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  1. Frustrating day today at Celtic.



    So many new supporters along to their first game all leaving less than excited about what Celtic has to offer.



    I hate that but will wait until the season is over and our man has a chance to build his team before I get too excited or judgemental either way.



    Post Xmas Europe and treble contenders is more than we have had in 35years of my adult life so I will take that for now.



    Depression offset by watching Hibs great win. Then a great rugby game between Scarlett’s and ospreys and finally Boston College playing in the pinstripe bowl on bt sport later.



    All enjoyed with a glass of Eden Mill Single Malt Hogmany Spirit (pale and choc malt).



    And Celtic are further ahead at top of league than last night too, curiously.



    Ho Ho Ho. Even our bad days are good.



    Roll on the Glasgow Derby !

  2. The team is knackered and needs a break, and I include the management team in that. We’ll be getting that soon and hopefully with batteries re-charged we’ll kick on in the second half of the season. Meantime, let the bunfight amongst the supporters continue, without being disrespectful to anyone – its great entertainment.

  3. So disappointed to drop points and fail to score against a team with a single purpose – to stop us scoring.



    We lacked guile, creativity and purpose. Too many slack passes going nowhere and those that found a team mate were normally sideways or backwards. Also movement off the ball was uncoordinated and lacking a plan.



    And why, against a team with 10 men behind the ball for the whole game, did we still stick rigidly to a back 4 with 2 holding midfield players?



    When Stokes had to go off, even that early that was the opportunity to react to their obvious game plane. Moving to a back 3 and pushing the full backs forward would have created chances for 2 strikers playing central and off each other.



    I’ve tried to support RD since his appointment but his comments on Shortbread after the game that the players had to get to know each other and play together baffled me. They have been together for between 4 months and 4 years and we should be making more consistent progress!



    I would also like to see him more proactive on the side of the park instead of sitting back in the dugout passively. It’s as if he has run out of ideas.



    We are crying out for a creative midfielder who drives the game and sees a pass. I’ve watched Inter Milan a couple of times recently – watch out for their Croatian dynamo #10 Kovacic – exactly what we need. But if we play like today against him, he will pick us off at will.



    Let’s hope the January window plus the Gran Canaria break works the magic we badly need.




  4. If Ah wur a Man fae Mars… ye know.. the Planet.. no the Chocolate Factory.



    AN.. happened tae Pick up a Paper..n.. Casually..



    Decided tae Surmise the Latest Scottish Premier League Table…



    Ah wid See that.. A Team Called.. Celtic.. wiz Top.. Wi a Five Point Lead…






    Should Ah Happen tae Tune intae this Particular Blog.. Jist By Chance..( Look..this is A Fairy Tale.. Right?


    Be Patient.. Ah wull Get tae the Point..in a Minute.)



    n get a Load of The Moaning n Protestin Comments,which ur being Made by A Great Big Bunch o’ Irate Subscribers.. who are Mightily Unhappy wi thur Team..n.. thur Manager..



    And those Gloomy Comments.. being are being made By,,,,Tae Ma Total Amazement..n Wonder..










    Well..Ah wid Be … Horsnswaggled..n. Non Plussed.. ( Mebbe Mair Horsnswaggled than.. Non Plussed… actually)



    From Whit Ah wiz Readin..



    Gosh.. Ah wid Think… This is Some Cock-Eyed Planet, where Ah hiv Landed..



    These Guys are All A Bunch o’ Nuts…



    Tomorrow.. Ah wull Be aff Ma Elky.. oota Here.!




    The End.






    Still, Laughin’…n..noo Feelin’ Mighty Fine.

  5. Burnley78



    Best wishes to you and your family.



    We’ve had worse days and more tragic matters are going on in life daily so perhaps some perspective is required.




  6. Embramike. Indeed looking at the starting 11 and you can see straight away no creativity in midfield


    Who was going to break down their defence there


    The only link man who is a bit gallus is commons. We all know that , but money comes first. They want to punt him


    And why is effe still starting for us

  7. burnley78



    What a perfectly valid quote



    So many new supporters along for their first game, all leaving less than excited about what Celtic have to offer



    There was actually 4 sitting in the row in front of me


    Wonder if they’ll be back ? After watching that in the cold



    I will along with many others on here, who are now seriuosly questioning our team, tactics and direction

  8. This team lacks pace,creativity and muscle


    We are slower than a week in the jail and our attempts at getting the ball forward quickly were non- existent


    We have no one on the books who can unlock defences with a pass


    We are one of the weakest CFC teams ever


    SB is the only player we have that actually tackles anything like a professional


    If RD doesn’t get 4 first team starters in January he will be toast by April




  9. Good perspective eldiegobhoy



    Frustrating but there are many worse things going on.



    And many worse times to have supported Celtic.



    Not many worse times to have follow followed our old rivals mind you.



    Seasons greetings to you.

  10. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Was McGregor injured when he was subbed as a sub …or just his usual ineffective greedy self

  11. SydneyTim



    Was trying to stay away from the Efe saga. Still think he is a mistake waiting to happen and has a head like a sheriff’s badge !



