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  1. Our position in four ongoing competitions flatters to deceive. We just aren’t very good and that is the truth. Partly our own fault, partly just a reflection of the Scottish game as a whole.

  2. I mentioned before that Guidetti was a sticking plaster for what is a poor brand of football. Now that his form has dropped, the flaws are there for all to see.



    Celtic fail to beat a shower of absolute no-hopers. Perhaps some will now sit up and take notice.

  3. That was awful



    County predictably awful, anti football. Really dislike that bunch, need to smash them next game



    Embarrassing against amateurs

  4. Referee let them get away with with continual time-wasting. But poor performance. We desperately need a creative midfield player. But can you get a player like that in January?

  5. Paddy Gallagher



    The match was FREE today for the unemployed.



    Celtic are due credit for that .




  6. Very poor performance. Doesn’t look good going forward. Did not create enough chances against an equally poor Dross County.

  7. playfusbal4dguilders on

    You’ll all know I’ve said it b4 but get RD to …… Away from our club. And those who appoint him. But him first.



    Not got it.


    Never will.




  8. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    1 point from six over the festive period and can’t score a solitary goal in 96 minutes against a team at the bottom of the league.Brutal.

  9. Just as well Dundee u lost. Any decent challengers this year and we would be struggling. Just the best of a bad lot in a Mickey Mouse league.

  10. Burgas Hoops


    16:58 on


    27 December, 2014


    Cant find a way through a team of journeymen.



    Not good enough RD.





    I’ll re-arrange your last sentence for you:-



    RD, not good enough.

  11. Ghuys we are indeed lucky to have the distractions over at Ibroke to amuse us because there is no chance of being Amused at what is happening at Celtic


    We are bloody awful, this is very painfull



  12. To draw 0-0 against RC is really pathetic. We should have come flying out of the traps especially after a defeat last week. It was clear after last week that Guidetti had to be taken out of the team and Scepovic and LG given a chance. And why we persevere with McGregor is beyond me?? He has done nothing for months i am literally incredulous.



    The fans should support the manager and the team but we cannot ignore in-defendable decisions.

  13. Disappointing – but it’s always a hard shift against a team that parks the bus.


    If we score early, we win by a barrow load.



    We don’t have many with the intelligence to unlock that type of defence – Commons maybe and that’s it.



    Stokes off injured early, maybe had an effect?



    Anyway we’ll be back.



    Gardez la Foi

  14. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Too many passengers and too many weak links. We need players with better touches, passing and drive. Players who take responsibility, players who know when to pass, who to pass to, when to shoot…very frustrating stuff.

  15. Tiny Tim



    The difference between you and me is that you love a winning Celtic team, whereas I love the Celtic, WIN LOSE OR DRAW.



    Now admit it.



    Your a moaner, no matter how well we play.



    Now all Tiny Tim’s pals gang up on me, am shittin’ it so a um.






    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. jinkyredstar cuts it back for Neil Lennon on

    We flattered the RC defence by pinging the same ball time and time again,we very rarely passed through them, actually beat a man or got to the bye line. A couple of Izzy crosses caused a bit of bother but overall very lack lustre use of our overwhelming possession. Over elaboration at times and very weak in the air.



    We will have less control and win games. Put this one in the bottom drawer of history and move on.



    Could be a lot worse :-)

  17. Thanks for the updates Bhoys. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Life, as always, continues on its own merry way.

  18. I noticed Ronny’s comments on the January transfer window had taken a new turn last week. From being hopeful of signing 2 or 3 players he now says it’s more important to retain our existing players. This smacks of the usual expectation management.



    Based on today’s performance, who thinks Ronny may need a word with Peter?

  19. tinytim



    16:57 on 27 December, 2014



    Nobody wanted the use of my hospitality ticket today although it was going free gratis


    A sure indicator that you post that Philboy referred to is more valid than people wish to imagine

  20. I will repeat my previouse statement…………



    If there is any money to be spent in January spend it on a manager……..



    I base this on the comments on CQN, I do not see any games, I don’t think I have to.



    HH & KTF……there has to be better days ahead…….??

  21. Folks on here saying ‘oh we are still top’ and ‘dundee utd lost so we are five clear’



    Honestly this kind of mentality is embarrassing.

  22. Tallybhoy 17:00 on 27 December, 2014


    We all laughed at sevco earlier on, but that performance today was no laughing matter.








    There was nothing that unusual about today’s performance except perhaps it was even worse than the typical dross served up by RD.



    Sevco have been a useful diversion for our board.

  23. RD,why dont you play two strikers?.Griffiths would score for fun in this team.


    Play 4-4-2,never mind this one up front rubbish.


    RD does,team play crap,now its back to Commons should have been on.Scepovic should have been on in place of that dumpling Guidetti(former hero of a couple of weeks past).


    RD has no idea,say the fans who got their team line up today!!!!!!!.How does that work?.


    Well off for a few days.Will let the football masterminds go back to their drawing boards,and the drama queens do their bitching.


    Next up.Henderson should be in the team.Watch this space.

  24. The team is a shambles,fed up looking for excuses for RD, when we come back from Gran Canaries we will not be top of the league.



    The big question is will our super duper board give RD money for the quality he needs or will it be the usual crap that Lenny had to put up with.




  25. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    We were pondorous and allowed County to get men behind the ball constantly and we lacked creativity. Mcgregor doesnt do it for me and Biton is neat but slow mind you it could have been worse when County rattled the post near the end of the game.H.H.





    Do you not understand that the reason certain people are critical of such crap performances is precisely because they too LOVE CELTIC???



    Loving Celtic is not inconsistent with being critical of the best performances. Precisely the opposite my frhiend