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  1. Sydneytim


    You see what you want with no evidence except your disdain for Celtic management.

  2. Off topic



    Did anybody hear Stuart Cosgrove on shortbread earlier in the day ?



    Was out in the car and caught some of it.



    Frank Macavennie was on as well and, showed SC on a few occasions


    that he wouldn’t be ‘bending’ much to SC’s apparent annoyance.



    One of the things that SC said was that, Celtic shouldn’t get any money


    for winning their way into the CL – it should be split between all the other


    teams in the SPFL ?



    I’d be interested to hear what else he said.



    Sorry, I’m oe of those old fogies that canny do the link-thing :)



    Drop in some time later – CSC.

  3. Steffi, JIst crossed a Beauty…




    That’s the Wey.. Great..’



    Unfortunately, Liam’s Heider. HIt the Post..



    But, that Cros frum Steffi..is The Wey tae.. Cross a .. well. Cross.