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  1. Philbhoy


    Along with the wonderful fell you get when entering Celtic ,it is also about creating fear for the opposition when entering that Fantastic playing surface making them shiver and freeze are we doing that now and let’s not forget the tremendous atmosphere? No thought not



  2. Philbhoy



    17:39 on 27 December, 2014




    Aye, n wi sheep-Tims like you well


    the ‘bored’ don’t need to know how


    many empty seats that the unemployed


    fans become all waterry-eyed about, eh?


    WGS started to empty the seats…


    Ronny the ‘pillock’ will finish the job but, the


    most important thing is…you’ll still be a Tim.



  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    DeniaBhoy. I live in hope that Rony can do it he talks a good game we just need the team to believe like others on here for weeks I have been saying we are going to hammer some team when we take the chances we create.However,its just not happening we need a quality creative midfielder as currently there is no creativity in midfield.I also would rest John Guidetti for a few games he has gone right of the pace I live in hope we will bring in a couple of quality players in the january window. H.H.

  4. What is the Stars on

    My most alarming ronny moments this year in the spl ( European games are another chapter) was away to motherwell, we won one nil but were comfortably in control for most of the game against a team who finished with ten men. And yet we almost conceded an equaliser late in the game. Our shape was non existent and defenders were often found further upfield than our strikers ( late in the game when we should have run down the clock against 10 men). That day I watched in disbelief and said this ronny guy is clueless

  5. kevjungle – murdo macleod’s title winning boots 4-2 legend


    17:21 on 27 December, 2014


    How has that best team to watch done against us in recent meetings?

  6. Gary67



    Do I want us to get humped by the huns? Hmm, let me think.






    But, in the face of ever-decreasing quality in the SPL, it may be the only thing to rid Celtic of a poor manager and an arrogant, massively overpaid CEO.

  7. Gary67


    17:47 on


    27 December, 2014





    So you want us to get humped so the manager will get sacked and you’re siding with a bunch of anti Celtic a’holes on the radio who slag the club for doing something charitable??



    Oh to be a Celtic fan in the new millennium, faithful through and through my ………






    Great post!



    The rest your names here! (We know who you are)

  8. This is a good read.


    Schadenfreude. Ye cannae whack it.


    Hibernian swept Rangers aside at Easter Road to make Kenny McDowall’s debut in charge of the visitors a painful one.


    With Scott Allan hugely impressive in the home midfield, Rangers were comprehensively dismantled.


    Allan laid on passes for Scott Robertson and Liam Craig to shoot home in the second half.


    There’s more at http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/30559314

  9. up_over_goal



    Huns don’t exist anymore, you may have missed that. Hoping Celtic get humped in February to get rid of a manager, pathetic. Away and listen to Stuart and Tam slag us off and have a wee chuckle.

  10. I for one have come to terms with the fact that Celtic will show no ambition until Sevco are snapping at our heels or a Fergie-like Aberdeen team rises to the fore.


    In the meantime we’ll bag another 2-3 league titles and be told it’s a great era to be a Celtic fan – fair enough if you don’t want to be entertained. Unfortunately crowds of 20k will tell their own story.

  11. Oh, for Ghod’s sake. Nobody was denigrating charity.



    I just thought it was quite ‘funny’.

  12. What is the Stars on

    Phil bhoy,


    I certainly don’t want us to lose any games but it will continue to happen. Ronny is not a long term prospect if we are serious about being a large scale professional football team that can compete on a European stage ( he is a p e teacher who lucked out)..eventually his tactics/ ideas or indeed lack thereof will see us being seriously embarrassed. I for one don’t want that

  13. sixtaeseven



    17:08 on 27 December, 2014



    This place is embarrasing when we don’t win, never seen so many drama queens in the one place.



    Support the team win lose or draw HH

  14. Daryl Murphy the man who could do nothing right when he was a Celtic player is in tremendous form with Ipswich who just a point off the leaders in the English Championship and has bagged 16 goals in the current season. His displays this season have led to rumours of a move away from Portman Road but our old friend Mick McCarthy will not let that enter his mind..

  15. Denia Bhoy



    Do you not like it when we win the league?



    Do you not?



    Or is it only in certain circumstances?



    C’MON, TELL US!!

  16. hun skelper


    18:01 on


    27 December, 2014





    17:08 on 27 December, 2014



    This place is embarrasing when we don’t win, never seen so many drama queens in the one place.



    Support the team win lose or draw HH






    Great post mate!!!

  17. What is the Stars on

    Hun skelper, you are correct, always support the team win lose or draw agreed.


    However this is a forum where celtic fans can and do have a frank exchange of views on many topics.


    I for one don’t think our manager is any good

  18. King Lubo



    Ah hear ye ,pal..



    N. Ah agree wi’ Thee.



    Crosas , wiz a Potential.. Playmaker..




    He didnae get a proper Chance.



    But.. He wid Not be the Answer..tae oor Leetle Problemo..



    Oor Need is Much Greater .. too bigga Joab fur him.. Ah am afraid..



    We need a Guy , wi the Class of a Naka..n the Guile o a Bertie Auld.



    Where wull we get a Guy like That?



