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  1. Gordon saves long shot after county break down centre


    Brown was challenging for ball and Bitton runs to him taking himself completely out of position


    There lies a lot of this seasons defensive problems

  2. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Shortbread commentator near gave me a heart attack there. Moaning on about how rubbish Celtic, and the atmosphere is, then screams with excitement suddenly when County get a chance.

  3. ....PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on

    Same shit different day



    Performance wise this has to be the worst season for some time …..Mowbray ???

  4. I’m enjoying the GB protest. I can concentrate on the game.



    Which is going quite well. A couple of lapses at the back should have been punished. Roberts is great to watch but not unexpectedly still needs to know when to go himself and when to pick out others. Tierney is great again though not much coming down his side.



    Thought CKR doing pretty well.



    Loved Griff booting the ball at the GB after scoring.



    Brown and Bitton are passengers. And Rogic needs to be fed the ball more.

  5. I do not like Bitton.


    So wanted to properly assess what he does without prejudice.


    Here are his first half stats.


    2 long shots-one saved and one blocked


    9 forward passes but only 2 connected( not helped by static system)


    1O backwards passes


    4 sideways passes


    Usual foul in dangerous area due to being caught wrongside.


    One break that lead to Gordon save was when Brown was tackling he ran towards taking himself out of position and left centre channel wide open.


    On 2 other breaks down our middle he has overcommitted and left himself wrongside.


    He has only confirmed what i have always thought that he is unsuited to the position he plays and a liability.

  6. Get the new manager in asap.



    …and a few players out.



    …and some decent replacements in.







  7. mike in toronto on

    Fantastic finish by LG.



    Otherwise, a pretty poor, disjointed display.



    A few nice runs by KT, and by PR …. but no one moving for them, or supporting them. My concern is that young players like that will get frustrated by the lack of work/support by their teammates, and may make them less inclined to want to stay long term.



    Lack of movement/poor passing is the biggest problem I can see. Hopefully, the new manager sorts this out, as young players like KT and PR would look even better than they already do, if their teammates put in a better shift.


    GG.how many times did BROONIE get ball and try to burst forward with it.simple pass to nearest player evry time.

  9. Does have that end of season flavour about it. You would almost forget that we still need 5 points to clinch Title.


    Paddy has great touches about him & CKR doing OK as well. We just need to wrap up this Title as quickly as possible and hopefully emerge with a different approach & style for next season.l

  10. Its all out war now. Fans against players as well



    “”From boardroom to dressing room; You’ve embarrassed yourselves; The Celtic jersey has shrunk to fit inferior players”

  11. For those noting that Roberts always cuts in. He does. But even though the defended know it they can’t stop him.



    Messi does it too. Just saying.

  12. The subdued atmosphere in the stands is reflected in the play and here.


    I hope we see a better second half.

  13. “The Celtic jersey has shrunk to fit inferior players”



    Problem being it is an indisputable fact, sadly.

  14. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    That there’s been no reaction says it all for me.



    All too predictable.



    I’ve read with puzzlement the “Nice Guy Ronnie’ posts – good coach, bad timing – perfect gentleman etc etc etc…



    Not good enough and should have been punted long ago.



    They should try selling season tickets on the back of his record



    Join us as we get humped in Europe, be there as we crash out of two cups, watch silently as we limp over the league finishing line amidst very poor opposition…



    That’s the reality. We’re rotten – directionless, spineless, fragile, bereft of mature decision making, tactic-less, over passing whilst ponderous.



    The board have put themselves in a terrible position – they’ve put themselves in a position where they can’t realistically put a foot wrong – but have history of doing so…



    Deary deary me.



    Self inflicted to boot…




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