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  1. Any top coach will now want loads of extras to take over, in writing, and a get out of jail free card as well, por cierto.

  2. “Some of the club’s pet hacks are “speculating” this morning that the scenes outside might have only hardened positions inside Celtic Park, and given the board even more determination to stand by their man; I would hate to think our club was being run on such a moronic basis that those inside it would leave a failing employee in his post to spite the customers.



    No reputable CEO would do a thing like that, surely?



    But then, no reputable CEO would collect CV’s for a major managerial role in a company and then boast, after making a third-rate appointment, about how he never bothered to read a single one of them.”




  3. GEEBEE1978 on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:41 AM


    MORAVCIK on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:34 AM


    Agreed. Rodgers’ comments on the Shved signing made it clear that no half-decent manager worth his salt could work happily under this structure.




    What I don’t get in all of these signings by the de facto Director of Football (Lawwell) what possible reason would there be for doing them?


    1. Player A costs X amount plus signing on fee, agent costs, salary etc.


    2. Manager doesn’t want/has no knowledge of Player A and either never plays him or plays him for 10-15 minutes very occasionally.


    3. Player A gets sent out on loan and then after a while if successful he signs on full time for the other club for at best break even or at worst for a loss


    4. What does Celtic and/or Lawwell business get out of these?



    I’m genuinely mystified as there are lots of these types of signings, all clubs do it in case they mine a diamond but if it is true (there’s a least some truth in the rumours) Celtic don’t seem to do very well out of them which in turn burns through a lot of cash for very little or nothing in return but a mightily p*&%+= off manager(s). For a club who have been accused from time immemorial of being penny pinching why spend so much on some many projects? I just don’t get it.

  4. SUTTON1888 on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:01 AM


    Paul Larkin.





    Sutton1888 – Great post, great read from Paul Larkin its straight to the point



    D :)

  5. James,



    Even the dogs in the street can spot how the board have jumped on a bandwagon from last night to change and control the narrative. They will allow it to dominate and many (including many on here keen to deflect) will happily go along with it and give it ongoing oxygen.



    Whilst unpleasant at close quarters (and that’s what social media does), half expecting this morning to wake up with a stadium burnt to the ground and half the squad to be buried under car park rubble.



    Squirrels csc

  6. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Re: yesterdays game.



    The 3 centre backs protected by Brown yesterday was so unnecessary, particularly against County’s 1 forward in Stewart. Hoping to keep a clean sheet to build on I would imagine.



    And why did NL complain so much about Christie playing 3 times for Scotland couple weeks ago, only to then play a 35 year old Scott Brown 3 times in 8 days?



    All irrelevant now as those games have gone. However the collateral damage to our EL/LC campaign and ultimately NL’s position has been done. Yes there are problems off the pitch. Celtic have been poorly managed off the field this past decade at CEO & board level by a select few who have profited handsomely in maintaining control while strangling club potential. Most immediately however, the tactical ineptness on the field this season has been shocking.



    Ultimately, this all leads to PL/DD. Celtic will never truly fulfil their potential with these 2 running things. The treble/treble does not equate to full potential. Sadly I & many others have been short-sighted this past decade. Crisis also brings reflection and our club is nowhere near the sporting heights it should be.

  7. MADMITCH @ 11:34 AM,



    While I accept in the PL and BR battle none were saints and none were without blame and none came out of it looking very good.



    The fact is the majority of any “blame” must sit with PL for multiple reasons that we have done to death.



    Yet due to the PLC’s PR spin and the dark arts – BR got a personality assissination and most of the blame.



    Now, BR did leave mid-season and he apologised for that – ever seen a PL mea culpa?



    Yet one thing seems set in stone from that era, that for me is just not right. It’s that from the summer of 2018 BR was “working his ticket”.



    Yet consider this – BR never denied he had been offered other jobs while he was at Celtic, the opposite in fact.



    DD is on record as saying it was BR that told him he’d had an “very lucrative” approach from China.



    That BR had got a new contract from Celtic, which made him the highest earning Celtic employee ever.



    Ok so far?



    Now consider this, in that contract BR signed up to an eye watering release clause, if any Club wanted to prise BR and his team from Celtic they would have to pay a King’s ransome.



    If you were working your ticket why would you sign up to such a clause? You wouldn’t would you?



    Also, when BR left, Celtic said nothing of the compensation, in fact they said nothing until a couple of weeks later when they announced it to the stock exchange… naughty, naughty, very naughty.



    Now it was The Telegraph in England that exposed the compensation deal, BR & Co no doubt on a NDA.



    So then why would BR sign up to such a high compensation deal if he’s working his ticket and why did Celtic PLC want to keep the deal quiet?



    Hail Hail

  8. HOT SMOKED on 30TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:46 AM


    No evidence of missile throwing but certainly a rather ugly sistuation:
















    That imagery sums up all that’s wrong at Celtic.



    Plebs behind a fence, a police cordon, and a cavalcade of millionaires driving off into the night in their plush luxury cars.



    Wonder what that statue would say if it could talk.

  9. The problem with getting a temporary manager in is that the players who are staying on next season know that they will have a fresh pair of eyes judging them so don’t really need to buck up their ideas.



    Did some of the hun players not say when Smith announced he was leaving at the end of the season some of their minds lost focus on the prize?



    The problem with players who aren’t going to be here next season is obviously an issue for the same reason, but hopefully the new manager will be able to encourage them to improve to get the move they want.

  10. Jimtim,


    I agree with some of your player transfers,but not all.Wee Greg Taylor.Remind me,how tall is Andy Robertson.Replaced Dembele with a dud.Do you mean Edouard’s.MecGinn,was never coming.About time this sunk in.We replaced Lustig with Elhamed.Lenny’s choice to play Jeremy.We replaced Jozo with Jullien.We replaced Armstrong with Ntcham.Others on about Forster.He did not want to stay,again,about time this sunk in.We replaced him with a 30 odd cap,top rated Greek keeper,who’s only crime so far is he is playing with a shambles in front of him,and he is not Forster.

  11. A lot of talk about needing a goalkeeper, maybe, but I reckon if we played two keepers behind that defence we’d still be humped, not all the keepers fault for sure.





    There are too many untold truths/secrets in our fantastic club. The main one I saw was when Lenny lost it after the game of shame. Why was he never allowed to tell us, the supporters, what McCoist said to him that so upset him???? Yet history will show Lenny losing it and how he was the bad guy.


    Sorry, this stinks big time to me.