    So.. if we canny.. we must,at least.. try tae Improve oor Mid Field, in Any case..



    Fur..THAT IS WHERE oor Monkey is Kippin’…



    Improve oor Mid Field..



    First things First.. that is the Place where we are Fallin Doon..



    Broony.. Is A Bam..



    Yes, he is.. He is NOT Celtic Class.. he has bin wi us fur Seven Years.. N.. He has Not Shown Me.. That he wiz evah worth the Four Millikon Pounds; which he cost us



    …he is a Hasher…









    Gie Young Henderson a Good Run Oot..n.. Furget aboot McGregor..



    McGregor , wiz wan Kid , that Ah Nevah did Like.. even when he Played in the Reserves..



    He is Not a Guy thata Ah wid Hiv tipped tae Mak the First Team..





    Ah think thata Ah wiz Right..



    He is TOO WAN FITTED.. He Plays like A Guy wi only Wan Fit.. He manipulates the Football wi only Wan Fit..



    Surely..That Is no the Ideal way tae Play Fitba..



    Ah wid IMagine..



    But, Mebbe, it is.. Fur Ah nevah Played the Game, masel.



    McGregor, resembles Commons.. in some respects..



    Wan of those is.. He kin Score those Unexpected n Spectacular Goals..



    But.. As far as his Tracking back.. making that Killer Pass..etc..



    Jist like Commons.. McGregor, Disnae Mak the Cut..





    Bitton,is Nae Use.. Too Quiet..



    Meek n Mild..



    He has Nae Fire in his Belly..





    Ah Jist Luv a Guy who his Fire in his Belly..



    Again.. Tae Me.. Ah widnae Play a Guy like Bitton..in a Team like the Celtic..



    Mebbe, he could fit in.. playing fur the Jolly Old Queen’s Park..



    but the Celtic?



    Na ..No way.



    Yes, Virginia.. we Need A complete clean oot o oor Present Mid Field… Sans.. Steffi.. of course.. He is a Guy that Ah cotton .



    NIce Chatting ,Pal.. as usual.




  19. Paddy Gallagher on

    I enjoyed the old support, the faithful through and through. In my day there was just Celtic supporters and them. Too many sub divisions within now. I will still be supporting Celtic no matter who the board, chief executive or manager is. Good luck to the crusaders and – I am not saying you are wrong and I am right but Hail Hail to the Glasgow Celtic.

  20. why can’t we hit shots on targett? Why do our players all want a touch before hitting it? the goals don’t move . hit it early and hard ON TARGET

  21. What is the Stars on

    Paddy Gallagher, surely it’s possible to support he team while at the same time having the opinion that the manager is no good

  22. There are some seriously unsupportive individuals who post on here. This site used to be full of great contributors , who clearly had a love for the club. Posters who knew what it meant not to be guaranteed to win, and who supported faithfully through and through.



    Posters who had great stories from years gone by. Now it’s dominated by a bunch of greeting faced entitlement merchants. Nothing is ever good enough, everybody’s a target.



    Every day can’t be perfect. Every team has ups and downs. Every team takes time to find consistency when there is major change. Anyone who thinks this team isn’t significantly improved over July and August is delusional.



    The negativity of some comments is staggering . No doubt all made by posters who are expert in everything they do, who have been unremittingly successful in their chosen careers.



    Some of the posters on here need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask what if anything they are contributing to the club

  23. Paddy Gallagher on

    What is the Stars





    18:09 on



    27 December, 2014





    Paddy Gallagher, surely it’s possible to support he team while at the same time having the opinion that the manager is no good?



    I liked the look of the team today before the game. Manager puts his faith in his selection and out they go. Player failure or manager failure?

  24. Oh dear, we got a draw today and only one point. What a disaster!



    We never got draws under MO’N or WGS or Stein. What’s happening to us?

  25. What is the Stars on

    Barca, the only person who needs to take a long look at themselves is ronny and of course the man who gave him the job. However what is wrong with expressing disappointment or frustration with the current team . are we all meant to pretend everything is rosy

  26. Paddy Gallagher on






    18:09 on



    27 December, 2014





    Paddy Gallagher



    Take care buddy and tell Mum I was asking for her!!




    How you doing bud – hard work supporting the tic eh?

  27. What is the Stars on



    One or 2 poor performances I would say blame the players, consistent poor performances. ..The Manager

  28. When I was a bhoy I used to go to the games with my Dad.



    This was the 50’s and early 60’s.



    We very rarely won a game, however, my Dad always insisted we stay until the end.



    Support you team he told me. Win, lose or draw.



    And I do!!!!!



    So what the f*ck is wrong with me????????????????



    Can any of you rich, go to all the games, expensive seat owners, tell me where I have failed?



    Oh, supporting Celtic should not be such a chore!!!



    Oh, how I wish I was born in Govan!!!



    Mibbe naw.

  29. Paddy Gallagher



    Yes, it can be hard work supporting the ‘tic!!!



    Sad, so it is!



    Take care my friend!

  30. What is the Stars on

    Phil bhoy, good on you.


    I am sure you have seen many good and bad celtic teams. Tell me this, of all the managers you have seen ( guessing about 10 or so) where you put ronny in the pecking order