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  1. My Dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective



    Always Pleased tae See you on board,pal.



    Yes , Young Fisher wiz daeing Spendido..



    Anither Neil, Muck Up?



    Ah hope No.. we canny afford any mair.. Bust Ups.





    Still, Laughin’

  2. So sorry to hear the latest about young Oscar.


    What he and his family have been through I can’t begin to imagine.

  3. FourLeafClover on




    John held on till we won the league. He passed away 10 minutes later. A remarkable man who was still going to paradise even though he knew he had only days to live.



    RIP Big John Findlay.

  4. O’Connell is settling jist fine..



    Man.. Ah Admire this Lad’s Physique..



    He is a Broth o’ a Bhoy!



    It’s a Lead pipe cinch..that Although,he is a Mere lad of Eigheen Summers..


    Nabuddy is Gonna Kick Sand in His Face!



    Celtic,are playing..like.. well. Champions..



    Ah like that. tae.






  5. Brown lost possession on half way line and RC broke 3 on 2


    FF beaten across his body as. RC shot into bottom corner