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  1. 31003



    do they play two banks of four in front of their penalty area every game hoping for a draw at best?

  2. The sad thing is, EVERY player is trying 100%. I think it’s lack of shape and tactics that’s our usual downfall

  3. brilliant play from Soro – he was patient and drove forward and picked out fantastic pass -we don’t get that from Broony – loving Soro and Turnbull

  4. christie has been seriously shoit this match – the ball given away so cheaply and puts us on the back foot from a strong position. not good enough

  5. bankiebhoy1 on 23rd December 2020 7:28 pm



    Goal getters…………………gotta luv ’em.




    I’m not expecting Griff to do much for 90 mins, he’s there to occupy the defenders allowing Eddie more space.



    Then when the chance comes (or chances :O) the Griff puts it away.

  6. People criticizing Eddie and his all-round play but one thing you expect is for him to put away half-chances. His finishing seems to have gone to pot.