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  1. A team utterly bereft of confidence .The worst double act up front since Mike and Bernie Winters. two wingbacks who cant cross. A captain towing a milkfloat.



    We are in serious trouble.

  2. Arguably this is a better performance. There’s a bit of fight and urgency to win the ball back when we lose it.



    BUT it is way too easy to hit it behind our wing backs or whatever they are supposed to be and get us turned. Easy solved if you know how. But we don’t.

  3. How does ajeti not score??….. The bench doesn’t look great to me… Moi and mcgregor… But no width… Where is Frimpong today?

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Can some footballing genius explain to me how a tackle from behind on Juliene turns into a penalty against him?

  5. I think it’s fair to say that no crowds is keeping Neil Lennon in a job. Could you imagine the reaction at half time? That’s if he’d survived the reaction against Prague (first time around).

  6. Lennon now 45 minutes from the sack.



    And you know what? It’s awful because if you take that first half in isolation there is no way a manager deserves to lose his job on the back of a game where we’ve had no luck whatsoever and an official who can’t wait to give every bad decision.



    But of course, this is NOT a match in isolation and it can’t be viewed as one. Instead it’s a line on a graph going steadily, but inexorably, downward.



    It will be the worst luck in the world. It’s one of those games at full time that we could all be going “How the HELL did we lose THAT?”



    None of that will save him. Nor should it.

  7. Maybe we’ll bounce back in the next game.



    Maybe we’ll bounce back in the next game.



    Maybe we’ll bounce back in the next game.


  8. onenightinlisbon on



    Lennon now 45 minutes from the sack.



    Doubt that very much.

  9. Couldn’t log into Premier Sports. Decided to watch the Grand Prix which promptly red flagged after a horrific crash. Luckily Roman Grosjean survived a virtually un survivable accident.



    If we don’t turn this around today there is no way Neil Lennon can survive a defeat today.



    Unless the board want a virtual riot outside Celtic Park later.

  10. I don’t think this team can get us out of this with a win today. There is a sense of desperation about the place. We need some calm heads and authority out there. It starts in the middle of the park where we are just not good enough. Maybe this is what Paul67 foresaw. Hope not

  11. So team with 3 centre-halves, a uncreative, defensive midfielder and 2 wingers with no creativity can’t break down a low block team who happily sit in and defend the box?



    Never looked a penalty but the way the left back took out about 4 players was again a bunch of players all running aimlessly with little structure. Good cross, soft penalty.



    Lovely moment of skill from Tam to set up Ajeti who was very unlucky.




  12. We are staring 2 wins in 10 in the face here. Fall today and we have to seriously contemplate we might not even make second in the league. Can just imagine the crowd reaction to this pitiful fare.

  13. Couple of instances there,the pen and the keeper fouling Adjeti.


    Would we have got that pen. Dont think.so, any opportunity,just like Hibs.

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    ROBINBHOY on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:59 PM



    Unless the board want a virtual riot outside Celtic Park later.



    From virtual fans…

  15. Never a penalty but yet again, we’ve hardly created a chance. Four years of being undefeated in all cup matches in jeopardy at home to Ross County!!

  16. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    It’s going to get worse right enough.



    Thank God we’re not playing a top team like Ferencvaros.



    Keep the faith. Yada, yada.

  17. we have regressed so much. it is so sad. all we needed was a bit of tweaking after rogers but…


    I was so hoping lenny was going to do it for us but it’s not happening. he is a great guy, met him once, celtic legend who took a lot of sh*t to play for us but it’s not working. he looks to have lost his passion and the side has no shape and is tactically naive.


    after more than 50 years of loving celtic this is the worse we have looked considering the players we have..I am scunnered

  18. JAMES FORREST on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:57 PM



    What’s the chance we get an equalizer, pinch a late winner, Lennon says we were a bit “passive” in the first half but were excellent the last twenty minutes? Some will come on and say “it’s the result that matters. Keep the Faith….blah blah blah” and Lennon survives until the real horror that’s yet to come – probably at Ibrox?

  19. Soft penalty.


    But the way in which our right flank disappeared in the run up and the abject failure of our central defenders to mark the only County player in the box.



    Aside from one delish touch by Rogic, we’ve created virtually nothing against a well drilled of players of you’ve largely never heard of. Well drilled journeymen winning 1-0.



    HH jg



    HH jg

  20. Philbhoy on 29th November 2020 2:52 pm



    Pick your target, squirrels or the wee mouse.



    In other news front page of The Herald today may have a quote from a lady very close to me today that actually fits in well with this game. It’s about schools though, not fitba.

  21. we’ve played great football in spells in the last couple of games according to NL – so why doesn’t he play the same team?

  22. There’s no place like home …


    There’s no place like home …


    There’s no place like home …

  23. Just a personal view but after the treble treble, these cups are meaningless.



    The league is all that matters this year.

  24. We can afford, as punters, to carp about the penalty and about the bad luck in the Ajeti chance catching too much off the post. But the players cannot afford to think that way. I see effort in abundance from the team but they need to be brave and keep trying a bit of guile. In Edouard, Rogic and Christie, we have players with a bit of magic in them- they have to keep going.



    I am surprised at the focus on here on Neil and his job. This is about celtic progressing in the LC and winning a game to halt a bad run.



    The result does not save Neil’s job and it barely reduces the threat to it.



    This is just about our club getting out of a rut. I have confidence we can do this – no panic measures needed- just guile and cool heads.



    P.S. I think it is a penalty, just because he catches the player before the ball. What is less explicable is the absence of a card for the clear goal scoring cchance that Chrisite has when he is halved by Morris. If the pen is technically a pen, then the Morris challenge is technically a Red Card.

  25. They have 1 upfront.


    We do not need 5 against him.


    6 if you count Broony coming back to pick the ball up.


    More attacking midfielders please.


    Laxalt left wing and get bodies in the area.


    Shoot on sight and follow up.


    C’mon the Celits.

  26. Every player takes too many touches. Sign of lack of confidence – certainty, common purpose clarity of instruction – whatever you want to call it. We pass to slowly until we are too far up the park and over committed and vulnerable to a counter attack. A absolute horror movie every game just now.

  27. We have no wingers what a nonsense for a Celtic team. Manager and coaching staff out in the morning .


    Hail Hail.

  28. PETETHEBEAT on 29TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:03 PM



    Don’t dismiss the cups. The way things are going, they might be our only chance of silverware…