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    Still don’t think we played badly; but you rightly point out that our strategy played right into their hands/setup.


    I don’t think we were particularly shambolic either; particularly inept at creating take-able chances but that’s been our problem for way too long, esp v two x rows of 5.


    Agree the midfield is like Argyle St on sales day. Despite Broony having a very good run, everybody keeps channeling the ball to him in the ‘hub’, yet he’s not a particularly incisive or imaginative passer so he creates few chances for fwds to score and recycles with crab-like passes.


    Clearly we interpret the game differently, but I’m not at the end of the spectrum that says everything’s utter pish cos, on another day, mibby w another formation, these same players could still do the bizo for us. HH

  2. was never a fan of gordon Strachan in his last year, his away record was shocking



    BUT!!! defending 101 he could do


    he knew what a right back is and we haven’t had one since Lustig left



    he knew what a left back was , we were blessed that Kieran could defend as left back and attack, but no one roll was to defend, we apart from Taylor have not anyone to dfend that left back position



    you play with no left back and no right back and we ship over 20 goals in last ten games MMMM defending 101 and Neil has not got a clue what is going wrong, but one of the reasons is ;lack of a left back aligned to lack of a right back



    Defending 101

  3. The fan(ny)s gathering hun like at Celtic Park moon howling at a club legend are a low point of my whole Celtic supporting life. How low can we go if we mimic the zombies. Hope they are proud to have thrown a man who bleeds green to the gutter press and hun hordes, they will be loving it, what a gift you have given them. Utter embarrassments from entitled brats. They have shamed us far more than the team has. Sad day. Very sad day.




    having just watched i agree with your sentiments



    However blame must be attached to Peter lawell, its his responsibility to ensure we have a top class football department supporting the legend that it Neil Lennon in every aspect.



    we have a very poor low experienced football department , selected by Peter lawell , which has put such a legend under pressure , Neil has had zero support



    Desmond should be on the phone to Neil to offer him full payout of his contract


    i do hope the mutual consenting legal conversation/termination will happen on Monday morning Scottish time



    Then when that is finished , i do hope Desmond has a a conversion with Britain’s highest CEO and asks him how he could have allowed a legend to have zero support and i hope that the legal team will be busy the next day on another mutually agreed termination





    Assimilated tims are what they are, no better than Sevco scum.

  6. Good morning all from a dark, cold and wet Garngad pretty normal for this time of year.


    What is not normal is the debacle that is unfolding before our eyes inside Celtic park. Think about it we were winning everything and beating everyone insight and now we could not beat RC in a betfred cup game at Paradise. Again we do not have the divine right to win any match but by god we reserve the right for our players and management to go down fighting.



    Usual pish of 70odd% possession and lenny says we dominated….great but we are bereft of ideas and the domination of the ball is 18 yards from our own feckin goal line, so the stat of possession is flawed.


    We had 4 shots on target to their 6.. 4 fuckin shots. Please try shooting instead of walking the ball into the net past a congested defence where sometimes there can be 18- 20 players parked along or inside their box.


    We will never pass through that.



    Regarding young guys venting outside the park it’s no big deal they are mostly young guys feeling frustrated and would normally vent their frustration inside the park during a game with 60k supporters. Are the players and management now not wanting fans inside Celtic park so as they dont get criticised??


    Awe the wee souls.






    Free the Jimmy1



    D :)

  7. Paul suggested things would get worse.



    I hope this is as bad as things get. I really, really do!



    Quite bizarre to see a COVID conspiracy theory being discussed in amongst it all.



    2020 is certainly trying us all.

  8. SFTB, morning! FUI ! Kevj or nobody sent me anywhere! I went of my own free will , and had a good day ! Hope you’re enjoying yourself in retirement



    MARTIM1980 on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:26 PM



    I have long advocated that if you want to post anything on social Media you must first register declaring your NI number – i have no doubt if comments are traceable to the author debate would be more constructive.






    I’d be against that for a number of reasons but the main one is that sometimes people aren’t always anonymous for sinister reasons.



    I spent twelve years in Thailand where criticism of the monarchy (and by extension, sometimes the government) can be punishable by fifteen years in jail. The only way people can openly discuss and criticise would be through remaining anonymous for their own safety.



    I appreciate that we don’t have that kind of problem here and there’s also a massive problem with people being anonymous but I also believe people have a right to their own privacy too.

  10. GEEBEE1978 on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:49 AM




    Well known to antifa, leave it be.

  11. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    For what it”s worth, here is what I wish for:



    DD to get on the phone to Martin O’Neill and tell him to come back pronto.


    Tell him that he is needed badly to save our club (even if only until the end of this season)


    Tell him that if successful, he can have any job he likes ~ DOF?


    Tell him that he can bring anyone he likes (Roy Keane?)


    Tell him not to worry about PL because he will be gone.



    Wishful thinking I know, but one can dream!

  12. GEEBEE1978 on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:49 AM



    Cant see that happening but there has been posters putting stuff on here about NL they would ve as well at Celtic Park ladt night.



    Disgusting language used at times by ‘True Cellic supporters’.




  13. I’m torn on the idea of O’Neill. Heart says yes simply due to what he did first time around. Head says no due to what he’s done (or hasn’t done since).



    If our current crop of primadonnas think Lennon’s methods are dated I’m not sure what they’d make of Martin O’Neill.



    Good article here about how he struggled to get the respect of players from day one. This season has been bad enough….I don’t want it to end with TWO legends being hounded out by sections of our “faithful” support.




  14. Up until yesterday i thought both Neil and Lawwell, win or lose the Ten, would stay until the end of the season. Win and their legacy is there for all to see. Lose and a “big time” manager gets appointed as the Board would be panicking at the massive slump in SB uptake.



    Now I think Neil will be off this week after securing his financial entitlement and i think a stop gap will be appointed to see us through to the end of the season. Win the Ten “and the job is yours”. Lose and he is thanked for his efforts and the big name is appointed. Its all about selling SBs for next season. Lawwell will also go at the end of the season.



    Time will tell.

  15. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    HENRY JOY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:44 AM



    …..and I can assure you that I don’t believe a word that you post





    Going forward the foot has been put down on anyone that has represented the artificial statelet representing Celtic Football Club in any meaningful way. Don’t take my word for it, just wait and see.

  17. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    HENRY JOY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:25 AM



    Don’t worry, I will never take your word for it.

  18. The morning after the day before and the thin that’s most striking for me is that none of the events of the last 24 hours actually surprised me.






    HH jg

  19. Jamesgang,



    Not to worry fella. It’s away to top of the table AC Milan up next.



    What possibly could go wrong :(






    Have we hit the bottom yet?




  20. I have only seen the clips and read the CQN piece re Christie having his interview curtailed so the real story might be different.


    Based on the above, though, I would say the performance of those supporters was much worse than any by our team or by our Manager.( Had they vent their anger against the Board alone I would probably be more inclined to be on their side.)


    Their behaviout lessens my attachment to Celtic.

  21. Jamesgang


    Good Morning! It’s not the untenable that worries me, more the tena feeling that seems overpowering atm. Take care in Londinium, hope you get home soon.







    Celtic Football Club are never going to trust anyone that has represented the artificial statelet of N.Ireland ever again. Not before time.