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  1. We are in some state — what a shambles.



    First point — DD / PL = never play with people’s emotions / it never ends well.



    Second Point — PL = The Range Rover convoy is never a good look as the speed away from the plebs.



    Third Point — Nats = Scotland is not a very sophisticated or mature society / It has regressed horribly over the past 13 years and we were not that great then.



    Fourth Point — GB = The original cadre of 2009 / the St Al’s sixth form brigade will now be doing nicely in their search for a satisfying career / middle class lifestyle. However you opened the door so you need to own what is running through it now.



    Fifth Point — NL = Time to go / Appreciate your desire for a contractual settlement but enough is enough.



    Sixth Point — the squad = You have made your point now back to work. Please note that we have a bloated squad with a lot of un-engaged talent and six months in the stand will not set you up for Euro 20/21. Consequently get your erses into gear and less of the games. How much is in the sweepstake to give away a penalty on Thursday?

  2. MADMITCH on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:56 AM




    A commanding gk that takes no nonsense would shed a new light on yer thesis. Worth his weight in gold. See what happens when you take him out?

  3. ” Where once you have been you can go back again you can go anytime you can go anytime


    Because it’s only in your mind “

  4. it’s difficult to be optimistic about the future of our club.


    we have to be realistic.


    here come the tarpaulin years.

  5. Gene



    And of course, any attempt to broach these subjects outwith the environs of Celtic-land will now be ridiculed as sour grapes from scared Tims.



    Our time to address this issues has now passed in my humble and sorry opinion.



    Only place left to win our fights is on the pitch. And Lord knows, we’ve seen little evidence of any fight in how we’ve played this season.



    HH jg

  6. Paul Larkin.



    Let’s investigate these events fully. As well as banking £9m for a manager and hiring a cheap replacement , selling off The Invincibles, Res 11/12 and the fact you did absolutely nothing about the club being cheated for two decades. We will all put the kettle on and wait 👍🏻 https://twitter.com/celticfc/status/1333160566031048706



    I wish @CelticFC worked as hard on our football club as they do informing their lackeys of their narrative and trying their best to dehumanise anyone with a different opinion to them.



    Lawwell spent last night briefing his lackeys to dehumanise people. This is at a time when the support is hurting badly. That’s what he cares about, his ego, his image and his control. No one and I mean no one at the club ever stands up to him or his antics hence getting to



    the point where he briefs his pet journos and sycophant ex players rather than trying to fix this mess and no one saying to him in the club “WTF are you thinking?” I’m like every other Tim, hurt and angry. This shambles has been on the cards for 18 months. The minute NL got the



    job I knew that meant us regressing back to Lawwell controlling everything. Something he couldn’t handle not having under Rodgers. You may have different opinions, yours are as important as mine, but right now is not the time to condemn your fellow fan, play to a narrative



    put out on the phone last night by one man or wallow in previous success. This is about the here and now and what you want Celtic to be. Trophies come and go, as do players. I’ve seen success and I’ve seen failure. On the park I can handle. What I can’t handle is being pissed on



    and told it’s raining. Celtic, good and bad, has been the one constant my life. Right now, it’s unrecognisable to me because it’s the play thing of a few rich folk and some careerists. This all has to end. Now I need a f***ing lie doon. ☘️



    Last thing I’ll say. It’s my nature to debate, argue and agitate. I’ve no interest in that today with fellow supporters because whether we agree or disagree, none of us are to blame for this clusterf**k Celtic folk are hurting and playing tennis matches on here won’t help that.

  7. My friends in Celtic,



    In the cold light of morning my disgust at our capitulation on the park has turned to anger at the embarrassing scenes off the park.



    ” We are all Neil Lennon ” ” You’ll never walk alone ”



    How shallow and hollow are these phrases now.



    What Neil Lennon has endured for the Celtic cause to be then publicly humiliated like that.



    An outrageous attack at Tynecastle was roundly condemned by all reasonable people and yet he is subsequently put in fear of his own safety by those who would profess to be ” faithful through and through “.



