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  1. GFTB



    I take it that you are trying to take the mickey out of people with your comments about “spoiled brats”


    The demonstration had very little to do with one defeat at home to a team with a tiny fraction of our budget, in a game where we virtually no shots on target!


    All of that might justify a demonstration on its own but you probably know fine well it was the final straw for those who have watched us lose to any half decent well organised team like Cluj, Copenhagen, the Hunsx2, Ferencvaros, Spartax2 . Imagine the reaction there would have been if fans had been in the ground this season?


    Players, management and board would have known all about their shortcomings long before now!


    I have been a ST holder since the days when Desi White was running things from above the chip shop in Bath Street and you had to pay in cash and come back 30 minutes later to get your book!


    But this board are treating the support with as much contempt as the old lot!

  2. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on

    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:40 PM


    Well, unlike you I speak for myself, and it’s NOW impossible to separate the the board from the team, when it’s YOU’RE money which goes to the the board first, before it reaches them.


    And doesn’t you’re thesis sound a bit like, “It wasn’t the club that died, it was the company” very lazy and, Old Firm-ish.

  3. MM


    It matters not what I think or believe, if folks want to be taken in by the lies, their choice, I always thought that Celtic people in the main were more educated, it seems not going by what gets posted on many of the blogs, they believe the lies, they have to.


    The truth will out, when it does it will be too late for the majority.


    Here is what I really think, or do I…..of course I do.


    They lied about Thailodimide


    They lied about Tobacco


    They lied about Asbestos


    They lied about Opioids


    They are lying about Vaccines


    They lied about Aluminium in deodorants


    They lied about Talc Hygiene products


    They lied about Hormone Replacement


    They lied about Lead in paint


    They lied about Fluoride


    They lied about Antibiotics


    They lied about Saturated Fat


    They lied about Pesticides


    They lied about Raw Milk


    They lied about GMO’S


    They lied about Natural medicine


    They are lying about climate hange


    They lied about Soy


    They lied about Artificial Sweetners


    They lied about LED Light Bulbs


    They lied about Mercury Fillings


    They lied about RF Radiation


    They lied about Glyphosate


    They are lying about Flumist


    They are lying about Statins


    They are lying about Sugar


    They are lying about Processed food


    They are lying about Antidepressants


    They are lying about Anti Psychotics


    They are lying about Chemotherapy


    They are lying about Radiotherapy…….



    Yet they are telling the truth about Covid 19, aye right

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 29th November 2020 10:30 pm





    Ps I reckon I am probably I little more well read than the outlets you think I read. You never were and never will be open to reasonable discourse on here. Any chance to post your “back of the internet, we all know best”, foolish diatribes. 






    Martim1980 on 29th November 2020 10:34 pm



    True story and well played. 



    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:40 PM





    Well, unlike you I speak for myself, and it’s NOW impossible to separate the the board from the team, when it’s YOU’RE money which goes to the the board first, before it reaches them.





    And doesn’t you’re thesis sound a bit like, “It wasn’t the club that died, it was the company” very lazy and, Old Firm-ish.



    Really coming out with some far out nonsense now,I have just spoken for myself. What is your contribution towards Celtic?

  6. Croppybhoy 10.46pm



    My spoilt brats comment was too the Green Brigade & the demonstrators today … I can assure you football means fcuk all in real life … some people are attending their work on a daily basis during this global pandemic… funnily enough me & my wife are essential workers for very little pay … my 12yr old has spent her last year at primary worried about things kids should not worry about and her first year at high school wearing a mask … so yes … these “spoilt brats” should maybe realise they (during a pandemic) are putting others at risk … for Fuchs sake … it’s not like the 90s when we won very little … do you understand “global pandemic” ???

  7. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on

    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:55 PM


    You contribute to the board FIRST, that removes YOU’RE power, along with fifty three thousand other’s.


    Please wake up.

  8. Bada



    Don’t bite … you do not have to justify being a season ticket holder to anybody






    Apologies as well … my comment was in my own head about the “demonstrators” it bugs me that any football fans think they are above the restrictions we all endure

  9. ST TAMS on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:56 PM


    Can’t say that I have read on bile on here today






    Not even a little?

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    When Neil was knocked unconscious after being attacked in a lane in the West end ……. How did we feel?



    When Neil was assaulted by two junior doctors …….. How did we feel?



    When Neil was assaulted at Tynecastle on live television ….. How did we feel?



    When two R@ngers fans – so consumed by hate – tried to murder Neil by sending him a bomb … How did we feel?



