Celtic v Ross County, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 14:00.

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  1. Jane Field Street on

    From Wiki



    Martin Hugh Michael O’Neill, OBE (born 1 March 1952) is a Northern Irish professional football manager and former player who played as a midfielder. He is currently in his second spell as manager of Celtic

  2. Can 8.23.


    You are correct, it wasn’t spontaneous.


    It was organised, at least from, yesterday.


    Some on Twitter who locked their accounts, were posting about it, yesterday.


    The fact we lost today, would have increased the numbers and made it appear spontaneous.

  3. Clunks @ 8:23 pm



    As I said earlier; the Pigs and Humans are becoming indistinguishable from one another.

  4. The last two defeats were to teams that can’t buy a win – the players are a disgrace but Neil has to go.

  5. “FAIRHILL BHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:24 PM


    So covid isn’t really a thing then”



    This’ll be good.



    I can almost hear the conspiracy theorists clearing their throats.

  6. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on



    No, he wasn’t forced, he was emotionally weak, or skint.

  7. This from Yogi Hughes bhoy.


    When loyal passionate believers feel cheated, betrayed, frustrated, angry and ignored, then you’ve created a tinder box and any spark can cause it to ignite.


    You can’t set the conditions and wash your hands of the consequences.


    Agree or not, this protest didn’t happen in isolation.

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Oh, so the Celtic fan has wrote another click bait article that removes him from personality cult to qualify him as a Celtic fan status.


    Can’t mak a point without abuse or a victim, threatened much ?

  9. Whether we care to admit it or not, there have been several occasions, throughout the years, when fan behaviour has been much worse, than today.

  10. onenightinlisbon on




    So the board took advantage of him?



    Just managed Hibs. Skint?

  11. JAMES FORREST @ 8:24 PM,



    Yes, all of today’s madness can be traced back to the Hampden shower room.



    Lenny’s career needed rescuing from a dire situation, Celtic needed a steady hand on the tiller.



    So although I didn’t agree with it at the time, getting Lenny in was good for the Club and good for Lenny.



    If he went in May, he could have left with dignity and pride, a treble secured, and secured in some style made him very employable again.



    Celtic needed to appoint a manager and backroom team with a modern outlook who could build on the Rodgers’ legacy. They had the money, the set up was there – the team and Celtic environment just needed to be enhanced.



    The appointment was wrong, it has been bad for Celtic and it has been bad for Lenny and the decision makers couldn’t give a hoot!!



    Hail Hail

  12. I’m still in awe of the stupidity of Lawwell and Desmond in allowing the situation to get this bad. It’s been evident for weeks now there was no improvement and Lenny couldn’t turn the ship around.



    Our problems now go much deeper than Neil or the players. We need new people in our boardroom.

  13. “….according to his cousin Nigel…..”


    That has got to be up there with according to “Owen Coyle’s Auntie in Donegal”….


    or was it his Granny?

  14. F.B. 8.40.


    It does and the behaviour, of some, was poor, at best.


    I just don’t buy into our fans are all wonderful, I’ve been beside so many rockets, throughout the years.


    They probably said that about me, too.

  15. lets all do the huddle on




    What about the supporters, who’ve fallen into line, during an eight year long tsunami of information, highlighting Celtic PLC corruption/collusion, to cover up David Murray’s corruption?







    there is something in that



    but the supporters arent earning money from it



    we are the ones spending the money to support our team as we have been doing long before these players, coaches or board members were here



    and will still be supporting the club long after they are all gone

  16. Celtic will or won’t sack Neil Lennon till tomorrow morning,when the Stock Market Opens,Neil Shoulders a lot of blame for the way the players been playing on the Park,He has came out a few times and slaughtered some players for not wanting to be at the club,in front of the media,that should have been kept in-house,also there is another player at the club with personal problems,overweight and to my mind he is another one that needs to get the bullet in January,so there are all s of problems inside Celtic Park,and to me the only thing to do is a clear out off players who really don’t want to play for Celtic ,as for the present coaches and manager it’s all over .Them young yin’s protesters outside the stadium are venting there anger at the way the club is being run,and I don’t believe they attacked the Police vans.