    We will recover from insipid performances on the park, but events off it will not be so easily healed.




  8. Not condoning those fans last night, but it was inevitable, as PL allowed this to drag on so long. NL would have been long gone if fans had been at games.



    Statement was pure deflection from their failings and events last night played into their hands.

  9. Warning! Political post so feel free to scroll by :-)



    MADMITCH on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:56 AM



    ‘Third Point — Nats = Scotland is not a very sophisticated or mature society / It has regressed horribly over the past 13 years and we were not that great then.’



    This is the choice. To be forever ruled by extreme right wing Tories (essentially the BNP) with (at best) the occasional neo liberal New Labour government thrown in. The destruction of Corbyn shows that no genuinely decent human being be in charge of the Labour party never mind the uk gov ever again.



    Brexit will lead to between 1-3 times the economic damage of covid so there is no longer an economic argument against independence. Over and above that, the simple fact that millions of people in England voted for it means that there is no limit to their stupidity – England is just one small step away from a Putin style ‘democracy’. God knows it won’t be perfect but an indie Scotland with a future in the EU is a far more hopeful bet than that

  10. SUTTON1888 on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:01 AM



    It is really important on all Celtic forums that we totally condemn the unsavoury scenes at Parkhead last night.


    Imagine Neil Lennon having to listen to these chants.



    To remain silent is to condone.




  11. Did anyone see missiles being thrown?



    Fences being thrown?



    Policemen being injured?



    Mibbe those people who were arrested can answer the questions.



    Oh, sorry, there were no arrests.



    Mibbe it wasn’t the full scale riot that was reported by our friends in the mssm.



    I do not in anyway condone the chants by anyone towards our manager.



    ‘Throwing missiles at Celtic staff?’






    Is there any video evidence of this?

  13. Ah well … may as well head into the office and see all the Huns smiling ..



    It’s going to be a long few weeks until January the 1st when hopefully we go to Southampton and bring back El Gran Murella …. nothing against Barkas but we need the big man back pronto … surely the Southampton bench isn’t that comfortable





    Not paying an extra £500k for John Mcginn cost us millions





    Peter Lawwell told the 2018 AGM



    “John McGinn did not want to come to Celtic”



    Nothing about unable to agree terms with Hibs or the player. Simply stated the above.

  15. Philbhoy,



    There are very few arrests at any confrontation nowadays. It’s all done by camera and future dawn raids.



    Incidentally it’s very noticeable that Humza Yusuf immediately condemned Celtic supporters for “disgraceful ” acts.


    This is manna from heaven for a justice secretary tryng to get a controversial hate bill through.



    HH to you.

  16. Forget McGinn…



    Signing Soro, Klimala, Shved, Duff, Bolingoli, Taylor….etc has cost us more.

  17. GEEBEE1978


    …………………..and Turnbull…….and Bayo……………and………..



    Och, away for a fry up.

  18. You can add








    Feel free to add more waste of money signings.



    I’m sure there’s plenty if we go back a few years

  19. I’ve said for a while on here about our supporters being more concerned about what is happening or not over at Ibrox,I think one big problem is this 10 in a row,it’s a albatross round our necks,also quite a few players don’t really understand what the 10 actually means,Don’t get me wrong it would be good if the 10 could be done,seems we are getting obsessed by it ,it’s a pity we couldn’t put it to bed, As for Neil Lennon really needs to look at himself ,surely he must know that it’s over .

  20. glendalystonsils on

    I was nowhere near Celtic Park last night , I’m quite happy to sit and nurse my anger at home . However , none of the footage I have watched shows missiles being thrown . As for throwing these sections of fencing , I saw a few being pushed over , but I take my hat off to anyone who could pick one up and throw it .


    That’s not to say I condone the abuse and intimidation of anyone but if I can sit at home and kick a chair after that fiasco yesterday , I can understand someone with a shorter fuse going a bit further.

