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  1. Kayal33


    Irish fans had to leave to catch boats back. Does that make me less of a supporter???

  2. Who do you not expect to se next sason?



    I’l go for





    The Twardwiks (Spelling)







    Any more or any more?

  3. GG



    Well.. thanks fur the Backhander..Anyway!



    Look, Ah am no a Bad Guy..



    Ah jist tell it as Ah see it..



    n.. Ah see it a Loat Different fae a Loata Folk oan Here..



    Ah am no Talkin aboot YOU. .pal..



    As Ah believe that YOU n Kojo.. ur . Airm n Airm oan a Loata Things.



    Ye canny fool , me!




  4. Yes I went thru the McGrory years and the Stein years.


    I was there when there was less than 20k at a CP game.


    Last time I was home, I got off the plane after an overnight flight and went to ticket office, with my wife half asleep in the car.


    However this doesn’t make me anything special.


    Unlike yourself I believe these are the good years.


    We have a responsible board who are pursuing a sustainable business plan.


    We have a young side that has been evolving in line with board policy.


    We have a young management side who will continue to learn and take us to greater heights.


    To paraphrase Frankie Miller


    You see clouds


    I see blue skies

  5. Cork. Was with a great cork man tonite. Was his stag night before the game. He is going hame to get married and to stay for good


    Will be missed


    Ps the dubs Didn’t last

  6. Ps



    Point im making is some have valid reasons. Passing bigotdome in distance. Not a bad stadium for a new team.

  7. celtic dawn, I’d expect Dylan McGeouch to go, if some Belgian Club flash cash north of 500k, I could see Watt going (even though I want him back in CP). I think Lenny would cut his losses on Derk if he could but I’d expect Balde to stay.

  8. Celtic Dawn



    Ur you a Ghal?



    Anywey… Ghal or No..




    There is Only ONE NAME… of those …which ye hiv gien.. oan which Ah wid agree,with you,



    Should go , this Summer..



    n that Solitary Name is…






    N Ah wid add,fur Masel..



    The Names o.. Sammi n Boeriggter..



    who are Baith.. Chanty Rasslers.. In Ma Opinion. of Course.



    Fur the Rest.. Ah am quite Happy tae Keep ’em ..



    Nice Chattin’




  9. Ah well, a hangover game if ever there was one. Emilio was MOTM for me, Champions again.



    Emilio also led the celebrations.

  10. Well Sydney hope you enjoyed the craic out there even if you are grumpy over the match. We are all Celts we all want the best for the Club and the team but we have different ways of expressing ourselves.

  11. Celtic dawn


    Youth sides are teeming with talent.


    We have seen Fisher and Henderson slot in with no problems.


    O’Connel’s assurance today is a mark of the work done by John Kennedy and his team.


    Unfortunately not all will make the first team.


    Additionally we will have Lustig back soon and Mathews fully fit.


    When LG finds his Celtic feet, the Fridge matures and Watt also, we will have an abundance of choice to take us forward.

  12. Gg 20 k was a great crowd in the 80’s and 90’s I was at Celtic park with 8 k crowds for league games



    It’s all about comments and views


    I think we could have done better


    I think we didn’t need to sell vic etc



    But I think that our club is all about balance sheets and financial results



    PL comments the day before we got pumped out of SC were shocking


    No mention about quality on park and all about financial results



    Even in the P@sh poor early 90’s we did not say that a good player was an investment or should have a good sell on. Now every player that plays well is not about ” building a team “. It’s all about sell on value


    Peter lawell has changed the way fans think

  13. Sydney Tim



    Like Ah hiv told Ye Afore.,.’



    You,Pal Should Keep oan Truckin’






    Clashes o’ Opinion.. ur whit Maks A Great Forum.



    Whitoot.. a wee bit o’ Dissension .. among Fans… N..



    mair , Rarely.. a Big Bit o’ Dissenion among Us Fans..



    Is alwiz.. Healthy..



    N..if a Forum ,is No Healthy..it wull Die..



    n.. this Forum. thanks tae Guys like Me. You.. Neganon.. n a Few Mair



    ur Needed…




    Jist like.. well



    MRS. PEEL, wiz!







  14. Great to see young Henderson and EOGHAN O’CONNELL play well by all accounts the hard work has been done hopefully we’ll see what more of these lhads are made of 1-0 citeh

  15. Just in from a freezing cold PArkhead.



    Whoever organised the “lap of honour” at the end should be shot.



    Keep it for the trophy presentation

  16. Sydneytim


    The times have changed.


