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  1. We’ll be there to give the bhoys a cheer….



    Aye that’ll be right!




  2. Kevj



    Aye let’s all buy DD’s shares.



    Haud oan!



    He might not want to sell them to us!



    Then what?!




  3. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Do Celtic practice hitting the post and bar in training?



    How many times has that happened in games all season?



    If we are able to make some slight adjustments and also cut out the tippy tappy bollox, the results will follow.

  4. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Deila has had the last two weeks uninterrupted with midweek games or internationals



    Rubbish …manager is out of his depth



    At least we managed a clean sheet….our opposition are poor too



    And …hey…the Huns are really bad



    Great eh …

  5. David147


    Folks like me who support, win lose or draw.


    No knee jerk reactions.


    I gave that up 50 years ago.


    There have been many periods in that time when I would have given an eye tooth to be in the position we are in today.


    5 points clear at New Year.

  6. With only a four points lead before to-day I was starting to hear the footsteps and after to-day they are getting louder. Did not see the game but reading through the comments on CQN this result is nothing new to me. Down through the years teams scraping the bottom of the table have consistently thrown a spanner in Celtic’s works. How often have we seen these teams snatch a goal from a set piece and walk away with three points at the death, at least on this occasion we managed a point. Luckily, Dundee U were beaten but we blew the chance of a comfortable 7 points lead coming up to the holidays in Gran Canaria.



    Things are tight and the business half of the season is going to be interesting.

  7. Kevjungle………………..



    It wasn’t about winning over the unemployed who took advantage of the free match.



    The wonderful feeling when you get to the top of the stairs and look down on the wonderful playing surface.



    The stunning panoramic view of the stadium.



    The welling up of emotion that you have now entered a stadium so rich in glorious history and magnificent success for Celtic Football Club.



    McGrory, Tully, Johnstone, McStay, Larsson, Wee Oscar, Jay.



    That’s what is is all about.



    It had f*ck all to do with the result today.



    Go and get a life, will ye?

  8. ….PFayr



    It will take a cataclysmic drubbing of St Mirren/Mowbray proportions to get him out. It could happen in February. Now there’s a thought.

  9. We have been absolute gash all season and lets not kid ourselves. It is only the lack of competition that sees us where we are in all competitions at present. Will the downsizing and the limited expectation of some of our support continue? Let us hope not or the empty seats will be more so by the week, month, year etc. As someone said earlier we will be able to close the top tier shortly. Ronny Deila is a complete dud and we all know that also. Very depressing!

  10. thawing out from a sub zero Celtic Park



    Poor fair with the wrong people in the wrong positions,



    Interesting transfer window coming up, lets hope there’s plenty of activity in AND out

  11. Incidently, regarding Gran Canaria looking at the webcams the beaches there are packed with people basking in the sunshine. So much for austerity, does anyone work these days.

  12. Joe Fillippis Haircut – RD is showing no signs of learning and changing. The team are pedestrian and predictable. Exactly the reverse of his rhetoric on how we would play.


    Some games the players click, most they don’t. Most games it doesn’t matter because even playing in 2nd gear we are better than the rest in the SPFL.


    Europe is the true barmoeter. This season fitter, faster and cleverer teams (who themselves are mediocre in the bigger European picture) have given us the run around in a way that hasn’t been the case for over a decade or so.


    We are getting worse rather than better and that is because the level of our board’s ambition has been downsized since the demise of them.

  13. Pis# poor performance today. We knew RC would have every man behind the ball , surely we had the guile to get past that. Obviously not.


    Pelters expected but we are crying out for a creative middy, get Marc Crosas back, the guy is class and good and most importantly he really get us.



  14. Anyway, I’ve got family coming for dinner tonight and staying over.



    I am as happy as a pig in shit.



    And if I wake up in the morning I will be delighted I am a Tim.



    Among other things.

  15. you can be sure that on 2nd of february we will be playing against a team sent out to injure as many of our players as possible (ably assisted by the MIB turning a blind eye) who will at any opportunity show us a red card / award a hun penalty etc



    they may be total pish at the moment, with all the assistance they will get though, we need to drastically improve before then.



    2 strikers (both playing as strikers) a midfield diamond with efe in front of a back 4 will be the way to go. if anyone thinks we will have any top quality additions to the squad in january they are still suffering from too much sherry consumption

  16. Philbhoy





    17:33 on



    27 December, 2014





    Re: the wonderful playing surface! I was just thinking what has happened to the very recently new playing surface, looked bloody awful on CTV.

  17. (From Off the Ball) Unemployed Celtic fan saying after today’s game he’s thinking of going out and getting a job.

  18. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    we’ve played three decent teams this season



    Humped three times …lost narrowly once …drew twice



    We’re going nowhere performance wise ….




    I wouldn’t trust this guy with any sizeable transfer kitty …..not that he’ll get it



    Deila is very much on message with PL… I agree ….he will need a Mowbray moment




    Given that Deila is PLs man as was Mowbray …will PL take any responsibility for their appointment

  19. Johansen at right midfield was baffling. It was like being two players down, we missed him in the middle and he was a waste of a jersey on the right.


    Talking of wastes of jerseys, Biton, what does he offer? Especially in a game like today. Too slow, too ponderous, squad pass, back pass, when we were needing midfielders to drive forward.


    Griffiths showed why he’ll never be a first choice Celtic striker, good in a counter attacking team, not skillful enough against packed defences.


    Get two midfielders and a centre half signed in January, and work out a way of keeping Forrest fit for more than 5 minutes.

  20. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Wonder what the team were working on during the week in training

  21. If I were Mike Ashley i would not waste my time down Govan Road. Put the 8m into Aberdeen rather and he could get the Champion Leagues exposure up there. Sheep Direct?

  22. What is the Stars on

    Pf ayr, re ronny and his Mowbray moment. Let’s hope it is not against the zombies. It’s coming though,

  23. Good together back to Paradise, poor game though. So many missed place passes, no rub of the green and a Ross County set out to spoil and frustrate. Green Brigade on song from start to finish, without them would have been like a morgue.

  24. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Some folk on here think Bitton is sensational



    Don’t see it myself

  25. up_over_goal



    So you want us to get humped so the manager will get sacked and you’re siding with a bunch of anti Celtic a’holes on the radio who slag the club for doing something charitable??



    Oh to be a Celtic fan in the new millennium, faithful through and through my ………

  26. overseasbhoy


    17:34 on 27 December, 2014


    where can a buy Tom Boyds jacket – great for a New Jersey winter




    What winter? I was out walking down the park and the river yesterday taking pictures and enjoying the sunshine.

  27. good point about the transfer window ntb:



    stick with the status quo and it looks like more inconsistency ahead, I’ve seen the team play really well this year but we can struggle against teams getting 5000-10000 crowds



    we’re still in 3 competitions and a European one after Christmas- sounds good if we show up against inter



    I’m beginning to think RD is good but doesn’t understand Scottish leagues



    players in and out please !!