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  1. hamiltontim



    18:22 on 27 December, 2014



    Honestly, did they have there eyes shut during Brady’s, macari’s and mogga’s 10 month ?????

  2. I thought the big Ross County CF gave us a lot more problems than Guedtti gave them.



    Some games are agricultural and this was one. We need a few more farmers in the squad for games like this.



    I was thinking a John Harston type would have made a difference today.



    I’d rest Guedtti until his scoring touch returns.

  3. When Guys use a Blog tae Vent thur Ire… Then..




    Ah hiv Nae Problem wi them daein .. THAT.



    It is a Great way tae Subdue wan’s Frustration..






    Ah Never Pay much attenshun tae Whit Is being Written..by oor Fellow Subscribers tae this Holy Sit… In Criticizing, oor Beloved Celtic.. after such a Lousy.. Mousy.. Lacklustre Performance which oor Team gave us..the Day.



    It’s All in the Game.. We must Let oor Subcribers.. Get rid o’ thur Hurt n Grievous Disappointment.



    As the Doctor says.. “It’s Cathartic… so it is All tae the Good.”



    N ..Ah suppose the Doctor, always Knows best.



    Tomorrow..we wull ALL Be beginning tae Furget.. the Day’s Frustrations.. n.



    Roll oan… Tae the Next Time that we Wull See oor Heroes in Action..



    So.. Guys..Don’t get Too Upset wi Each ither..



    We are Awe oan the Same Side…






    ‘Course Ah am Right…







    Beginnin, tae Feel a Wee Bit Bettah.. n..am Taking Ma Ain Advice..



    Looking Forward .. Canny wait …



    Until.. Ah see Ma Beloved Hoops in Action.. Again..



    An Ah am Dead Soiten that Ah am No Alone in Feeling This way… eethur.






    Ya Betcha.. Ah am.

  4. Auldheid



    Absolutely correct, John Hartson was the man on our minds today. Guidetti brushed off the ball far too easy,



    I sincerely hope a battering ram striker is on the shopping list to give us another option.

  5. Not read back



    Can I say, if Celtic continue on current path, being led by our directors thinking small time, with cheap decisions and options – aka Ronny Diela,


    Expect to loose 10k fans next season



    Drastic and radical change needed in our club


    Oh and Ronny changed the structure today


    4, 2, 2, 2 I think

  6. Considering the financial advantage we have over the other teams in Scotland we are terrible to watch.



    RD getting the job as the next big thing was board talk for cheap as they come. Sometimes you get what you pay for. RD wouldn’t have got the job if the huns were in the SPL.



    This isn’t based on winning one point out of six, even the recent run of victories was hardly free flowing and entertaining.



    Wakaso, Berget, Tonev, are rotten and will never make it with us.


    Guidetti looks like he’s struggling a bit now and Scepovic needs games but I think he could work well with Guidetti when he discovers form.

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Rony says he understood the fans frustration today as he was also frustrated. He said it wont be the last time this season that we face a packed defence and we have to learn how to break the packed defences down.Pretty obvious stuff really but at least he faces the journalists and doesnt duck the issues. H.H.

  8. CowieBhoy, thanks for the education today, I am enlightened.



    We do agree on this though, that was woeful.


    I can’t dress it up as anything other than that.


    The performance from the players and manager was not good enough.

  9. hamiltontim



    18:33 on 27 December, 2014



    I have seen worse Celtic Managers but Ronny is right up there.






    Today was not woeful, it was feckn dire!!!



    I will post my thoughts when I have had my Chippy Tea and calmed down.



    Until we meet again…



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  10. bournesouprecipe



    Good man, disappointing return to home turf today. Ronny looked pretty disappointed in his interview, he must be getting sick of watching good players not turning up. The blend man got to get the blend right…

  11. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    I raised reservations about Guidetti a number of weeks ago



    His goals scored from open play …mins on the pitch ratio is very poor



    Good at penalties and free kicks …beyond that extremely average



    I would be wary about spending a great deal of money on his signature

  12. Evening all.



    Well that was a game to forget. Apart form Virgil van Dijk showing his true quality, there was very little to even talk about. Our captain gave his all, as ever. For the most part, we were clueless as to how to beat the ole 10 man defence. Why punt balls up to our forward line when it looked as if the average size of their defenders was 6’5″?

  13. PhilBhoy – No need to twist (my words) and shout. I said we will be told that it is a great era if we win another 2-3 titles on the bounce. Statistically you will be correct. It wil make it the greatest era outside of Jock’s 9-in-a-row. I’ll cheer too when it happens. But I won’t be deceived into thinking this was a period of a great Celtic team. We are downsizing on and off the park, not sure how anyone can convince themselves otherwise.

  14. What is the Stars on

    Phil bhoy, yes we were woeful in Europe, I think inter might give us a right doing. Anyway pointing out ronny ‘ s inadequacy only upsets people so perhaps I should not do it.


