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  1. FRIESDORFER @ 10:48 PM



    Cheers good sir. I think the Billy Boys are about to get a wee going over in Peaky Blinders. So there is that!

  2. Never been happier in a long traffic jam than Today on the M6. I listened to the newco/huns game and was absolutely buzzing they have played sh!te again and lost.



    They have been mega fortunate with injuries but it doesn’t help when bampots like Clancy let 2 footed tackles go without any recriminations… it was a nasty challenge but never highlighted.. on our Top striker, when so many are trying to beat the horrendous traffic around Celtic Park.

  3. Odsonne is possibly Cooler in the Cool stakes than Henke in front of goal.



    If we achieve a most Incredible 9 in a row TWICE, I’d hope Odsonne would realise that staying for 10, hopefully with a cracking Euro pedigree after this Season, is seriously viable.



    The Guy is another Gift from God.



    If he Leaves in the Summer no problemo. What a Player he is Already. Privileged to Witness the dude in the flesh so much.



    I was right into The Stone Roses so I’m obviously gonna say it is the Best Celtic tune for a player ever though it isnae the easiest to coordinate…. conversely in a Massive Stadium I reckon it is the Easiest, you just do your own bit.



    It is Truly magical.

  4. Just watched Killie manager Dyer’s interview on Sportscene.



    It’s the second interview of his that I’ve thought he’d rather be anywhere else. Judging by his interviews he’d struggle to lift a dressing room in a time of need. IMO

  5. Gerrard’s over the top aggressive celebrations at paradise were a release of huge amounts of tension, the man is as tense as a tightly wound coil. Not surprised to read reports of him being out of sorts after the defeat at swinecastle. He knows this is make or break for him this season as a Sevco manager and the pressure is taking it’s toll. His inability to cope with the pressure of being ra peepul’s saviour will ultimately be his and Sevco’s undoing imo.



    Not complacent about the title, we have a lot of work to do. It’s just how I see it playing out.



    Lenny is on record saying he wants to add experience to the team this window, something I think a lot of fans want as well. Failure by our club to deliver that for the manager would be complacent and completely unforgivable should the worst case scenario prevail in our quest for the 9th successive title. Time for some folk at our club to get the finger oot!



    If there was ever a time for our conservative board to deviate from our mid to long term financial strategy then this is it.



    Let’s see it Celtic.




  6. Wasn’t surprised to see them drop points yesterday. Mini’s new manager, their desperate need for points to survive in the league added to Sevco’s average performance in their last game. Always nice to see them lose a close game so late on.



    Don’t think wee Naismith will be in the Louden for a swally anytime soon..:)




  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning all or, perhaps, good morning dbhoy?






    Very good points you made at 4:40 am.



    Slippy looks like a man under pressure.



    Doesn’t help when the financial edifice is only one unforeseen cost away from meltdown.



    Sevco running on fumes.



    Ordinarily, I am not a fan of “gesture” signings but, if we have already scouted a player of “straight into the first team” quality, pushing the envelope to get him would be a real shot in the arm for our support.



    BTW – if you can suffer the BBC Online football pages – check out the Sevco bench yesterday !






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  8. Good morning CQN from a very cold and dark Garngad



    What a good weekend for us.



    I would still like to see a couple of players signed to give Lenny even more choice, although having said that I really want him to find his best 11 and get them playing with each other as much as possible (barring injury), but the modern game probably dictates to rotate players/systems, I am not a fan of this though.



    Anyway onto Perth we go and this will be another tough away day. COYBIG






    D. :)

  9. I like to have a Bet on the Horses and Football….( Im a bad man) ?



    Hearts next game is away to St Johnstone in Perth. Obviously, I was very happy that they beat the Huns yesterday, but I will be having a bet on St Johnstone this Saturday to beat them. This is because many wee Diddy teams can beat the so called Big Team One Day….and then get beat themselves in their very next game ? We have all seen that happen plenty of times.


    The Hearts defence at times yesterday was all over the place, just like Celtic’s v Ross County if I dare make a comparision ? The Huns cut thru them on several occasions and in all honesty should have scored more than once….but they didnt…thats the Huns fault.



    On BET365, St Johnstone are 10/9…which is just a little more than even money. It could be worth a wee Punt.


    Hearts winning goal yesterday was scored by Boyce, who is a new recruit. He played very well in my opinion, but it did look as if he was short of Match Fitness, and it looked as though he was struggling to move just BEFORE he scored, possible Cramp ? To be fair, He may give the Mini huns that goal threat in future games , especially if his fitness improves ?



    ive read back, and I see that many are thinking that Slippy Stevie and his Hun lot are now feeling the pressure etc, and that He may have lost the dressing room , due to his after match comments ?


    While I was/are very happy with THEM getting beat yesterday, I will reserve my thoughts on whether they are feeling the pressure etc over the next Month or so ? They have several Home games coming up and although its fair to say that they havent been great at Home recently ( Stranraer and St Mirren)…they still won both matches.


    They have been very lucky with injuries etc as many have pointed out, and MAYBE that is about to change…who knows ?


    I will not panic if Celtic do NOT make any more signings in this window, as hopefully our injured players are mostly on the way back, and there is also the possibilty that both ( or either) Polish Paddy and Soro can hit the ground running ?



    They have to get to play sooner rather than later for obvious reasons, but one or both of those new Players MAY well provide that Quality and sharpness, that will see Celtic having an excellent squad to chose from for the rest of the season at least, which could go a long way to securing 9 in a Row ?


