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    Probably play more 4-3-3 than the usual 4-2-3-1. Similar to Hamilton at the weekend, Brown sits, Armstrong and McGregor press and support attack.

  2. VFR800


    I like your style ;-))



    TomTheThim .


    Inexperienced , possibly ,out of his depth, definitely . I’ve taken part in a few discussions on this blog regarding referees . The selection process and criteria for selection is all wrong .


    If you meet Edinburgh Mike from this forum , he will confirm with true examples .




    To think James Forrest was labelled a coward on here a year ago .


    Confidence is paramount in sport. Throw in better application and a manager that utilises his skills , we now have a proper player back . HH



  3. mmmm,



    16 points ahead of our Glasgow Rivals…..I didn’t realise Partick Thistle wer so close…..;-))







  4. I am worried about Griff, he signaled to the bench several times before he went off,


    It took a good five minutes to get him subbed.



    He looked sore.

  5. Forrest jumped and won a flick on header tonight,



    He followed up with a lung bursting run right to left to slide tackle and win a ball back on edge of box.



    Maybe he has got over the injury fears and is now a man.



    There I said it.

  6. 49.9g of 1.56m isn’t so much….49.9M of 1


    56G is a mustook look ;-))










  7. Strange kinda midweek phase ….


    Need music…..Jackson Browne anyone…..?








  8. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    DRAMBOWIE CELT the Lions were unbeaten in 26 consecutive games. We are now on 23. Saturday will make 24. We then have Albion Rovers in the cup followed by St Johnstone at home to equal the record and the at home to Hearts to beat it.




  9. Emdae watchin e cricket?….


    Switched a good bet a while ago for Aussies tae win.. against pakistan.


    looks like they crumbled…….








  10. GARY67 on 29TH DECEMBER 2016 12:12 AM



    BR said post match Griffiths had cramp





    He needs to put more salt on his roll n sausage.

  11. Re Rogic- i have never seen the sense in telling opposition teams that a player is injured…keep them guessing…

  12. We are coasting in 3rd gear just now, bhoys coming in know what is required, for example Izzy , and MOTM v Hamilton Gamboa….great work ethic and we are learning game intelligence

  13. @SAINT STIVS……I’M quite able to make a pratt of myself


    but thanks for highlghiting it……








  14. yeez are all wrong….u take 4 slices of bread….u toast it both sides…..



    you add salad cream and tomato sauce….then finely sliced onions….then mature cheese & pepper (no salt) then put 2 under heat…..



    voila, u’ve got grilled cheese on toast










  15. !!BADA BING!! on 29TH DECEMBER 2016 12:46 AM


    Re Rogic- i have never seen the sense in telling opposition teams that a player is injured…keep them guessing…






    Yup. Even bamboozle them. “”…Rogic is in contention for the game. He is generally great at recovering from injury, so we are more than hopeful…””



    No lies :-)

  16. @St Stivs…..Cool Bro….


    may you long time walk the Clune Brae









  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    !!BADA BING!! on 29TH DECEMBER 2016 12:46 AM



    Re Rogic- i have never seen the sense in telling opposition teams that a player is injured…keep them guessing…





    Maybe that`s what Brendan is doing.

  18. my mothers contribution to our crimbo dinner was pear & apple crumble….hot….add vanilla ice Cream…mmmmm ;-))













  19. a light insanity on

    Hate to say but there is a complacency on the blog about Saturday. We could have lost a few goals tonight. Press well for a time then seem to be a bit slack. Just my opinion.




    I was at the game tonight, it was a stroll in the park, our keeper made a couple of good saves, that’s why he is paid paid the big bucks, that’s what good goalkeepers do, we went on a continuation of winning games, and not loosing any, does that upset you?



    Could you not stay in the parade of supporting a winning team, that you pick out negative comments?



    Would you rather we where chasing for second place?



    What part of Celtic being a winning team, and beating every one in site don’t you like?



    Isit the board?


    Is it the players?


    Or is it that you just don’t like, Peter Lawwell?


    I’m so in love with Celtic right now.


    What’s your problem.?

  21. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Well played tonight, Celtic. It was an entertaining 90 minutes.



    Having family committed to The Commitments meant I was flying solo at the game. Done for this year now. I think that any Celt who paid £49 to sit at Ibrox is an idiot.



    6IAR, still six to go.

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on








    Just checking to see if you were awake.

  23. Complacent blog?



    Scott, Stuart, Craig, Erik, Jozo, Moussa, Calum, James, Mikel, Izzy, Nir, Lee, Paddy, etc. don’t be misled by the blog. Please. Listen to Brendan, he’ll keep you right. Or Scott will.

  24. thems have 39 points if (ahem) we win on sunday we will have 58, shouldn’t we be going for 55%……more than the rest?…. the fallen peepil dont know what its like to be ‘the best’….i’m sure there’s a song in there?????