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  1. Well done Celtic and Neil Lennon last night.


    Not the most ” Spell Binding ” performance…maybe we are saving that for Ipox ?


    Mikey Johnston has looked right in the mood in the last two games as a Sub……..if he continues to show up well in the next Two games…let him loose against that Ugly Hun defence at Ipox…from the start.



  2. Big Jimmy – I got it working after 5 hours fecking about with it, kept it on all night. i just said to wee Shaz what time are they coming back at to look at this “Oh I cancelled it” she says, AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH.



    Scared to turn the fecker aff now. Thats the Boiler no the Mrs – nae jokes at the back their please.



    Anyway how are things with you and wee Rocky.



    D :)

  3. DAVID66…


    The Rocky Bhoy and myself are okay Mate, Thanks for asking.


    The wee Bhoy looks happy enough and I still give him his Two jags of Insulin each day. For many years Christmas hasnt been too great and Ive tended to have a Christmas By Pass, with No family, so No presents to buy etc…but at least the Pubs were Open.


    Obviously this year is so different with the Pubs being shut, and I also dislike New Year..as it means little or nothing to me…but again the Pubs were Open, so I could go out every couple of days and Drink Beer and meet Folk.


    Im NOT complaining TOO Much, as my health is good enough to keep me OUT of any hospital, which is the main issue ( and Rocky Bhoys health also)….and at least I have HIM for company, along with Celtic, TV, My Computer and my Playstation 2.


    So I am luckier than a lot of people.


    Again, I was going to go to Slaters the last few Days and maybe buy at least one new suit, and Leather Jacket and another pair of decent shoes etc, but each Day I think…” Whats the Point, as theres NOWHERE to go to etc ” ?


    I will just wait until after New Year and hopefully Slaters and other stores will be re opened again in the next couple of weeks ?


    Ive also got the Horse racing starting again on Boxing Day, and as you know I enjoy have a few Bets ONLINE, especially with my favourite Jump Trainer ” Nicky Henderson”, who has supplied many winners especailly at this time of year and into the new Year.



    If you have any more problems with your Boiler, you and the family are welcome to come here and use my shower etc….but you will need to bring yer ain water !




    HH Mate…hopefully you and the family will have a great Christmas despite the Covid crap going on.

  4. Big Jimmy keep the chin up and that’s good about you and the wee fellas health.



    Dont you be spending to much spondulics on new togs as me, you and a few ole Bhoys on here are gonna have a quadruple and 65th shindig to remember when it’s safe to do so.



    Never mind Jobo’s fantastic competition we will have a last man standing competition and after seeing the way you swally your 4/5 favourite.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ»



    Hail Hail big mhan.



    D :)

  5. BRRB – If you are lurking get on here J as you will be going to the shindig anaw, you are second favourite at evens.



    Hope you are well J.



    D :)

  6. Not wishing to decry the boys performance last night,I thought he had a very decent game,but to say Turnbull was MOTM,when Soro turned in an almost flawless performance,is pushing it a bit far.I have a fear that far too many are already elevating the boy to levels that he will find very hard to adhere to.We have seen it all before.After 2 games Laxsalt was the greatest,had to be signed permanent.Turnbull has a massive future ahead of him,dont weigh him down too much after 3 games.

  7. I am pretty sure I heard earlier, on Radio 4 of all places, that the SPL leaders have won eleven games in a row. And we haven’t. If true, and I am not about to check it it would certainly explain in part why they are so far ahead of us. Now, we have won our last four games, albeit after a fashion, and we somehow need to focus, (something we lost back in March) on the next game in front of us, and prepare for that particular game. And when I say prepare, I mean preparation for, know all there is to know. About the Accies.



    I actually think Turnbull in the last 2 games has drifted out of the game in the second half and Laxalt doesn’t offer anything different from Taylor

  9. Winning Gemmell, you posted a few weeks ago about the gent who used to sell hats , scarves , flags and badges along from Turnstiles. I’m afraid to say Gordon has passed away . Paul Larkin has posted the sad news on Facebook.



    May Gordon rest in peace.

  10. Should clarify that, the SPL leaders have won eleven league matches in a row. Whereas we have won only two league games in succession, but won four matches in a row. We do not need any miracles at this point, we are not about to introduce a top class management team, so what we do need to do is win our next game. That is all I am looking for at this point in this particular season.

  11. St Tams,


    Yes,this is what I am saying.We build players up for a couple of good performances,then when they hit a bad patch,they get the grumbles.The idiots on Twitter sum this up perfectly.Barkas is a prime example.The Hun game,they scored 2 goals,in 2 attempts,whole match.This is normal for Celtic goalkeepers.Very few attempts on goal from opposition.The goals the guy was losing,were deflections,penalties,or “Worldies”,as they are called,but very little chance to make saves.He did have a couple up at Ross County.The defence ,in front of him,very poor.He has never made a blunder,of any description,yet being labeled,a flop.


