Celtic v ‘Rangers’, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:30.

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  1. Ntcham just lost 3 tackles in a row, was favourite for 2



    Morelos just slapped Brown on the lug. Weirdo

  2. Paul The Spark on

    When was the last time we started on the front foot against them? We might be missing players but we then have to play a formation that protects the ones we have.

  3. bluegrass celt on

    We don’t look like scoring ……ever. They look like they’ll score at will. Other than Broony, the rest are just sitting back, thinking they are playing Barca. Looks like Lenny has learned the sum of heehaw. Moi needs removed at half time.

  4. Another nasty one from Morelos on Duffy. At lest a yellow by this stage



    I know a lot of folks don’t like Walker but already he has pulled up McCoist for saying ‘we’ and asked him what he said to Lennon in his ear

  5. Come on Celtic, rocket at half time and get another striker on Nei.



    They are poor,







  6. For a midfield player our manager cannot pick a midfield McGregor is only a 10 nothing else Ntcham is nothing and never has been far too look at me waiting on others to graft so we have Scott Brown on his own and they know it.

  7. Gerrybhoy



    For me it wasnt even a free kick.


    Kent got the pass away & when it didnt come off he tumbled & conned Beaton.



    From the freekick Ajer played the offside & Duffy didn’t & only played Goldson onside.


    Duffy has been awful – nervous & sloppy.


    Welsh looks like the experienced CB compared to him.



    Gave away a terrible goal & created virtually zero at the other end.


    Big HT talk & tactics from NFL.

  8. It’s been an even match and we’re separated by a Barkas error for me. We’ve the players to change this in the second half.

  9. Jus’ dae sumthin’……………..



    Shortie already talking abooot The Season.




  10. I keep hearing all week that Neil is one of us and he’ll have us up for it.



    Zero evidence now for the third game in a row against a run of the mill league team.



    Light at the back. On top of each other on the middle and front getting zero service, in saying that, they are poor and if we can get two strikers on who knows.




  11. HT. Laxalt has been good. But too many poor passes, Frimpong lacking confidence, Moi rusty, PK getting nothing.

  12. if nothing changes they will get another goal or two and coast this. We could be entering a new era, 3 games in a row they’ve totally strolled it and we are a mess.

  13. Face timing my Ghirls back home and watching game via that now



    Morelos should have been red caas died for the slap at Scott Brown, will he be cited for this ??


    Mysteriously Beaton and his linesman missed it

  14. This terrible. Pedestrian nonsense.


    Really, really bad.


    No urgency, no penatration.


    Boring, boring crap.


    Where is the getting in the faces of these chancers ?


    I have seen more passion in a game of snakes and ladders.

  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Shane Duffy: On the basis of what I’ve seen in recent matches, mark me down as unconvinced, being kind.

  16. 10 months in waiting and that’s what we get Neil?



    Flood the midfield with bodies, one isolated striker and hoping that somebody creates something.



    This is exactly what we’ve been getting all season. Disjointed nonsense with the odd flurry of talent to bail us out.



    Feel for the players out there. They look lost and Huns closing down as they do.



    Huns in 2nd gear.




  17. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Elyanoussi needs to take a bloody good look at himself. His terrible slack pass allowed them to break and get a free kick. Then his weak defending against Goldson was appalling.

  18. glendalystonsils on

    Can’t say they don’t deserve it . We have been utterly toothless in attack . Their desire to stop the ten looks more determined than our desire to get it . We need Griff and Ajeti , Patryk and Moi just not doing it.

  19. Poor first half, Ajer an idiot at the goal with his hand up looking for an offside instead of defending. Watching on Celtic Pass why won’t O’Dea call out that wee thug Morelos for a red on Broony and numerous other late fouls?

  20. Dessybhoy



    I agree.



    Racehorses pulling coal carts & Clydesdale’s with jockeys on their backs.


    Never understood the fanfare over Ntcham.


    He’s anonymous & yes our central midfield area is owned by them.


    Gordon Strachan & Alan Stubbs both called it – concentration is vital.


    We lost that too often & certainly at the goal.

  21. Big 45 minutes for neil.


    3 home defeats in Europe and 2 home defeats to sevco in 1 year is a bridge too far.

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