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  1. Thanks for the updates…goals score, none conceded, 3 points. Bit concerned that we played Greg Taylor when his shoulder hadn’t fully healed. Gonna hav to watch the p*sh that is Sportsence later.


    Hope ‘GG is ok




  2. Well done Celtic, well done Ange.



    BBC – Match Stats


    Celtic Ross County


    Possession 77% 23%


    Shots 20 5


    Shots on Target 8 2


    Corners 7 0


    Fouls 9 8



    If I had been Ange, Albian wouldn’t have been on the pitch for his 2 goals 😊



    Still think the bench was bizarre 😊

  3. Well done Celtic.



    Time for All Ireland men’s football final.



    C’mon Tír Eoghain (v Muigh Eo)



    Despite the lack of striker, another big score with no goals conceded will be just fine.



    Do you have tonight’s lottery numbers?




  5. We’ll done the bhoys


    Got some me coverage late on – pleased with the result, good for Ajeti. We’ll played the new bhoys.


    I don’t think we had many options for the bench.


    Impressed, once again, with Monty!


    We have half a first team to come back – couple of difficult weeks to get through.



  6. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    That’s the first time I’ve had no option but to listen to Shortie for a long, long time. Hopefully it’ll be an even longer time before I have to do it again.



    Tell me this, do CSCs pay Bonner to speak at functions etc. (pre-Covid obviously)?

  7. glendalystonsils on

    It was important that yesterday’s bombshell coming on top of the injury to our talisman


    didn’t knock us off our stride today . Well done Ange and the team!




    That’s the first time I’ve had no option but to listen to Shortie for a long, long time. Hopefully it’ll be an even longer time before I have to do it again.









    Tell me this, do CSCs pay Bonner to speak at functions etc. (pre-Covid obviously)?






    Was about to post something similar. Listened in the car. Bonner is a strange one. You’d have been hard pushed to know who Ross County were playing at times given the incessant chat about County. Including how mckay is bringing together a new squad of players with zero mention that 6 or 7 starters for celtic today were new recruits in the summer.



    So keen were they on discussing county that there was zero commentary on the build up to a couple of corners to celtic, at least one of the goals and other action as they went over a spurned opportunity for RC at the other end and how the celtic support would get edgy if RC scored.



    So, I’ve no idea if celtic played well or not. Carter Vickers MOTM but hardly mentioned in commentary.



    How did the new guys look?

  9. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Great result. Sometimes you’ve just got to dig it out. Ajeti can play rotten every game if he scores 2.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Average performance delivers a 3-0 victory.



    Shows how far we’ve progressed in a short time.



    Looking forward to having the full squad fit and drilled to the system.



    When it happens we’ll be awesome.

  11. Don’t know if already been mentioned, but imo Joe Hart’s magnificent save when it was 1 0 decided the points.



    Good keepers are worth their weight in gold.




  12. TOBAGO STREET on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2021 5:04 PM





    Despite the lack of striker, another big score with no goals conceded will be just fine.



    Do you have tonight’s lottery numbers?





    On FB I even predicted Ajeti to get goals.



    As for those lottery numbers, I’ll get them by 10pm tonight.

  13. There was much to give hope from the new guys today. Not quite the slick passing of previous games but understandable given the international break and the lack of time together.



    A really good save from Joe Hart. A few missed opportunities. Absolutely no bombscare moments.



    Nice three points.

  14. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Roberto – he knows what he’s paid to do. I mean, if a Celtic “legend” is critical and constantly negative, why should us fans think anything different?



    What Shortie pay him to do is blatantly obvious IMHO. Fair enough, if that’s how he makes a living.



    Do CSCs pay him to speak? If they do, Celtic supporters deserve all they get and should have little complaint about the SMSM. They are part of the circus.

  15. I must admit i was a bit of a moanin minnie at half time, the only good i could see was a cool CCV as a plus the team looked very leggy. Didnae even get a number or a letter on yon paradise windfall.



    But heyho…well done the Silky Celts especially after the international fixtures

  16. Go tell the Spartim on

    Just back from game


    A typical game after international break, few players playing on empty, changed line up too which always makes these games edgy, decent first half from Jota and Abada, midfield set up still worries me, should be any two from three Calmac, Tom or DT, I’d have McCarthy before Soro as well. Wasn’t as zippy as it has been but 3-0, what’s bit to like, Starfelt back on the left and CCV played well (he’s not shy). Montgomery is a player, but with a few still to come back we’re still progressing in the right direction 🍀

  17. A very good result considering we had a back 5 with 19 starts between them, 7 first team players out and lots just back from international duty. Rogic played 90 minutes in Vietnam at 5 o’clock our time on Wednesday morning.



