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  1. That’s as bad a performance as I’ve seen for a while . But in all honestly we haven’t been playing well apart from the hibs and that was with some of our players who were missing today . They sad to say have our measure , although very disappointed with our performance , I was even more disappointed by our dugout , had that been Martin O’Neil . Or Brendan Rodgers they would have been out on the track encouraging the players , didn’t happen today , in comparison the other lot were in full voice calling for every decision , our coaching staff IMHO leave a lot to be desire , they hadn’t a clue how to change things . Lenny has been a legend at celtic , he has stood strong against the most horrific threats ,and we do have a lot to thank him for , but unfortunately his time may be up , there is something not quite right at the moment , a couple of seasons ago we were thumping that mob , whatever it is It needs sorted ASAP .