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  1. chasbhoy



    Kev jungle,



    Wizwig want your credit card number. Wouldn’t touch it.




    Wizwing is free, it’s just links, if you are being asked for credit card then you aren’t on Wizwig website.

  2. Commons, saves oor Blushes..



    Jist afore ..Hauf TIme..




    Celtic 1 Ross 1






    Feelin a loat bettah..!!!





  3. chasbhoy



    15:31 on 29 March, 2014




    Cheers for the heads-up my mhan.


    But, I don’t know any of ‘those’ numbers


    their in the domain of Mrs KJ !


    Hail Hail



    away to watch the Celtic.com

  4. Ross County hiv goat the Idea..



    That it is O.K. tae Defend by .. Fouling




    They break up oor attacks.. the Auld Fashioned way…




    Kick the Hell oota Us..



    N … Why No?



    The Ref.. Jist let’s ’em.