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  1. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    It would appear that expressing your concerns/ reservations about CFC on an anonymous blog mean that your not a CFC fan



    Pretend everything is great …accept second rate performances from the management and players



    Accept a spineless board who let the SFA shaft us daily



    Otherwise you’re no kind of fan …understand ?… No?…, neither do I

  2. Paddy Gallagher on

    Too many egos for my liking – Celtic are important to me but certain individuals will leave and succeed or fail with others, I only care about our Celtic family.!!

  3. “Hugely disappointed fur the supporters who wur here tae support us the day.”



    Kenny McDowall.



    Charles Dickens could not have put it better.




  4. I expected three goals in the second half, however we were less effective than in the first. We still had chances and it was another one of THOSE games.



    Never mind. Not too long until the next game when we can put that right.



    Guidetti needs a goal. Griffiths was definitely our most likely scorer and brought out the best save of the game with a nice volley.

  5. What is the Stars



    i don’t think about Celtic managers and pecking orders!!!



    Are you a pigeon?

  6. what is the stars



    18:05 on 27 December, 2014



    Top of the league, still in 3 cups.



    WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ?????????

  7. 9 March 2013



    Ross Co 3 Celtic 2



    CELTIC: Forster, Ambrose, Wilson, Gershon (Commons 64), McGeouch (Rogne 67), Ledley, Kayal, Mulgrew, Stokes (Watt 78), Miku, Hooper. Subs not used: Zaluska, Nouioui, Rogic, McCourt.



    Did we sack our manager for that result , even tho it was becoming a habit against them ?



    Too many huns on here – they never have a good word to say about Celtic – faithful thru and thru indeed

  8. In the pub with some older guys who still go home and away every week.



    Their opinion is that this is the worst Celtic team and management that they’ve witnessed.

  9. What is the Stars on

    Phil bhoy, just curious.


    However your answer or lack thereof is very informative .


    At least you can also see ronny is no good

  10. ….PFayr supports WeeOscar


    18:19 on


    27 December, 2014





    It would appear that expressing your concerns/ reservations about CFC on an anonymous blog mean that your not a CFC fan






    Only if you had never met another CQN’er at a golf outing, a hootenanny, a CQN anniversary or even at a Celtic game.Or just for a pint and blether.



    But I do get your point.

  11. What is the Stars on

    Hamilton Tim, not the first time I have heard those opinions from guys who have been there through thick and thin. However you must be a hun

  12. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    In from game.. There were literally NO highlights in 95 minutes..awful..



    McGregor hit the bar..



    One shot,95 mins..



    Shocking lack of tempo..



    Cannae be bothered attitude prevailed..



    Spare me the County played 5&5.. Stuff..



    We are CELTIC..





  13. Aye too many huns on here!



    Some who have been going to Celtic games since the early 1960s.



    Like me.




  14. Paddy Gallagher on

    ….PFayr supports WeeOscar





    18:19 on



    27 December, 2014








    It would appear that expressing your concerns/ reservations about CFC on an anonymous blog mean that your not a CFC fan



    Pretend everything is great …accept second rate performances from the management and players



    Accept a spineless board who let the SFA shaft us daily



    Otherwise you’re no kind of fan …understand ?… No?…, neither do I






    Merry Christmas to you and yours Bud. I always look out for your posts because you are evidently an educated guy (I have to google your insults to me) :-) I just get annoyed when we have so many internal critics when the rest of Scottish football wants to kick my team when they are up or indeed down. Hope that makes sense.

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    Frosty exit from Celtic Park where a bigger than normal holiday attendance was treated to a dire goaless draw.



    From very early in game you could see Ross County had parked their bus, complete with hand signals, and body language, that showed they’d been told it to play like it was avoid relegation day.



    They made life difficult for a hungover Celtic who were disjointed from before and especially a few minutes after the K.O.when RD was forced to change his preferred eleven, with Stokes replaced by the largely ineffectual McGregor.



    It was always going to be one of those days, and although Leigh Griffiths turned in a 95 minutes it reminded you why he rarely starts, and is best suited as an impact sub, but only from a central position. He was isolated trying to play McGregor’s game of coming in off the right, where ironically Calum popped one off the bar, and the hapless Guidetti nodded wide when faced with a gaping net.



