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  1. RC,


    Its not negativity.We have 2 real strikers on the bench.One could have been used to help Paddy out.


    Anyway,we wait and see.

  2. If we control the midfield they will punt it long to runners,they might even do that anyway and of course they will dive as soon as they see the 18 yard line, cheating is what they do and get away with.


    Not sure about the midfield for us who is the 10 is it 44 11, anyway good luck Celtic give them hell show them what champions are and what they do.

  3. Was pretty confident durin week despite everything



    Now seeing the starting 11 has me worried…. Six first team players out



    If we can will today it will one of the sweetest yet



    Mon Celtic






  4. Nerves getting the better of me, I thought for a minute that WGS had a Castore top on…😊😊

  5. Na Ceiltigh abú.



    Ar aghaidh go dtí an deich. 🍀💚🇳🇬



    I’ve every confidence we will win.

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  7. Their midfield is Arfield, Davis, Kamara, jeezo, how bad would we have to be for them to dominate that area of the park, they’re up against McGregor Brown n Ntcham!!! por ceirto

  8. Wasn’t confident early in the week but grew as the week went on and last night was feeling good. Team selection has me back to early week nerves.

  9. Crivvens; I’m firmly the squeaky bum section today.


    What a weird line-up: I hope I’m dumb enough on matters fitba formation related not to know it will work an absolute fechin charm. HH




    You do have a point but on this occasion, the selection has been forced upon Lennon.



    I’m not keen on that strikeforce but Ajeti has just come back from injury and Griff is probably a long way away from full fitness.



    I’m pretty sure if we had a full squad to choose from, Lennon wouldn’t go for Moi and Klimala upfront.

  11. Stephen Welsh is 6’3″!



    C’MON THE CEL:TS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. For those still tuned to the wireless game on Radio 5,


    Roddy (debenture) Forsyth and Pat (I’m a Hibee honest) Nevin on the microphones

  13. Another big game, another ‘surprise’ team selection.



    This time, though, they are mostly forced on Neil, and I can see the logic in the decisions he’s made.



    Pray for a Polish goal.






  14. Not nearly as confident as I was now I’ve seen the line ups.



    So it’s only a 3-1 win for us.


    Klimala, Duffy, Griff.


    MOM Frimpers.










  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Well, Lenny’s had 10 months to figure out how to beat this team’s shape, and along comes Covid-19 and takes out his top bhoy up front, his busy bee attacking mid, and with his No 1 centre back out through injury, his two alternates are out with the infection.



    That said, I doubt he’s changed the system he’s had mind as a consequence, and those players swapping in should be well prepared.



    Neither Klimala nor Moi are balls to feet, backs to goal strikers, and with two nippy wingback in the side, you’d imagine the ball is going long into the channels when it’s not going wide.



    A serious, tidy shift required from our three centre mids, and an aware performance from our centre backs should be a good basis to try out the new forward line.



    Doubtless the subs will get a fair bit of game time.



    Hail Hail

  16. NFL said he was frustrated with the Ryan situ………….



    Shortie immediately translated that as Neil being angry and frustrated…………

  17. Calm Celtic :-)



    we have work to do today.Go to it


    for each other and us.


    we are with you


    Enjoy your day Celts.


    work for that victory




  18. Guys my Celtic pass, not working




    Sky Go not working as outside Europe



    Any good sausages ?

  19. Going by the bookies — last 12 months — we are in pole position for the win.



    They are taking a lot of money for a TFOD2 win so if we win we make them money.


    Seems to be the way of things at the moment.

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