  17. Can’t begin to comprehend how any so called Celtic supporters could abuse Neil Lennon after what he has done for us. I agree he has to go as manager but he should be allowed to leave with dignity and the greatest respect.

  18. Big Wavy



    Not sure it is recommended parenting advice to give the kids a free hand, without guidance or example. Mind you, most of those on video are too old to be called kids, even by me.







    I am fairly sure there will be a few hunterlopers along to record events at CP, but, even if one of them started a chant of Lennnon GTF, they cannot force others to join in. The majority of people there are Celtic fans and they are chanting this- they have to own it- yes they are young men, mostly and we all di wrong things when we were young, and when we awere middle aged, and even when we were/are old. Unless, you are very young, age is not an excuse- you are still responsible for the way you conduct yourself. FWIW- They do not represent my version of Celtic but they are as entitled as I am to define how it is seen in the future. Ultras in Europe have been doing this for years to players and managers representing the teams they purport to love. It’s a growing fashion in these shores too- bet the security costs for Lennoxtown will increase npw.




    James Forrest- There is absolutely no way that a plyer, coach or Board Member should be addressing that crowd tonight. They’d be lucky to get one word out before they were batttered. If a mob like that came onto your blog, you would not be out there using rational dialogu to calm or persuade them; they did not come to be calmed. They achieved their purpose and they have left no-one in any doubt as to the views they represent- but…. demanding that somebody talk to them……Naw! If Jock Stein had seen that tonight he’d have been arrested after wading into them.



    When the inevitable happens, and Neil goes, they can pat themselves and each other on the back that they “made it happen” but they cannot demand that I appreciate what they did.

  19. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on



    Yeah, weak as well, just like the season ticket holders.

  20. Lennon CAN still leave with dignity and the greatest of respect.



    Or he can cling to it like Trump trying to dig his fingernails into the Resolute Desk.



    The board gave him his contract, the least they can do is tell him they’ll honour the terms of it and give him the chance to go with everyone’s best wishes.



    They shouldn’t make him beg for it or fight them for it … but if they do offer it and he doesn’t accept it then he’s putting what’s left of his reputation in grave peril.

  21. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Well, at least the loons in the Celtic support who think the SNP and independence is a good idea are witnessing Scoddland rejoice in our demise.



    A bunch of beds at Celtic Park is headline news.

  22. Humza Yousaf








    Utterly disgraceful scenes outside of Celtic Park from a minority of fans tonight with violence aimed towards Police. Officers have been front & centre keeping us safe during this pandemic, to treat them this way at any time is shameful, to do it during these times is a disgrace.

  23. glendalystonsils on

    Ronny Deila had the right ideas on fitness , training and professionalism but perhaps lacked the personality for the job , whereas Brendan Rodgers had both. What we need is a manager who embodies the qualities of a modern day coach . What we also need is a CEO who will not interfere in any way with the work of the coach in building a modern , professional and well focused football operation.




    I never suggested for one minute that they go out and face the mob. That would require the backbone and the respect for our fans which they haven’t shown up until now.



    What I can expect, what I hope for, is that they will realise the gig is up, that the next protest WILL be in the thousands and the one after that will involve not renewing season tickets.



    They have to get the manager into a wee room and say to him, “You know this is over, right? So here’s your money, here’s what we owe you and a cherry on top, and you have the opportunity to tell the press and the fans that you took this decision on your own.”



    All of us will respect him for it, and wish him well. If he chooses to make it harder than it has to be, then he’ll be sacked and it’ll be the last major job he has as a manager.



    The board’s on role in it cannot be ignored though, and they owe us all BIG TIME in who comes in next, and even then I think we’re entitled to hold this one against them forevermore. Because in the biggest decision they have ever had to take, they opted for the cheap appointment and a guy they could control, to the detriment of this whole club and this historic quest.



    They do not emerge from that with their reputations or legacies intact.





    That’s not them on the park playing.

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