    If both ( or either) Paddy and Soro impress in Training, and hopefully in some games, it will maybe give some of our other players that “extra impetus”, with the threat of maybe losing a starting place …..again who knows ?


    Hoops…Ive done it again…Ive posted more questions than answers LOL !



    Im a happy Celt this morning, I just do NOT wish to get too carried away cos Hearts gubbed the Huns yesterday ?



  10. Big Jimmy,



    Great to see you posting, I agree Big Time with ye about Paddy and Soro….. and dinnae forget the young ones coming through our most excellent fitba academy.

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “R@ngers manager SG leads O*d F**m tributes to Kobe Bryant” – ET online.



    Dearie me, I know that stupid boy is under direct orders to make an O*d F*rm connection to just about everything but isn’t this example tenuous and distasteful in equal measure?



    Less than two years to go before the ET folds.



    It won’t be missed.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  12. Alasdair MacLean on

    After what I read about Hearts second half in Dingwall last week, and their signing of Boyse, I had faint hopes for Hearts yesterday. And so it transpired.



    Now, I have faint hopes of a draw for RC there on Wednesday night this week.



    Providing the RC management put out a team and system that will get us something.

  13. More reasons to be cheerful.



    At the match on Saturday. To my rights sits Tony whose sister in law had a baby girl on 29th December (12lbs 10ozs – wince) and to my left sits Holly who became an auntie for the first time on Friday when her sister had a boy (a mere 8lbs 12ozs)



    On the negative side, neither of the babies were at the game so currently have a 0% attendance rating as Celtic supporters. Must improve quickly.

  14. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Was it something Peter said 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ….. me thinks thou dost protest too much 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Big Jimmy – good post, i think the over pouring of joy at sevco defeat is because of the SFA cheating that goes on to help them and the smsm evergrowing erse licking toward everything sevco.



    HJ – :)



    D. :)

  16. Should be an interesting week coming up.



    Just win in Perth Celtic. Massive levels of pressure at Ibrox now and maybe stuffy Ross County is not what they want. Let’s see but not beyond reasonable doubt that we could be 7 points clear of them come Wednesday eve. They’ll be unleashing the rabid Colombian, who is 2 bookings away from another 2 games out.



    Soro with scarf aloft today should keep the momentum going and hopefully the EPL loanee market gives us a pleasant surprise before the window ‘slams’. The imminent return of Moi (who has been a massive miss imho) will also help us too.



    Hail hail

  17. There will a lot of twists and turns ove the next couple of months



    Love seeing them getting beat but not getting too excited yet

  18. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    I don’t see any prospect of Ross County stopping them at Ibrox.



    I think we just ensure we win at St Johnstone and expect it to remain tight for the time being…which means staying at the top of our game and not expecting too many favours from the other teams. If they drop points again soon then great but we should prepare as though its not going to happen.




  19. Siempre



    Agree with that fella. I didn’t see yesterday coming at Tynecastle either and any angst over there is a bonus. They will be without Jack and Tavernier (2 of their big players) but of course will have the madman back.



    Let’s keep winning but injuries will impact them greatly as they have no depth in their squad.

  20. We need to be alert to the fact that whenever we’ve managed to get our noses in front this season, they’ve clawed it back in the next game. 3 points in Perth on wednesday is a must for momentum.

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Agreed, momentum is key to winning any title. We just need to focus on the next game, for the remainder of the campaign. If we keep winning, then the pressure is all on them, and it looks like they don’t handle pressure very well.


    Time to suffocate any hope they have left.



  22. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    BIG WAVY on 27TH JANUARY 2020 11:04 AM



    Very true. For Hearts, amazing the difference a couple of players can make. And for Rangers 2.0, likewise, they will be without two big players, though Morelos back.



    But with Euro action restarting soon lets see how they cope, they don’t have great squad depth or any sort of youth policy.




  23. It’s probably been overlooked that Celtic won 11 games on the trot prior to the 29th of December. This was a team finding a way to grind out results as they managed their way through a busy European schedule and putting the league cup back in the trophy cabinet.



    We have a run of 10 league games, a couple cup ties and the Europa league last 32 before we play them again. I wouldn’t put it past this Celtic team to win every domestic game in that period.3 for 3 so far. 8 to go.



    St Johnstone (A) Hamilton (A) Mothewell (A) Hearts (H) Aberdeen (A) Killie (H) Livingston (A) St Mirren (H)


    Clyde (A)



    Motherwell and Livingston away should be tough.

  24. Don’t know if we need any more signings in now.To me,they would be lucky to get any playing time.Lenny seems to have gone into a mode where he has no idea what formation,team selection,he should use.Head full of tinkering,and selecting players,and substitutions that are leaving fans mystified.At 3-0 up on Saturday,many would have thought that Klymala would get a run out.Nope.Baffling.I love Lenny,and hate to criticize him,but this league is too important.Hayes in place of Taylor another mystery.I have no idea what formation he wanted them to play on Saturday,but it was a hotch potch of everything,leading to the shambles at the back.


    It’s not rocket science,Lenny.

  25. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Did anyone see the ‘offside’ goal Hearts scored? Unsurprisingly there is zero reference to it in the BBC match report or SPFL highlights. Also, did anyone see the tackles by Flanagan or Jack? I have read that they were potential reds.

  26. Hi-i suppose you all know the story of Mohammed Salim ?


    Its a movie-waiting to be made.


    Ok-back to sleep.