    Guidetti’s barren run continues and the more you see of him you can see why his career has stalled, and if he was wise he’d get his head down, better his game, and sign the contract Celtic will be more and more hesitantly waving in front of him.



    No midfield guile just the usual overhit crosses, overclubbed passes, and no-one to put their foot on the ball. Nobody to hit a shot from distance to break down the wall, no-one capable of a finish of any description. If you’ve figured why Stefan Johannsen is playing in front of John Guidetti in the system’ you’re a better man than me, yet time, and time again that’s where he is.



    Not possible to pick a Celtic man of the match as there were no Celtic players that played to form, despite RD using all his subs.



    It wouldn’t have been the home doldrums without the Celtic scare, and County managed to rattle the woodwork to put a more two sided look on the affair, though in fairness never looked liked doing a Hamilton. Van Dijk couldn’t wait to play centre forward and upstage ‘the strikers’ and that’s when you know you’ve lost points.



    This gave the referee the chance to close out the game with a succession of imaginary Virgil fouls, amidst the vanishing Celtic support, who already had decided it was just a bad day at the office.

  16. HT



    Worse than this guy teams?





    Wayne Biggins (Barnsley) £100,000


    Carl Muggleton (Leicester)150,000


    Lee Martin (Manchester U) £350,000


    Willie Falconer (Sheff U) £375,000


    Andy Walker (Bolton) £550,000


    Gary Holt (The Army!) Free


    Justin Whittle (The Army) Free



    Shudders at the memory:))

  17. What is the Stars



    Ronny is no good?



    Are we still in Europe?


    Are we top of the league?


    Are we still in the League cup?


    Are we still in the Scottish Cup?



    Are we less than a week away from the next transfer window?


    Do we have money in the bank?



    Are we…………………och it disney matter!!!



    You will never see what is staring you in the face.

  18. Philbhoy,


    Found myself in total agreement, until that bit about govan ! I was born in Govan more years ago than I care to remember .



  19. The new Sevco gaffer



    ““The only positive I can take at this moment is that we managed to keep it to four but we’ll analyse the game next week.””

  20. what is the stars



    18:14 on 27 December, 2014


    Barca, the only person who needs to take a long look at themselves is ronny and of course the man who gave him the job.






    Are you serious. Have you looked at the comments on here. Some posters are falling over each other to abuse the club, the manager , the players.



    If anyone claims to be a supporter, then understand what that means. Criticism of a constructive nature is fine, but far too many on here never ever give credit for achievement. Their only contribution on here is to slaughter.



    These individuals should really question what the club means to them and why they are unremittingly negative.

  21. I felt ( a little) sorry for McDowally.



    A decent cove who had the respect of those he coached at Celtic,


    a real shame that he supported the ranjurs.

  22. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    We were rotten today. Hopefully not playing at celtic park for a few weeks will help us as in my opinion, weplat better away from home.



    Ronny must have expected a less difficult game with the number of under twenty playerson the bench.



    County’s tactics worked and our midfield & up front frailties were shown today


    I’m disappointed by today’s non-event. Turgid is the word.



    Fail to see any improvement in the team, shape or performance after 6 months.



    I do see the same failings and team selections that cause the our problems.



    One forward today.



    Same wide play, with the inability to cross and allied to , the one forward, it’s no surprise at our lack of goals.



    Last week against Dundee United when Leigh and Stefan played as a pair, we created the goal and some near things.



    What is worrying me most is the repetition of these failings in our structure.

  24. setting free the bears for res. 12 & oscar knox



    I thought today was awful. Personally I think I’ve seen worse Celtic teams but I’m not sure I’ve seen a worse Celtic manager.

  25. What is the Stars on

    Phil bhoy,


    All of those stats are undeniable facts


    So that’s good.


    Now look at it a bit more objectively. With the huge advantages that celtic enjoy over the rest of Scottish football our domestic situation, top of the league, in both domestic cups is the least we could expect. The European situation is unusual in that it’s a great bonus but we have been woeful

  26. WITS



    Not easy to rate Celtic managers as they each faced different circumstances but, of the Celtic managers I have seen personally, I would place them in these categories, the order listed within categories is not indicative of order:-



    A- Jock Stein






    C_ Venglos Burns Hay McNeil Jansen



    D- Mowbray Barnes Macari McGrory Brady Dalglish



    Z- McCoist




    I would place RD between D and C just now but, if he lasts a season and wins things


    , he will be solidly within C.