    Our defence is beginning to look much more secure. Plenty of goals in the team aswell



    It’s important we keep the head after we get beaten on Thursday, which we will. Stay in touch with the others, keep integrating the newbies into the team, keep building the confidence.

  18. The feel good factor that only just survived another DouglasParkland defeat, was well and truly dented on Friday ( at five to five ) when the great hopeful supporter cleared a locker he hadn’t even begun to fill . Some people stay too long at Celtic, but a porky, shirley, if you didn’t feel that the bhoy Dominic, may have been pushed way too soon. Only time will tell, but the unpopularity Parkhead ‘figureheads ‘or ‘paperclip counters’ is a story waiting to be told, and can’t prolong “ I can’t believe its not Rainjurz / Sevconian faux triumphalism whether its in George Square or correctly constrained inside their stolen stadium..



    Celtic supporters (as ever) tend to, just turn up, did you see the delight on our faces? , they never trust who writes what, on the internet DNA at Parkhead is where you got ‘The Green Citizen’ before the match, tasted irn bru, greasy pies, and definitely not Lees macaroon. If you’ve survived a roll and spam from a cardboard box in the Jungle you’ll get over Dominick McKay. Special glossy pictures of Jimmy Johnstone, Billy McNeill and Bobby Murdoch, pinned to your bedroom wall were just the same guys as Edouard, Kyogo or simply super Samaras.



    ‘Big unit’ debut from Carter Vickers, Jota’s was confident, and the predicted Albian Ajeti :-) took his chances and more importantly wants to stay and play in Parkhead. Another normal slipped away summer supplement for the supporters that knew how to save their club a long time ago, when debts were repaid, no lies were told, and no bodies were buried. Joe Hart like Frazer Forster was a masterful signing, just that one save always, that somebody else just wouldn’t have saved



    Montgomery of Lilybank? in a flash, is better than El Alamein, a present day Tierney so soon, that should be unleashed to take take seniority in a lesson to them, whoever they are that wield our cheque book. casually. If only we would stop buying other peoples hopefuls and concentrate on our Kyogos. Yet another new era beckons for wee Celtic supporters, what a time to be alive, if only for the time being on Pass to Paradise.



    God bless Dermot he put his money in Desmond



    M.O.M Celtic Supporters @ K.O. time

  19. Good times –



    Celtics persistance to play the ange way, gets the result,



    Ange pre matvh and post match interviews slapped down everything they tried to put in his mouth.



    Bad times



    freakin traffic management around celtic park, and now the m6 as well, that is me just back in from a journey that would take 25 minutes usually.



    worse times –



    big mob of onion pears hotriculturist and unionist society at the forge end of duke street, all in black, fascism allowed on the streets of glasgow we are going back 90 years, hoping no tims got hurt,

  20. Started the all Ireland hoping Mayo would win. Finished up happy fir Tyrone and the North of the island generally. Not all folks in the south are free staters but their commentary teams and establishment most definitely are and I always get the impression certain strands of 26 County society don’t regard the Irish people of the 6 counties as quite the same.



    Maybe I’m wrong……



    Feel for Mayo but we’ll done Tyrone.

  21. I didn’t see the game – it’s good to read we’re pleased with 3 nil against RC but mostly that the momentum continues/the feeling of momentum continues

  22. I note that the announcement of Dom’s departure, deliberately published late on Friday evening, has achieved its objective of subsuming its investigation with discussion of a routine win over SPL fodder. Job done.

  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    SAINT STIVS on 11TH SEPTEMBER 2021 6:50 PM



    Correct those cycle lanes cause havoc and if the bus stops to drop off supporters the motor cycle cops threatened to fine you.



    Some of those cycle cops are definitely huns. We park the bus in the industrial estate opposite Emirates. Police says too close to junction, we have parked there for years. So we’ll reverse the bus about 20 feet then, no he says park about 100 yards up the road.

  24. Magnificent rendition of ” I wanna be Edouard ” in the Gallowgate.



    I will really miss this song..




  25. 3 goals,



    3 delicious points……………………..



    a clean sheet………….



    New Bhoys scorin’………….



    (sleekits absolutely seeek!)




    ….and, Big Packy’s a nugget.





  26. passing the bus park today an alternative to Parkso fHamilton was there



    McDades of Uddingston, what a mgnificent logo they have,






    get it done,



    them to my despair there were 3 POH busses further up the park, why would a supporters club rent them ?

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