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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Details, details, details.



    Margins in the modern game (at all levels) narrowing.



    Drill on the details and yourself an edge.

  2. Awful game



    Seriously missing Eddy…. and Christie and Jullien and Elhamed and Forrest and Bitton



    Ajeti for Klimala please




  3. The Battered Bunnet



    Duffy is an honest backs against the wall defender and punted by Brighton becasue they want to play football. His distribution is pish and he absent at their goal as he was at St Mirren.



    That’s a Neil Lennon special as he tries to get the 2003 tribute act together again.




  4. Performance is just the same as it’s been all season. Frimpong and Welsh are like wee lost boys

  5. CORNELIUS on 17TH OCTOBER 2020 1:16 PM



    But it all started when Moi gave it away….again.


    I’m fed up watching his sloppy passing, game after game. Turns our attack into chances for the opposition


    Get rid.


    They are in cruise control. This is not unexpected given our tactics and available players.


    But…..we need to do better than this.

  6. I will also repeat


    We lost 4 players due to International games


    We should have demanded this game be postponed – 3 of the 4 would have started today


    If 3 players are called up to an international team, you can have a game postponed


    Either Bitton or El Hammed would have started at right back


    Christie in Midfield and Edouard up front would all have started

  7. EspiritoDeCelt on

    Keep the heid troops. We look disjointed and a bit too spread out, but we have many first-team players out, and some new players so id expect a much better second half. We have none of our top 3 strikers on the pitch yet we are only 1 behind to a full-strength them, so I think we can still turn this around. I think we are playing the 352 quite well in terms of packing the middle, we just need to make more of the advantage of two stikers up top.

  8. I reckon there are only one or two Rangers players that make our first team yet they look so assured against us at times. What’s making that difference?



    If Ajeti and Griff are fit enough for the bench, they must be fit enough for 45 minutes. Don’t wait until we’re 2-0….Moi and Klimala off and Ajeti and Griff on.



    Not blaming Klimala – he’s huffed and puffed and been fed nothing. Moi is like playing with a man down.

  9. Dearie me NorrieM…really?



    Christie would have added to the confusion and Eddie would have been left isolated up front with less work ethic than Paddy….

  10. Too much dwelling on the ball and not enough pace and movement. Get the ball moving much more quickly and we can win this.

  11. ST TAMS; spot on.


    Their goal: a marking snafu…Ajer sees Goldson and vaguely points at Duff to pick him up (he doesnt) and Ajer simply loiters about 4 feet from him.


    As in prev games who’s the hungrier side?


    Which one has a shape and form?


    Who’s playing at home here ?

  12. EspiritoDeCelt on

    Remember, the sevcos need this victory more than us. If we win we then have the chance to go 5 clear so even a draw would not be a disaster today. I think Christie is missed today because he is so tenacious and can also dribbles past defenders. However, we are only 1 behind

  13. Not looking good — something badly wrong with the attitude and set up of the squad.


    They have the look of a team who are getting their excuses in early.



    We have nothing on the park and we have nothing coming from the touchline.


    They are pedestrian at best — stuck in second gear but bossing the game.


    That is how bad we are at the moment.

  14. Norriem



    Indeed, Elhamed was a certain starter at right back



    Eddy is our best player



    Christie is our most creative player



    Bitton has arguably been player of the year so far this season



    Unbelievably bad luck this past week…



    But we are still in this







  15. This has been us all season. No screaming for this oine and that one will change that fact.



    We’re looking for a moment of brillance than a system that can control patterns of play.




  16. Big Wavy


    Your opinion


    Christie would have started in front of Ntcham


    He may be a headless chicken, but 100% more effort than Ntcham

  17. Our biggest issue is lack of creation and structure in midfield.



    Broony is doing what he does but his inability to play a meaningful role in passing the ball means that the ball always goes out to the wing backs and they are faced with a packed centre of the park and invariably the ball gets recycled back.



    We have had a bit of luck with going long but not much.



    They do not have great players but their structure, organisation and managerial team are miles ahead of ours.

  18. We are being out passed, out thought, out classed and out fought…the good news is despite all that we can still win this. Griffith and Ajeti for the second half please.

  19. We’ve been unlucky with those players rendered unavailable today.



    However, tactically, we are poor.



    Money has been spent though scant evidence of coaching or tactics.



    We may have to win this from the bench

  20. Even game so far. Duffy didn’t hold the line at their goal. He’s having a bit of a ‘mare to be honest. As the game went on we had lots of control but we’re woeful up front. Don’t understand Neils thoughts with Moi and Klimala. I’d take both off and get 2 front men on.



    Callum playing well as is Brown. That’s what we need to build off going into second half. This game has a draw written all over it.

  21. Lennon doing what Lennon does – always tentative, always thinking more about them rather than us. He has been getting away with it in the last few games with late winners. Lets see what happens today – will he do the usual and wait until 80mins.



    Advantage Rangers



    We should have started with 2 up front against his shoit

  22. Duffy played Goldson on for goal but thought Barkas could have done better as well.


    So far they look the better team, we have created a couple of chances but need to catch a break, to get back in the game.


    I said last night, I wouldn’t be devastated if we drew game, right now I’d be happy with a draw.

  23. Goal was never a free kick but Duffy was schoolboy and Barkas looks a bag of nerves so far this season. Reacted really well then couldn’t decide if he was flopping on it or pushing it out. Less of a reaction and he saves it.



    Huns haven’t done a lot but don’t have to due to the score



    We were making chances after gathering goal but the energy and drive is gone again



    Been like this all season. Something wrong in the camp, playing with fear.



    They will play the same second half; we need to do something different. Could be subs or formation but might just be a kick up the arse from leaders in the team

  24. btw Moi has been terrible all season! yet still gets started – he’s decent with Eddy to play off – wrong player with Klimala. Turnbull however would see his run and dip them over the top.

  25. This will be difficult. Sevco don’t concede many goals.


    Things have changed.


    A couple of years ago our turnover was £104m and theirs was £27m.

  26. There were a lot of variables not in a our favour before this game, injuries and COVID related issues. What we need to do is make sure we don’t lose this game.