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  1. Today’s starting line up v Ross County …



    Barkas Ajer Jullien Bitton ElHamed Christie Brown Rogic Laxalt Ajeti Edouard



    Subs: Bain Taylor Duffy Elyounoussi McGregor Ntcham Henderson Ralston Klimala

  2. Clean sheet victory, of at least 2 goals, and I’ll be happy.



    In fact, that’ll be today’s prediction: 2-0

  3. Barkas,






    ElHamed Ajer, Jullien, Laxalt






    Bitton Brown, Christie






    , Rogic,






    Ajeti, Edouard









    Possible 4312









    Or more likely 532 but room for manoeuvre 🍀

  4. GFTB on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:04 PM


    Anybody ever seen BognorBhoy & Embramike in the same room when a live updates appears ?



    Some size of room that …Edinburgh to Bognor 😜😜

  5. The last time we played RC I seem to remember they had 3 or 4 great scoring attempts in the first half alone.



    Anyone remember what our back 4 was that day please?

  6. I like the idea of 4-3-1-2.



    We’re caught short often with three at the back but at the same time, one upfront gets too isolated. Eddie hasn’t been the same since he hasn’t had a strike partner.



    We can debate the personnel but the formation looks good if that’s what it ends up being.

  7. BognorBhoy 1.12pm



    It’s the internet you might not be in Bognor or Mike might not be in Embra :-)



    All kidding aside both of you posting mean one thing … it’s nearly kick off for the Hoops



    Mon the Cellic …






    Moan the Celtic (for some :-)

  8. What did Jimmy get red carded for ?



    I enjoyed his posts though I could he see that he maybe had a short fuse.

  9. Philbhoy



    Aye, that’s an interesting challenge!



    For the avoidance of doubt, 2-0 Celts!

  10. Guys last word on it before we get into the game.



    Big Jimmy has indeed been red carded and he is scunnered that the serial attention seeking chump “love ya tae bits” and his clique are still posting.



    He is asking for an email addy for Paul67 as he has had no correspondence from the blog administrator so he cannot respond.



    He thanks everyone for the kind words they are posting about him as he can still read but not post. So thank you all on behalf of the big fella.



    Contrary to “love ya tae bits” saying the big man is skint or referring to it and offering him cash I can confirm that Jimmy is not short of a few bob, so hollow offers from a chump to give Jimmy cash are not needed and are a sham.



    Some people are just serial attention seekers.



    As I say the big man can still read the blog and he would be grateful for an email address to the blog administrator and no chumps need reply.



    Now COYBIG






    D :)

  11. All speculation. Our midfield feels a little light in 352/532 however, intelligent inverted wing backs bolster these gaps.



    Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



    4312 we had a much different type of squad and it relies on energetic box to box mids……

  12. David66 1.24pm



    Pretty sure somebody on the last article put the email address up for Big Jimmy …



    Tell him (or if you are reading Jimmy) get your apology in to P67 and try your best not to give any troll any oxygen



    Get back on here and as JVR (formerly known as Dallas) said to me … try and not be so open as your detractors will jump on it :-)



    Am still rubbish at trying not to react as well

  13. MM – Jimmy also said he thanks everyone but does not want anyone to chuck the blog…He said in Arnie style “I’ll be back”


    Keep on keeping on.



    D :)

  14. As already said we need a right good performance and a few goals here today, nothing else will suffice.



    Now come on the Celtic



    D :)

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