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  1. Where ur oor Wingers?






    Dae we no need Wingers?



    Nevah thought o’ that..



    Mebbe, Ah Hiv Bin Wrong all these years..




    Sure, We hiv Attacking Full Backs..



    Mebbe, Ah am too Auld Fashioned..



    Ah always thought that the Best way tae Break doona Stuffy Crowded Infield..



    Like . we Hiv Today..



    We should attack doon the wings.. Drive up the Byeline..



    n.. Flick the Ba. tae an onrushing Colleague.. fur a Tap in.



    Makes sense tae Me?



    Instead.. Celtic are trying the Work Thur Magic thru the Packed Central Ross Coony Dafense..’






    Sure Dukes.



    Mebbe, we wull get Lucky..n.. scramble a Goafl fae a Free Kick..or a Corner.



    Hey.. that’s it..



    Hope that We Wull



    Otherwise, this Game has Tie written awe over it…






    Perish the Thought..



    A Ross Coonty Lucky wan… Hey…it Kin Happen










  2. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Whets the point of wingers if no one is turning up to collect the chances

  3. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    Stodgy. Midfield lacks creativity and speed of thought. It’s deja vu, like watching one of our less inspired performances of the last few years. Hopefully we can come out sharper for the second half and get a couple of quick goals. Griffiths and Emilio the only sparks so far.

  4. Last month Guidetti had to be signed, just had to be. Best finisher we had seen since . . . well since the last one. Boy knows where the goal is. Just what we’ve been needing etc. etc.


    Now he’s a haddy (and has been for at least a fortnight).


    Short memories or what?


    Hope RD isn’t one for kneejerk reactions.

  5. same old same old, can not break down the usual defensive display you would have thought we would have learned by now.


    Our corners all end up with RC on the attack.

  6. How many times ??!!!!!!!…………….stefan and ……..that rubbish player commons please ………..stefan and Lee up front………that rubbish player just behind……..who just happens to be the most intelligent player at the club ………

  7. Reading a few who think we were poor in the first half.



    I’m at he game and I think we have been reasonably good. Got in behind hem inumerable times. Just can’t get a finish.



    No creativity?



    Bitton threaded ball through, Guidetti twinkle toes, Johansen and Brown with clever dummy and move.



    Plenty on show.



    Expecting us to get at least three.

  8. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    I don’t think he’s bigging up John Sutton, I think he is pointing out how ordinary JG is….and I tend to agree.

  9. Canamalar



    Nice wan..pal..



    You are Correct.. we don’t hiv a Guy who is capable of using his Head fur


    nicking a Goal..






    Did Ye no notice that Ah am Advizing ..



    That…oor Wingman should NO think of Evah Crossing a Hight Ba into the Box?



    Na.. the best way fur us tae Score is fur oor Winger tae Head fur the Bye Line.





    Pass a LOW LOW Ba.. into the Path of an Onrushing Colleague..



    Hey..it Kin be done..



    Ah hiv Seen it Done..



    No Lately..of course by us.. But..



    It Kin be Done..



    Nice Chatting ,Pal..