    When our players had coins, lighters, batteries thrown at them by opposing fans or bullets sent through the post …. How did we feel?



    Some alleged Celtic fans threw missiles at our boys tonight.



    And achieved what exactly?



    Moronic, indefensible behaviour.

  11. Amazed at some of the posters defending what went on outside Parkhead tonight.



    I suggest they look at the footage.

  12. GP 11.05pm



    Thankfully I haven’t saw the “pictures” as soon as I heard/read about it … scunnered … if nothing else our fans should enjoy what Celtic has given them in the recent past …



    Spoilt brats CSC

  13. please Dermot, call Neil up offer to pay out his contract,


    he has been a legend for our club, he has been through the mill for us with threats etc



    he came back in for his love of the club with two hands tied behind his back by peter lawell as Peter forced john Kennedy on hi m and he was unable to bring in top class coaches to help him



    a very frustrated bunch of fans at celtic park, they have no one to turn to, no one to be the voice of the fans



    always said paul67 should look at himself in the mirror and ses now what his loyalty to peter lawell is doing to a legend in Neil , shameful PAUL

  14. Back to Basics 11.04pm



    Yet again



    Spot on …



    I have held my wheest for a while but as some scroll by some posters you in my opinion are a “must” read … keep at it

  15. You know it will be …



    Front page





    Back page





    Why do we shot ourselves in the foot…

  16. For years we have been complaining about the vile abuse directed at Neil Lennon…


    So, who will be the first on here to say he brings it on himself?


    Have a good look at yourselves!

  17. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on

    SYDNEYTIM on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:12 PM


    Who would replace Neil Lennon? Only asking. ✌

  18. ST 11.12pm



    Am gutted …



    Cant even disagree with that post, I usually look forward to disagreeing with you …



    gutted I can’t :-)

  19. The multi-moniker “turns” who urgently eye-katchingly needed to agitate for change while success mounted for the Tims were always one for the watchin’………………


    The so-called terracin’ die-hard who ne’er missed a chance to pour scorn over our Club fell silent while we gubbed him , his real team and our enemies. Weakness has revived this malignant Karbunkle……….his ugly vitriol a hun calling kard of the most sleeKit…………….



    We are more than the sum of our parts.




  20. GFTB,



    Our ” players” , manager, club custodians, and staff fearing for their safety from Celtic ” supporters “.



    I never thought I would ever see that.




  21. GFTB



    My wife and me are both public sector workers in schools where up to 2000 people are allowed by this government every day with no social distancing, so a a few dozen people in the environs of Celtic Park out in the open doesn’t overly concern me! Many of whom were also wearing masks!


    I take your point about football not being as important as other things but I also understand the frustrations that have been building up among the support who can seen the season evaporate before them while the board sit on their hands !


    Don’t get me wrong personal abuse it not acceptable but this is a results driven business and our recent results warrant the manager being sacked and people should be allowed to express that!


    From what I have seen it’s a few guys shaking a rather rickety temporary fence which goes down as easily as our defenders and some guys shouting at some speeding cars!


    I was expecting something more like Beirut at the height of the civil war from the statement from the board.


    If they think that’s bad, they better hope the SG don’t allow anyone back in the ground until the season’s finished cos believe me they ain’t seen nothing yet as BTO used to sing!

  22. The behaviour outside the stadium has been weird. The othering of NL is disturbing. It bothers me seeing Celtic fans so entitled and so wedded to the establishment it does its bidding.

  23. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on

    GREENPINATA on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:18 PM


    The board of Celtic have sown the seeds of deceit.


    Changing the terms, and conditions of season books, after selling them.


    That doesn’t bode well.

  24. GP 11.18pm



    Am disgusted with our fans today .. hence my “spoilt brats” comment … my good lady is a Rangers fan and she said “I have never seen you so disappointed” … we met when Scott MacDonald scored two for Motherwell… the players have let Neil down, they have chucked it … anyway hope to get a beer with you in McChuils in 2021… either celebrating the 10 or enjoying the 9 :-)

  25. In ither news……………….



    Shorties as bad as the phoney, fake Terracin’ Kurmudgeon with the hunned-up sleekit sKript.

  26. No Jungle No Rebellion No Soul on

    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:24 PM


    NO JUNGLE NO REBELLION NO SOUL- I’ll ask you again, what is your contribution towards Celtic?



    Are now going to assume, powers of judgement?



    Judge, and you shall be judged.