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  1. Well that’s it..



    Disappointed tae Hell..





    No Happy.. Ay Tall , Ay Tall!!

  2. Pretty drab stuff, to be expected after winning the title midweek. So no real surprise.



    Though we do have a few average players in this team/squad that need off loading in the summer.

  3. Team about to come out for lap of honour and half of our so called supporters cant even be bothered staying. Pathetic

  4. Boooo !



    Sack the ‘bored’ !



    Lennon will never be a CELTIC manager !



    No wonder they’ve to gie tickets away for nothing !



    Booo !



    Thats what ye get for banning Hugh Keevins !



    Booo !






    nah, only kiddin – take care tims – going away now.

  5. I hope Pulis left the dugout before full time, stopping to shake Jose’s hand of course :o)

  6. Ah no bother. It was a tired performance, I suspect a late night Wed.did not help but credit to Ross County as well. We won the League at a canter. Displays like this happen, no big deal. There are many more important issues happening. Celtic Forever. Hail Hail Three in a Row.

  7. ‘GG



    O’Connel should be pleased with his performance today


    LG with two weans in his arms




    He’d need to be an octopus boom boom

  8. Barca game looks as if it was a real nasty one.


    Many yellows and a red.


    Messi with pen for 1-0 win and 3 big big points after RM result midweek.

  9. Kayal. Mate. What’s pathetic. The fans or the team?



    We have won 3 in a row with no competition


    Struggled to get to the CL and humiliated


    Cup competitions against 2nd rate teams in Scotland and humiliated



    We had an strong midfield last year that was broken up purely for balance sheet and CEO bonuses


    We bought 3 cheap forwards for 7M which was money down the drain


    Apart from Kris commons it has been a poor year for us


    Ross county from a town smaller than Kirkintilloch Drew with us

  10. Yep Sydney and Crystal Palace beat Chelsea, we beat Barca and Morton beat us that’s football without these results what would be the point of it all.

  11. Ye know..this jis Under-Line.. How Kojo.. thinks so differently fae Neil.






    Neil, Blithely , tells us that He wull Gie Sammi, a Number of Games.. Although,Sammi is Deignin tae No be a nice Fellah.. In no acceptin the Terms of his Contract..



    Because, Neil. again tells us. wi a Straight face…






    Sammi, Needs the Starts,in order tae tae Keep him Ticking over ,nicely



    .. Because , Sammi is goin’ Tae Brazil, Wi the Greek International Team.






    Complete, nonsense.. Neil.. Stupid.. Really..



    Pal. let Kojo. set ye right oan this..




    Ye Must ALWIZ ..look after..



    Celtic’s Interest. First n Foremost.



    We don’t need Tae Look After .. Sammi’s Interests…



    Sammi,is Lookin After HIs.. quite ,Nicely . thank Ye..



    n his Blatantly shown it…



    By reneging oan oor Offer.






    Of course , Ah am Right..



    Ah alwiz.. Am!






    No Happy..

  12. Cork. Fans are voting with their feet. If I was back hame I would wait till last player left the park But large section have had enough and want to dash to get their cars or 1st at the bar

  13. kayal33



    16:57 on 29 March, 2014



    You can celebrate winning that league at the end of August


    Season over at end of March hard to get enthusiastic about that

  14. Thought RC deserved their point, they played well.



    Referee was a feckin joke, nothing new there then.



    Disapointing to see that the crowd had gone at the end.



    Great result for CP, helps my pre season bet big time, now for cty to do the biz, and a wee win for Vallecano would go down a treat.



    Champions often drop points, tis the way things are, thank you Celtic.




  15. Kojo. Think Neil is trying to put our best players out on the park


    Never really been a big Sammi fan


    But Sammi over 5 mins is better than Pukki over 5 hrs or Balde over 10hrs it derk over 20 hrs

  16. sydneytim



    17:13 on 29 March, 2014


    Cork. Fans are voting with their feet. If I was back hame I would wait till last player left the park But large section have had enough and want to dash to get their cars or 1st at the bar




    Based on your posts today I very much doubt you’d even go to the game, listen to it on the radio, or check on the result.


    But I bet you’d be the first on the phone in criticizing board, manager and players.

  17. fj Sydney Tim



    Well .. Ah kin see that You Think Jist like the Manager.



    But. Ah soitenly Dinna.






    Ye are Maist welcome tae Voicin yer Opinion



    Different, as it is, fae Mine..



    fur that Is whit Maks ..



    Good Copy.. fur this wonderful.. Forum..




  18. Kojo


    You speak a lot of sense


    Well this time anyway


    I’d hate to ruin your board persona LOL

  19. Gg. When I was at hame every game. Hame and away Went to every Celtic game during the deid clubs tainted 9 in a row Think I have the right to comment. Did you go ?

  20. Gg apart from when were were banned from ibrox



    Good to talk to someone like yourself who went home and away Also


    Or are you just a bullshitter?

  21. Sydney, You of course have every right to comment but you have to expect that other posters will react to your posts, that’s how a blog works. You are more controversial than most so obviously you will attract more flak.