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  1. An Teach Solais on

    Judging by some of the, IMHO, delirious posts this morning CQN has gone to help in a handcart. The excellent posters of former days seldom, if ever, post now. More is the pity.



    I suppose that it is therapeutic for those who post the same points ad nauseam but it sure makes for difficult reading.



    If some people feel that CFC is truly dead why not set up a new club. We could call it Continuity Celtic FC or Real Celtic FC. Of course, it would have to start life as a junior or amateur club.



    On player’s lack of motivation, perhaps new contracts should be based on a lower , but still living wage, with a substantial bonus schemes (a) for individual performance and (b) for results. This should enhance effort for (a) and encourage teamwork for (b). Just a thought.HH

  2. TRADITIONALIST88 on 25TH APRIL 2016 11:26 AM




    Fella, all kidding aside….I’ll find out on Wednesday morn if I’ll need to walk with a stick or not!


    Dunno what the outcome will be…


    Hip replaced ?


    Arthritis in both knee’s.


    Can ye get into the fitba wi a stick ?


    As long as it isny within throwing distance of the hierarchy box ? :)


    Bring back the Jungle but,…


    get that sleekit hierarchy oot the door first.


    I think that will happen once all the findings of res : 12 are laid bare.



  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    I genuinely dont know why you are trying to slate me,..not that im bothered.


    You arent clear.


    What exactly is it that you object to?


    What is my crime oh prosecutor:)


    Be clear man.

  4. traditionalist88 on




    You don’t give a ‘flying feck’ what I think…



    Thats hardly a wothwhile point to make on a blog, to someone you keep replying to :)



    I get it mate – no one like being called out with a few home truths. Thats why my earlier post had almost instant replies from all but one of those mentioned.

  5. traditionalist88 on

    KEVJUNGLE on 25th April 2016 11:45 am



    Mate, I will love the new safe standing section at CP, but that doesn;t mean I’ll be in it either :)



    Best wishes for Wednesday anyway




  6. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    This is getting silly.


    What home truths am i getting called out on?


    What the feck are you on about?


    What am i charged with officer:)


    Speak clearly, so that i can grasp what you are saying

  7. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on








    We keep the rebel flag flying.


    And onward to the car-park:)




  8. TURKEYBHOY on 25TH APRIL 2016 11:42 AM




    Oh there were plenty horrendous years, plenty.


    But,….in those days, the Jungle provided a comfort zone


    away from all the horrendousness were we suffocated


    ourselve’s in a Celticness that little did we know, how much


    we would hurt in the years when there was no comforting


    Jungle, even when the p’sh flowed.


    Now, what is there ?


    A big soulless stadium full of, empty plastic seats as a plastic


    team on the pitch wins a 1 horse race(maybe?)….where ye canny


    sing songs from the heart anymore or you’ll get a criminal record


    because of the, sleekit Celtic hierarchies deal with the Focus devils


    after the shame-game. But, know what the ‘real’ shame is ?


    The sleekit Celtic hierarchy are still in office after, selling Celtic’s soul


    to the hun establishment for an easy life after the shame-game were,


    Neil Lennon took the fall for the lot then, was reigned in by the hierarchy


    as they didny want to stand up to the honest mistakes.


    THAT,…..is what turns me into a nutter!


    You’ll NeverWalk Alone…in the Jungle.



  9. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    I think thats what TRAD88 expects me to do:)









    Two goldfish in a tank,and one says…



    “So how do you drive this,then?”

  11. traditionalist88 on

    The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 25th April 2016 11:56 am



    I think you are well aware of my post which illicited the responses from yourself, Ernie, MWD and KevJ, but thank you for the opportunity to sum up. I’ll do it briefly as I have to go… if I had to choose a word in response to your above post, ‘inaction’ would be a good one.

  12. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    T D



    Best cure for the booze hangover …3 or 4 drops of angusstoory bitters swirled round a glass thro excess out Then put liquid of ur choice (non alkyholik) coke or water and drink slowly.



    Has worked for me for years!!!



    H H