    The game has changed.


    The financials have changed.


    1994 saw the end of the old era.


    Sky Sports has left us with an uneven playing field.


    Too many sides are dependent on a hand out from a benefactor to survive.



    We are run prudently and sustainably.


    If you can find a better way to finance the club a job in creative marketing awaits you in the upper echelons at CP.

  17. GG..



    Ah done tole Ye..



    You n Ah.. are no too far Apart oan a Loata things..








    Yes.. Like Ye Didnae say..in so Miny Words…



    “The Game Today..is…




    “Awe aboot the Money, Honey”



    No Money..??



    Too bad..




    No Soup fur YOU!!!




  18. Kojo thanks to ma desert mate



    The garden is indeed not rosey


    But hey if Peter lawell gets his way and keeps the reducing the wages and talent and stars on the park then he could take the empty seats oot and put in some nice rose gardens to keep those happy clappers happy incase they wake up and …………………….. Smell the roses

  19. bournesouprecipe on

    A clear run home to beat all traffic following the classic after party Celtic performance.


    The home crowd was clearly boosted with free child admission and Celtic fans wanting to see the old and new champions, but left disappointed after as flat a performance as Celtic could have produced.



    And how many times we’ve seen that happen over the years?



    Ross County were in no mood to accomodate any show boaters, and from very early in the game they were physical and well organised, too often Celtic charged forward and although O’Connell and Henderson did well enough, O’Connell was especially exposed to County’s frequent breakaways.



    One from which County scored, and Celtic were unusually behind at home, and were it not for player of the year Common’s goal threat, we could easily have lost as County were well worthy of their point.



    Johansen and Brown who seemed to play in a mystery role of sweeper, centre half, and eventually right back played with a hangover. To say Celtic missed Adam Matthews was an understatement as Efe wide right of a sometimes invisible four is not how a team, should be set out.



    NFL’s insatiable appetite for throwing Sammi into the mix, was proved pointless, and Balde should have been the change even if it had failed, in the way which Samaras and Pukki did. Virgil *Note to Neil – Van DijkVD as a centre forward, was abandoned for him to become a £10mill CB.



    The ususal Gazebo gang was enhanced and always nice to meet new Celtic fans especially CQN’rs, and bjmac even jumped into the balcony



    Hail Hail



    M.O.M Kris Commons

  20. Gg. Eh??? 1994 eh??? That’s when our crowds went fae 15k to 30k then in 1997 went to 50 k then up to 60k.



    Then came Pl and doon they went

  21. 6 pm back in Lanarkshire and the world awaits the arrival of the Green Citizen and the Pink Times to read the game report and scores from the host with the most, the Sage of Carfin.

  22. Hav’nt read back



    In the kds anyone fancy introducing themselves , my daughter and i are in front of the big screen :)))

  23. 1994 and the arrival of Fergus with a realistic long term financial plan to restore the sleeping giant.

  24. DR today – King is willing to put 30 mil into dyingagainco



    it’s no wonder the hordes are deluded when they’re fed half truths half whispers half nonsense

  25. Cliftonvillecelt


    I see 1good result today anyway. Reds 1point clear now. 4 games left??

  26. Gig and he found an extra 35k of Celtic fans from somewhere


    I don’t know where found them from



    He left us with a legacy of 53k season ticket holders


    Peter lawell has lost 20,000 of them

  27. More than half of the ‘fans’ leave the stadium before the players come out for the lap of honour, what a joke !



    Best fans in the world, not now !

  28. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Just in Good to meet another few CQNers today.


    Aff ooooot again:))



    It’s a fine life being a Tim.


    Hail Hail

  29. valentinesday on

    A lazy sloppy lethargic performance from Celtic,I’ve seen


    this before from side’s who have won championships,and


    no doubt see it again………NFL should play 4 or 5 youngsters


    in every game left,the senior player’s are already on the beach.

  30. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    Loved Leigh Griffiths and 2 of his children playing with the ball and scoring a few goals at the end of the lap of honour.


    He is sure enjoying being a Celtic player, hope he has a few more title winning days to come.

  31. I see the boring marsupial is back from some bush tucker trial playing us his greatest hits on a drunken keyboard.



    Is there anybody here who hasn’t heard this track ?






    Well done Celtic.


    Well done Cliftonville.



    And a wee prayer for the brave wee man Oscar Knox.

  32. bournesouprecipe on

    Maybe failing to tell the fans about the ole lap of honour prevented another pitch invasion.