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  1. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    well done bhoys, very good football. Murty’s obviously lost the argument for the only thing they have going for them – fupp it let’s go for them. However, that backfired spectacularly at ibrokes when they lost against 10 men. So, they’ve gone out and stood of us.

  2. Superb performance!



    A few more goals in the second half and feckin humiliate them!




  3. Easy Street so far. Dembele and Rogic class. Wish Lustig woudn’t just hoof it upfield, though.

  4. Neustadt-Braw on

    is their a special word for a back to back treble?



    oh yes …Celtic ….



    smiley loving this …control the middle …pummel der Hun …thing




  5. cathedral view on

    HT 2-0. Could be four or five.



    Celtic – high tempo, professional, creative



    Sevco – outclassed, outgunned, outfought.



    Our opponent looks defeated as they come off the pitch. As the camera panned to Murty just before the HT whistle he looked resigned to the defeat. Will his thoughts be towards damage limitation our will he try and win the game and risk a real thumping.



    More of the same from Celtic please.





  6. Well that was one of the more comfortable first halfs we’ve ever had against them.



    The ease with which we made head and chest passes in a crowded midfield suggests a Sevco team that did not know their jobs (regardless of the cuteness of the tactics of their manager who has Brendan sussed, remember!).



    Dembele has bullied McRorie. McGregor and N’tcham are always making themselves available.



    My only worry is over one of our defenders. And its not Boyata.



    Ajer has been very leggy in his challenges and, when he loses them, he is well out of position. He needs to learn to use his body better so he is not over stretching and unbalanced.



    It will be hard for Madden to do the dirty now but you never know. Lustig on a yellow is now the bookie’s favourite and no longer Broonie.



    Interesting to see Halliday’s reaction to being subbed and the crowd chanting his name. Seems the Sevco fans want thugs and Rangers men more than they want footballers.

  7. Get McGregor off – wait a minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Sorry KevJ Ha Ha

  8. Dembele shows again that he’s a big game player. Brown & Ntcham in total control leaving McGregor and Rogic loads of space. Overall a good team performance. Just keep it going now.




  9. cathedral view on

    Sky graphic giving first half possession 57/43 to us.



    Is it just me or did it seem like we had far more of the ball than that?




  10. As much in control at Hampden as I’ve ever seen.



    Only danger is our own complacency.

  11. mike in toronto on

    Ntcham and Dembele showing their class out there … for me, they and Tierney are the standouts .., although props to Rogic and Calum for superb, composed finishes

  12. Morelos loves to inmate contact to push off defender and if this does not work he dives for foul.


    A truly poor player who they will be lucky to get 2 million for even with advantages he is afforded by Scottish refs.


    Moussa would score about 90 a year if riffed to the same standard.

  13. Alasdair MacLean on

    In contact with a hun colleague yesterday.



    Me: “Where are you watching the showpiece tomorrow?”



    Him: “Ach, I’ve lost interest in football. Barely registered there’s a game on tomorrow”.



    Me: (thinks) “Aye, right.”

  14. Sevco look terrified. It has been a procession so far. Our gluts have been brilliant: Broony, Ollie, Moosa, Callum, Oz and Jamesie et al. Please keep it up in the second half lhads. I prayed for this performance at Mass this morning. Thank you God (thus far).



    Hail! Hail!



  15. 16 roads - Protect the 8th. on

    Brendan Rodgers something like a phenomenon.



    That’s what ye get when ya pay tap daller a suppose.




  16. Jinkyredstar – agree on Lustig. Same mistake that saw him sent off at Pittodrie. Poor from such an experienced player.



    However Dorrans on Brown was as clear a yellow as you’ll ever see. Unless you’re Bobby Madden.