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  1. Mahe, thanks for the reply sir. There will be a massive no vote from the traditionalists, the support will be split IMO, hence my thoughts on move 1st team to Ireland and the wee team in Scotland. The support would stay utd with both teams and would be revitilised IMO.


    I agree that we’re dying a slow death in Scottish football.



  2. MadraRua/Mort



    I was a season ticket holder for quite a few years when I lived in Dublinshire so I would have a decent view of the support you talk of, and I agree 100% that the hardcore would not desert their teams.



    But I have to disagree with your view that Celtic would not be well supported.



    The punters of bars I used to frequent gave not a jot for Irish football, and as you both know the bars are full of them, most hang their hats on to a team from the epl, most of the guys I knew would leave the bars and go and watch Celtic.



    Pointless really as it will never happen.

  3. WTF is going on with this new CelticTV???


    Just logged-in, 2500 miles away from Paradise, in Azerbaijan, to find out that there is no live video! Audio only!


    Off to trawl through the satellite stations!




  4. Relying on comments from you Bhoys on the game etc. please keep them coming.



    C’mon Celtic bring a little sunshine to a cold gray PNW




  5. Tom McLaughlin on

    BakuBhoy –



    Not CelticTV’s fault. UEFA have the rights to live streaming from their website, so Celtic don’t have permission to broadcast live pictures.

  6. Right, been in the office far too long today so heading home now to watch the game.



    Come on the hoops.




  7. I will be interested in how Majstorovic plays tonight. I am not a fan of his but I have wondered if his poor form with us is because he is not used to playing in a team which predominantly attacks. Rennes (favourites with William Hill) will, I presume, be attacking much more than SPL teams do at Celtic Park so that MIGHT bring out the best in Daniel M.




  8. Paddy starting tonight reminds me of the time martin oneil finally decided to start lubo in europe against juventus, happy days indeed

  9. saltires en sevilla on

    Celtic are a Scottish club with proud Irish roots



    We need to stand up and confront/deal with the bigotry here ..the way our fathers and their fathers before them did



    if we join another league – we must remain based in Glasgow –



    Surely then the aim is to join a bigger league with more potential revenue/markets.


    Not be the Irish League because it is not big enough and actually smaller than the Scottish League. Irish footie crowds are low -even when teams do well.



    It’s a nice idea- tho’ when I worked in Dublin the footie fans supported Liverpool and Mun U, even Chelski before Celtic – not sure that is any different elsewhere except the obvious strongholds in the geographic North/Ulster



    We will have 60k at Celtic Park again and we will have an even playing field…one day.



    C’mon the Celts







  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    Got up at 5am to watch the game. Couldn’t understand why there was no “Live Updates” on CQN. Then couldn’t find the game before eventually the penny dropped. I was an hour early. Didn’t realise the clocks went back in Scotland already.



    Silly bhoy.

  11. canary bhoy,



    Is there an echo in here tonight or is it just you? :-)



    Mon the hoops!



    Hail Hail



  12. We seem awfully light in the middle for a game like this one – two very lightweight midfielders in paddy and jf.



    The middle 2 will need to sit deep and cover a weak centre half duo. Kayal needs to stop behaving like a recalcitrant child and contribute.



    Big night for sammy.

  13. Guess that you are all correct about the UEFA Rights issues, but…………………..


    Back to the Remote!!


    Here’s hoping for more than one miracle tonight!!

  14. i think we are dying a slow death. i would love to see the huns go under more than anything but if they do we need to get something done. playing in the spl and winning it without a chalange and having no o.f games will be excruciatingly bad. our league is a laughing stock now but it would turn into a compleat joke. my wish is to see celtic play in a bigger league and we should be making serious moves(with or without the huns going under) to get out of here..


    i don’t think the epl will let us in therefor we should create a league with holland and belgum, 6 teams from each in the top league and 6 from each in a second league with no relagation from the second league. i can’t see why we can’t or won’t do this. i think it’s or only hope if we ever want to compeat with best in europe again…. i’ve really stopped caring what happens in the spl because there is no future to give me hope… letsgetoutofhere

  15. bournesouprecipe says:


    3 November, 2011 at 19:22



    Cryptic message á la French Resistance.



    Off to Sharkey’s ( the real one), to watch the game.



    Will check e-mails later.



  16. M’Vila in for them


    their best player



    Kana-Biyik got injured at weekend – he’s oot


    big loss for them as that guy rarely gives the ball away



    they lost 1-0 at Toulouse via a deflected free-kick



    you hear that Georgios ?


    do yer job man !!

  17. Interesting to see Sammi listed in midfield – hmmm.


    Worried about Loovens and Dan they do not seem to communicate to well, and Forster has already admitted not being loud/vocal enough.





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