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  1. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    I’m thousands of miles away and sneaked a wee podium

  2. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon



    14:29 on 29 March, 2014



    I’m thousands of miles away and sneaked a wee podium






    I must be just closer then.

  3. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    Wherever I am at 5 mins in to-day I will be applauding Oscar and sending as much positive thoughts as I can to those around him


    Couldn’t really post since I saw the news on here last night – to be honest I started to a few times but couldn’t find the words – MWD and others have said it all


    God bless wee Oscar – Celtic do him proud to- day

  4. Corkcelt



    Ma big Irish Buddy… Sean..



    Pronounces .. The Name Eoghan.. as Owen..



    well.. It sounds like that tae Me..



    So.. Ah wull Keep calling the Lad..



    Owen.. or. Owenie..







  5. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    Saw you sneaking in there in first place Mincey – cheers

  6. Today I would like to send my deepest regrets to Jeanette Findlay and all her family on the passing of their beloved Husband,Father and Grandfather.I have known the Findlay,s since around 1957 when we all moved out to the new houses in Easterhouse.My Father Tommy McQuade and Jeannette,s Father John Findlay worked on jobs together as Steel Erectors.I attended school with brothers Edward and Tommy Findlay.


    Our family left Scotland to Emigrate to Vancouver Canada in December 1964.



    On March 15 1961 I had to hurry home from school as my dad told me the night before” to hurry home as we have to have our supper and get down to the Celtic supporters bus leaving Easterhouse for Edinburgh to watch Celtic play Hibs in a Scottish Cup Replay” We had our supper and as we walked on Easterhouse road down to the pub near the train station we met Mr Findlay.


    The bus was packed and we all sang our way to Edinburgh.When we got near Easter Road and the bus parking areas it was mobbed ,supporters blocking all the streets around the stadium.When the bus finally parked we all headed up to the Game. As we walked towards the Park supporters were walking towards us away from the Park and telling us it was sold out and we will not get in.Undeterred my Dad ,Mr Findlay and I kept heading towards the Park.


    When we got to the Park we walked around looking and hoping we would find a turnstile that was still open.


    We were outside when we heard the whistle blow to start the game.Right in front of us was a big heavy double wooden door about 12 feet wide and 12- 15 feet high with a bunch of Police in front of it. At the sound of the whistle the crowd surged forward and pushed the gates open.At that time I had one of my life lessons about the power of a crowd,they could have pushed the high brick wall around the stadium down if they had wanted .Men around us were yelling watch the boy ,watch the boy.I was being shielded by my Dad and Mr Findlay. The Police were trying to stop the flow of supporters from entering the Park, when they heard the yells of watch the boy about 6 of them pushed their way over to us got around us and prevented me from getting crushed, we were swept into the Park by the force of the supporters around us.Once we were safely in the Park the Police went back to help their buddies block the entrance.There were hundreds of us who got who got through that gate.I didn’t get a lift over I was carried in by the power of the crowd I don’t think my feet touched the ground.


    The Hibs had a great team at that time and it was a good game just ask John Clark.


    After the game we walked back to the Bus parking area and a lot of the buses left as the game got underway as none of their members got into the game.Our bus left, we were the only three guys from our bus to get into the game.We managed to hitch a ride on a supporters bus heading back to Glasgow,they dropped us off on the Edinburgh rd at Baiiliston. We had a long walk, late at night to get home but were over the moon and we had had quite an experience. I was warned to get up for school the next day ,I wouldn’t miss it .I had a story to tell.


    I missed the European Cup and then Seville but I had my night in Edinburgh.


    Mr Findlay and my Dad are gone ,but they instilled in their Children what it means to be a Celtic Supporter


    John McQuade


    Hail Hail

  7. Corkcelt



    Pal.. Ah am Sorry, but Ah wull Continue tae Call the Lad..








    Still ,Laughin

  8. VVD looking stiff during warm up. wouldn’t go down on one knee to stretch. Seemed ok jumping during heading practice. Curious.



    Victory with a three goal margin today.

  9. Ah am curious.



    Whit Happened tae Fisher?



    The Lad his Gone aff the Radar..



    Anybuddy Know. Why??




  10. CELTIC (4-4-2) Forster; Ambrose, van Dijk, O’Connell; Izaguirre; Henderson, Brown, Johansen, Commons; Stokes, Griffiths


    Subs: Zaluska, Samaras, Balde, Pukki, Kayal, Herron, Fraser

  11. Regan confirms that semi final venues were decided with sponsors. What a shower. Disband the SFA.

  12. BBC informs us that young O’Connell is the cousin of Irish and Munster rugby legend Paul O’Connell.



    He must be a better player than POC – the latter got into trouble last year by accidentally kicking an opposition player’s head (he was alright after a couple of weeks). It was so clumsy that it couldn’t have been deliberate.

  13. JOHN HERRON on the bench


    O’Connell starts for champions


    By: Mark Henderson on 29 Mar, 2014 14:00


    EOGHAN O’Connell will make competitive Celtic debut this afternoon after being named in Neil Lennon’s starting XI for today’s Scottish Premiership clash against Ross County.



    The Irish youngster has impressed for the Under-20s this season and becomes the latest Celtic Youth Academy graduate to break into the top team during the current campaign.



    The inclusion of the 18-year-old is one of two changes to the team who brushed Partick Thistle aside 5-1 on Wednesday night – with the injured Charlie Mulgrew and Adam Matthews dropping out – as the Hoops claimed their third successive league championship.



    And after the final whistle today, the players and coaching staff will embark on a lap of honour to celebrate their remarkable success with the home support.



    Kick off in Paradise is 3pm and there will be live updates of the game on the club’s official Twitter feed: @celticfc



    CELTIC (4-4-2) Forster; Ambrose, van Dijk, O’Connell; Izaguirre; Henderson, Brown, Johansen, Commons; Stokes, Griffiths


    Subs: Zaluska, Samaras, Balde, Pukki, Kayal, Herron, Fraser

  14. My Dear Kojo…



    Ah Wiz Wonderin’ The Exact Same Thing…..



    No Darnel Oan The Subs Bench…..



    An’ No Real Defensive Replacements Either….



    In A Team That Laxs The Flexibility Of Moving Charlie M. Back Fae Midders…



    Hopefully,He Is Just Unfit..



    An’ We Don’t Hiv Anither Tony Watt/NFL Situation..



    PS.Keep Ootta L.A. This Month…..