    Long live ronny, roll on the quad

  15. Estadio Nacional on

    The attacking side of things havent really improved much following Lennonaccio and the defence is now horrendous.



    I was t a Neil Lennon fan due to lack of creativity, the team are still the same today and defence has weakened, we have taken a step down from the level of last season.



    There is more creativity in the lame excuses used to justify the daily Celtic shop spam emails than there is in the actual team. The Lawwell years continue…

  16. One stat that stands out in the game (apart from the scoreline) is 15 corners – surely we can be making more of these

  17. I thought ŵe played well enough in the first half, managing to get behind their full backs on a few occasions, though the cross in never seemed to get near a Celtic player. Guidetti is low in confidence and needs a short break. The change forced by Stokes going off early didn’t help though the game had a feeling of one of those days from the start. One point more ahead of Dundee United, and that was something that seemed to stifle the more vocal critics at the end of the game. We need a creative spark, Commons isn’t it and neither is McGregor right now.

  18. Predictably so CQN has lost its Christmas spirit. Mutual insults, with the usual stirrers gleefully reeling in some like fish in a barrel (apologies for mixed metaphors).



    Certainly a poor game, with some players looking suspiciously like they are still trying to get over a post celebratory sair heid. Ronny will have a sleepless night over that one, as his project seemed to take a wee step back today.



    On the balance of things, we are 5 points clear in the league and still completing in four competitions. I think I’ll make that my mantra when I start to sin and read some more of the blog.



    Oot to a local brewery for some fine Belgian style offerings. Everybody enjoy your weekend, mine is just starting here.

  19. Some people should get a life,we are a point better off than we were before the games today.


    Good one Ronny,don’t let the buggers get you down.Worse team ever,some have got a short memory,school boys comments,HH

  20. WITS



    The king has a wardrobe full of clothes.


    Unfortunately it seems he wears the same clobber no matter what the weather is.


    Dressing for the occasion is priority.


    In football parlance playing Griffiths wide is like wearing Speedos goin out for a pint in the winter.


    Pointless and not advisable.

  21. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    They only excuse i can think of for the players today is their sides must have been in agony laughing at the sev result.



    Seriously though, john g takes too many touches on the ball, there was one in the second half where he dispossessed a county player at the bye line. Instead of getting it cut back straight away, he took three touches and their defenders were back in possession.



    Even though we played poorly we still managed to increase our lead at the top today, as jimmy greaves would say , it’s a




    I had radio five on when going to the game. Roddy forsyth was commenting and with around ten minutes to go he said the sevco players were turning to the the ref trying to get something from him. That gave me a laugh.

  22. a light insanity on

    Well said SDB. Another crap day at the office. However disappointment is part of life. Bored watching pointless crosses. Bored watching passing side to side when it slows game down. Still love being at Celtic Park. I kinda wanted this team to start but we seem to lack penetration.

  23. Evening folks,



    Auldheid/Hamiltontim, that wee exchange between the two of you made me laugh. Need something like that after defrosting just now.



    Just back from the game. I am very reluctant to write off RD at this early stage. But I am getting very close to giving up on him already. Normally I would give a new manager a season, but the level of performances, and the team setup is very poor. The team simply have no shape for most of the game, and there appears to be little organisation either. Corners are very poor as are free kicks.



    Been a wee while since I’ve seen the team live, but the body language of the players to me suggested they have given up on the manager already. Lack of urgency was very apparent. No pace in the build up to attacks. Players played out of position, left foot players on the right side. Kris Commons not getting a start is very puzzling.



    Sending big Virgil up for the last five minutes to try to salvage something, and players quarreling with each other during the game. Apart from the unacceptable performance today, there seems to me from my observations that something behind the scenes is very wrong. (Apart from the obvious perception that the manager is simply out of his depth).



    HH Dan

  24. angelgabriel



    And playing Johansen in attacking midfield is like wearing a low-cut dress to a singles bar – leads to too many stray passes.

  25. bournesouprecipe on




    The mineshafter is always only a post away.



    Ross County’s day, and Celtic haven’t been a good side for a while


    despite being better than the rest in Scotland, as you would expect.



    Wouldn’t know where to begin with analysing what’s wrong, but the good thing is they’ve a chance to atone as soon as Thursday, in El Glassico.









    ‘CQN knock yourself out’ © Paul67

  26. I’m fed up with people telling me that Crosas is too small etc etc.


    Question for those who say this.



    Was Lubo or Naka a big guy.Are David Silva , Modric, Messi, Mat, Hazard big guys .????????????????????


    Answers on a postcard.





    Maybe the players were that peed off at last week’s criticism of not converting chances, they decided not to create (too m)any ?

  28. Off oot.



    To get a life.



    …after 60 years on this earth.



    Hope I find one.