas.



    Have they given it their best shot? Will we force our way into the game?



    They are smothering us and we’ve no answer – now is the acid test.

  16. Shorties “Awwy Wammont” quoting Sky imagery…………………….and giving our goal the Zapruder film treatment.



    Horrible hurtin’ hun……………




  17. lets all do the huddle on

    I’d take JF off if Ntcham is to come on.





    it should have been that at the start

  18. We need a foot on the ball, then play in the players who can run at them, step up Ryan, Mikey and James, we aren’t playing badly, but we can play better.


    Can the Huns?



    Get Edouard more involved, and Frimpong, go past the defender, we know you can wee Mhan.

  19. Sevco never maintain the midfield press for 90 mins. We will win this match.



    Frimpong turning back too often for me – needs to pick a forward pass or take his man on, leaving James to drop back and cover.

  20. Competitive game for us in SPL for a change. Nothing wrong with that. They are well organised and working very hard. We are yet to hit top gear. There were signs that we were starting to play as they scored and we continued to build into the game after that. We need to find ways to get Frimpong, Christie and Mikey more space. Julienne and Ajer both doing great.



    Looking forward to second half. Can’t see us losing this.

  21. First thing Huns are a lot better than most here give them credit for. Overall game pretty level we could be ahead & we could be behind.


    Brooney has been brilliant, Julien doing well after a nervous start, McGregor & Johnson doing OK as well.


    Very much a 50/50 game, could go either way.

  22. AuroraBorealis79 on

    The player whose hand brushed the ball was facing the direction the ball was travelling & had his hand by his side. Why is it even a debate?



    Although watching boyd explode in a slurry of conspiracy theory is is quite a spectacle. Loosen your neck tie lad

  23. An Dun, MNCelt, yes, we can win this, agree with you both.



    Miss Doc just handed me a bacon sandwich! Wow, wow, wow:-)

  24. Well the one’s who said we were dominated at Hampden because of no striker have been proved wrong including our manager.



    This game is still definitely winnable, our front 4 just have to click and we will score again.



    Please Lenny do something in Dubai about throw ins for and against we are so poor.



    Careful Scott Brown, please no red.

  25. Shortie quotin’ the rules of the game now……………………partial reportin’………….