    Anyway off to the Roseburn for a Guinness with the ecstatic Hibees and smug Jambos. Don’t think there will be many Bears there though –



    how sad, what a shame, never mind :-)

  12. In thawed oooot and fed


    Thanks to many, for the company of many cqnrs today( and tactical enlightenment fae Cowiebhoy whom I 100% agree with)Thats the positives ooooooot the road and least said sooner mended ,but today I thought of parents taking kids to watch that disjointed display(so i wont go into individual displays) where players management and board must take the rap.



    Half 5 on a new years night to play a Glasgow derby whit genius came up wae that yin.



    Yours in thanks an Irate Subscriber :)))))

  13. Pfayr



    In fairness he did hit the bar


    Other than that totally ineffective, wandering all over the park, and not playing to any position


    Other than that he was fine :-)

  14. We wanted a competitive league. Maybe we should thank Peter and the Board for making it happen so quickly

  15. Oh, the winds blaw high n the winds blaw low…..


    anyway….wee Jim McIntyre has mair street-wisdom


    than Ronny, piss-ripper-Pete’s latest jolly will ever hiv.



    I see some cheap-shots at wee Luigi. Hmmmm?


    If only….wee Luigi had the same players as the next


    Celtic gaffer – the huns 9 in a row widny have happened.



    All of the above is – imho



    I thank God(if there is wan) that I stood in the Jungle before


    the Sellic died.




  16. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Think there may have been a wee bit of XMAS fair lingering with one or two Celtic players today ….. Never mind, Hibs brightened up the day….. Would suggest, RD, that you play 3 in defence, 5 midfield, and 2 strickers…..playing as strikers against 10 defenders….

  17. Back from game



    Very disappinted not to win….but seem that type of display from teams previous NL et al



    We have not had a player to break down teams since ….well….



    Not RD’s fault…i dont sign up to early GTF calls



    The guy deserves a chance and like every other manager we’ve had I support them.



    Fool me … I hear


    But …that’s my choice




    17:38 on 27 December, 2014



    Pis# poor performance today. We knew RC would have every man behind the ball , surely we had the guile to get past that. Obviously not.


    Pelters expected but we are crying out for a creative middy, get Marc Crosas back, the guy is class and good and most importantly he really get us.



    That……is not……..a bad idea!!

  19. Okay, we were shite today, to be honest we’ve been pretty shite all season. I have failed to get excited about the odd victory where we play well, and

  20. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    kevjungle – murdo macleod’s title winning boots 4-2 legend



    19:32 on 27 December, 2014



    Were you at the game today, …..indeed , when were you last at a game…!!??

  21. Good evening all. Not long in from the game, had to do a bit of shopping on the way home. I’m finally watching an entertaining game of footie, I taped the Hibs game. Would have deleted if they lost, but watching it since they gubbed thems. With so much possession, why the hell can we not score goals? Aghhhhhhhhhh! So so frustrating. Anyhoos, we’re still top at the turn of the year and we know what that usually means??? Great to meet some new CQN faces today, and the usual suspects, and Sipsini, if your lurking, thanks for the game programme and I hope you enjoyed your Hospitality. :-))))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.



    Weefra HH pra

  22. PF



    McGregor wasnt injured, just ineffective.



    Replaced by commons to the biggest cheer of the day..who was then equally ineffective

  23. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon ….The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    19:38 on 27 December, 2014



    kevjungle – murdo macleod’s title winning boots 4-2 legend



    19:32 on 27 December, 2014



    Were you at the game today, …..indeed , when were you last at a game…!!??




    Would it make the Celtic better if I went?



    Or, would the chooky managers get sacked quicker?



    Or would sections of the stadium get shut coz of all the crowd trouble that I would probably spark off?



    Then again, there would have to be a crowd first, eh?



  24. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Evening bhoys


    Anyone out in town tonight?


    Sannabhoy with colncelt and no one about


    Urgent help required

  25. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Re McGregor



    Maybe Deila is finally appreciating that that few goals early in the season don’t make a player




    I truly thought McGregor might make the step up to a first team regular



    He has been poor for months ….

  26. Continued



    And in fairness to myself have not joined the Ronny Out gang when we play like today. I would really like to know what score PL will be putting on Ronnies PDR or CRS when they have their 6 month review meeting? There is now way that our current healthy status, league toppers, still in all cups, is down to Ronnies genius. Or will PL spin it that way?


    There are more serious matters in life and around our front doors, so it makes me worry when I read grown men getting anxious and angry about the failings of highly paid people we do not even know. I would keep that rage and/or focus for real matters, the Celtic we love will be here for many more years than Ronnie, Kris Commons, or any other scapegoat/catalyst we spout shite about


    Time to take a breath and accept the things we can do nothing about, no harm in bitching about it so vent your spleen and then move on….if you want to tilt at windmills all your life you will never see beyond the next one.



  27. Commons almost invisible when he came on, matching McGregors performance. I thought Efe played their big CF well, he seemed the most effective defender today and started almost everything that came down the right.

  28. On a serious note



    Too many of our own fans too busy laughing at that other mob



    And not paying attention to what is taking place at our own Celtic

  29. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Being one who wanted to give the manager a chance my patience is wearing thin

  30. o get a wee bit of gratitude back into my life I clicked on DEADclub media for 10mins and walllllllllllllllahhhhhhhhh I’m sorted:))),Thank you Celtic and your family for all you give me