    Build them up,or shoot them down,seems to be the way.And nearly always,far too quickly.

  12. We will know soon enough if the League is feasible.A week on Saturday to be precise. If we win,most definitely a goer,lose,we won’t pull their lead in.Breaks my heart to say it,but they won’t collapse this season.Probably drop points,but not enough.A draw,gives us an outside chance,but we would need to go on some run,probably unbeaten for the remainder.


    So depressing.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    St Tams …



    “Laxalt doesn’t offer anything different from Taylor”.



    Agree defensively but a bit more assertive going forward and physically a bit more robust in contact?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  14. Just back home from having the colonography – a bit uncomfortable ( Big Jimmy – you were right about the preparation )


    Apparently I’ll get the results between 3 and 5 weeks ,- at least I’m in the system if anything is found.


    Thanks to everyone for their good wishes yesterday.

  15. SID,



    Analogy earlier was spot on fella. We’re just waiting for the inevitable ending to arrive and it might be Hamilton away or likely Huns away but it’s coming. I enjoyed much more that chaotic performance last night but this dysfuncrtional team is sadly not going to deliver the ten, regardless of those still drunk on the last fumes of hope.



    If it sparks worthwhile change at the club this season then great as it won’t take long for us to bounce back.



    But change is a comin’…




  16. GENE on 24TH DECEMBER 2020 10:37 AM




    Great news that you are home GENE.


    I hope that your Christmas is Merrier than maybe you had hoped ?


    All the best.



  17. Mm..Big Bad John comparing Griffs heading with Henriks.Aye hes got a good header on him but Larsson was one of the best headers of goals in world football.His first goal in Seville a perfect example



    On Griff..still a not fit enough but think id go with him against hunscum…best chance of a goal..

  18. JVR- sorry to hear that, seen him every game at CP for years,en route from the Vaults, may he RIP.

  19. Celtic have NO elbow room in the chase for the League Title, due to our poor form and poor results in recent times. At the risk of stating the obvious, we really need to win all our upcoming games, including at Ipox to put THEMS under some pressure.


    I see that Gerrard was shouting at St Johnstones O’Halloran when he got his 2nd yellow card last night and was sent off.


    Funny how Gerrard was in a position to vent any anger at O’Halloran, as he always keeps his mouth SHUT when its Morloes getting sent off, and when the Columbian is making his way off the pitch. Gerrard will then make excuses for Morloes in his Pressers….But when it comes to an opposition player he has plenty to say ?



  20. The negativity on these pages are utterly ridiculous.



    4 straight wins .


    Quad treble.


    And a clean sheet.



    Back the team or F*** OFF.



    All the same shit being repeated over and over again.



    Even some D*ck with a coaching badge talking about applying for the job and he is a Di*k



    Faithful through and through.



    Hail ha

  21. I have seen nothing in the last 4 games to suggest that we have turned this elusive corner.


    We are still on the roundabout, I’m afraid.


    Still don’t see a real shape and structure to the team. The best example of that is Christie, who runs about all over the place like a headless chicken, giving short passes to everyone.

  22. TB



    100% agree re Barkas


    SMSM were incredibly quick to question him and sadly so were many of our own supporters – the “he’ll no do” brigade we out in force after CL exit and have never let go – this only fuels the SMSM to steam in and shoot the guys confidence to shreds. NL has not handled it well, bending (IMHO) to pressure from support and SMSMS almost reinforcing their view and further damaging fragile confidence.


    He was bought as #1 and has done little to deserve being replaced by a rookie, who clearly has his own issues, unless through injury.

  23. Is that the same SMSM that have give us very little credit for the quad treble and instead told us about the Lincoln red imps.



    Never again in our lifetime will this be achieved and some people can’t enjoy our outstanding near decade of dominance.



    All good thing’s must come to an end.



    Enjoy the moment as life is full of peaks and troughs.



    Well done lenny, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant new year.



    Hail hail

  24. BIG JIMMY on 24TH DECEMBER 2020 11:15 AM







    I heard him on the cardio just now, waffling about how good Aribo is. What a voice, like a scouse Jimmy Clitheroe. It’ll be unbearable having to listen to his crap and fawning media, if the huns win the league I’ll be going back into lockdown.

  25. SFTB @12:39



    Tactics, ARE, of course important, but I agree with Neil, their importance is vastly over-rated by the fans who have never run a team or trained a squad.






    Sorry got to absolutely disagree with you that the importance of tactics are over-rated. Put two evenly matched teams against one another and the team who deploy the better tactics such as executing a high press, marking individual opponents who can damage them, deploying zonal marking systems/man marking systems at set pieces increase their chances of winning. Tactics are a foreign country to the present Celtic team. This is totally and absolutely the fault of our hapless, incompetent manager who must be replaced at the earliest opportunity if we are to salvage our hopes of winning the league title.

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