  21. Time for a change








    Before Philbhoy’s cholesterol levels hit the roof with those fry-ups :)



    or does he deserve ‘batter’?




  22. FRANKTERRY on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:10 AM




    ‘extreme right wing Tories (essentially the BNP)’






    That’s nonsense. There’s a huge difference between the current Westminster government and the BNP. Probably even greater than the difference between the Holyrood government and Arthur Donaldson, though it’s worth mentioning that Sturgeon did give a lecture in his honour.








    ‘ To be forever ruled’






    Nothing is for ever (except herpes, but that’s a different topic).






    ‘The destruction of Corbyn shows……’



    No it doesn’t. It shows that challenging vested interests is difficult and not for the faint hearted. The SNP of course played their in defeating Corbyn part by supporting the Tories to shorten the term of the last Parliament. Not because it benefitted the people of Scotland, but because it benefitted them. Just like they brought down the Callaghan government and laid the way for Thatcher. Bad for the Scottish people, good for the SNP.








    ‘God knows it won’t be perfect but an indie Scotland with a future in the EU is a far more hopeful bet than that’



    How’s that going to work? Scotland’s main export market is England. If an independent Scotland is in the EU, there would be a hard border at Gretna and trade tariffs on exports to England.



    At the last referendum the SNP told us there would be no economic downsides to independence. They’ve now conceded, pre covid, that there would be a decade of austerity. If they’re admitting to a decade, pre covid, what would the reality actually be?

  23. £Millions wasted on projects and squad players.



    This goes deeper than just pointing the finger at the manager.



    I had a still photo, sent to me last night ,of a guy with a section of barrier above his head ready to launch it at the police cordon.



    He doesn’t appear to be wearing a mask so his arrest will probably happen at 6am some morning this week.



    The Onlooker

  25. And for any gloating huns on here.



    I remember when your mob invaded your own POTY awards at the Hilton shouting abuse at all and sundry.

  26. GREENPINATA on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:14 AM


    SUTTON1888 on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:01 AM







    It is really important on all Celtic forums that we totally condemn the unsavoury scenes at Parkhead last night.







    I would condemn the chants directed at Neil Lennon. But responsibility for things getting to this stage rests with the Club’s absentee owner and his side kick.

  27. MORAVCIK on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:34 AM



    Agreed. Rodgers’ comments on the Shved signing made it clear that no half-decent manager worth his salt could work happily under this structure.

  28. Well that was a right bad day all round . Even way off form we should be able to take care of Ross county . And I don’t mean to demean them they are a smashing wee club . In my opinion I feel it’s time to relieve Neil of his duties , he has lost it completely . But whoever has the job of sourcing a new boss do the job correctly . We pushed the boat out for one of the best in BR . So surely that’s achievable again , a top man with a domestic and European pedigree . But this time no interference from boardroom people whose job it is to solely finance the managements wants . At this moment we are as low as we have been for many a year , but all is not lost we need new ideas and we need a clear out of some of our squad , we have players playing who are just going through the motions , they don’t have the club in there heart , a team of players as soft as I’ve seen in my days watching celtic . But to get the right calibre in , first we need to upgrade our scouting ,


    we haven’t half had some Bad buys . the scouser bought 5 players all over 6ft 4 “ wee brought in wee Taylor at left back 5ft 7” , after selling our best for 25 million we spend nearly 3million on his replacement . We lost lustig at 6 ft 2” And replaced him with wee frimpong at right back . We


    could and should have had McGinn who has the attributes we require , after losing armstrong but interference stopped that . Dembele another huge money sale to be replaced by mediocrity, I know we can’t replace like for like ,but better quality we can demand . This has been coming for a few years now , steadily downgrading , we need new players brought in , players who will give there all ,who will roll up there sleeves and battle for the club . At present we have a team of uninterested softies . My main concern is our absent landlord , after his spouting in praise of our rivals , is he getting what he wants , if he is that may explain Paul’s it will get worse comment . HH